What are the nicest hotels in Puerto Vallarta for a family with young kids?

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Puerto Vallarta hotels

If youu2019re truly optimizing for kid-friendly and not cost, then stick with a resort.

Most resorts in PVR have:,a kidu2019s pool (but not all),a kidu2019s club of some sort,buffets for all three meals (rare, 1/3 or 2/3 is more common),Any extra kids shows or activities would be a bonus.

Few will have these.

,Here are the top two, according to TripAdvisor, when filtering for u201cresortu201d and u201cfamily friendlyu201d.

These two both, after a cursory look at the resorts, fulfill the three bullets above.

,Velas Vallarta Suite ResortHyatt ZivaLastly, rely on TripAdvisor.

com for just about all of your travel plans to and in Mexico since you have the reviews of thousands of people guiding you.

We go to PVR often and itu2019s our copilot.