Where is the best place to visit when traveling to Dubai?

Must do things in Dubai for first timers

Personally, itu2019s Barasti Beach.

,Now before you scoff, hear me out.

,In 2009, my first time to Dubai, the first of many Hangover-type weekends away from Saudi Arabia, we stayed at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi.

And didnu2019t move outside from the hotel, once we found the amazing beach bar that is Barasti.

,Needless to say, we started staying there more and more, and of course, spending more and more.

Tipping more and more.

Soon, after a few visits, we became that well known we had our own u2018officeu2019 near the bar; we didnu2019t even need to ask for it.

The u2018officeu2019 was a big table the staff would reserve for us, along with a few cigars, cocktails and all that other malarkey every newbie to Dubai has whilst they think theyu2019re big timers.

,Best of all, I used to see the Cayan (or Infinity) Tower as it was being built then, and I set myself a life goal to move to Dubai and live there.

,In 2014 I moved into Cayan Tower, had an amazing time, and still enjoy Barasti.

,It may not be the best, it may not be extravagant, but it brings back many, many great memories.

And some I had forgot about too - like waking to find selfies on my phone with a UFC fighter, of which I had no recollection of.

Things to know before going to Dubai for job

Please take care of below points when you are visiting Dubai.

,Weather - The summer in UAE is really very harsh and it is almost impossible to roam around outside without a car/ taxi.

Hot air will hit you hard even if it is 11 pm.

Best time to visit Dubai is between October - February.

Many attractions - like Global village, Miracle garden, desert safari, etc are also closed in summer.

,Follow Metro, Bus & Pedestrian Rules - The rules are very strict here which eventually works in everyoneu2019s favor.

Many people are fined due to unawareness about the rules.

Please donu2019t eat/ sleep in metro and buses.

Men are not supposed to enter female coaches or else there will be 100 Dirhams fine.

Cross only at Zebra crossing when you see the walking signal on.

Please wait for cars to stop at Zebra ( generally cars give way to pedestrians.

), but police catches you crossing without Zebra, they might put 200 Dirhams fine.

,Editing this point based on the comments : Travel by public means wherever possible , taxis are quite expensive from Indian standards and at par with Western countries.

,Donu2019t litter.

,UAE in general is a very safe place, esp for women.

In last one year I have been here, I have never see anyone misbehaving, eve teasing with any girl even if it is 3 am in night.

Never ogle/ tease women ( or even men for that matter),Shopping Tips : Prices for one product might vary significantly from one place to another because there is no concept of MRP here.

Please do your research before buying anything expensive.

And even if you are in market, inquire about the prices in 2u20133 shops before buying.

,Alcohol - Please take it only at authorized/ licensed places.

It is completely legalized to drink in pubs, clubs etc ( they will serve only if they have license),Visa & Job :If you are planning to come here on visit visa and look for jobs, then never start working on visit visa.

It is illegal to work on visit visa here.

,These are some of the advice from my personal experience.

I will update this answer with more tips.

If you have any questions, please leave in comments.

Things to know about Dubai before moving

I have been living in Dubai for the last 5 and a half years with my family.

Really enjoyed being here.

Because it is safe, great entertainment, quality living standards for some of the u201cprivileged peopleu201d and its close proximity to many cities in Europe and Asia if you are into traveling.

,Like many expats families, we also finally pulled the plug and leaving Dubai this summer.

It became ridiculously unaffordable if you have children in schools.

There are no public schools for expat kids in Dubai.

You must put your child in private schools.

Which is a big industry here.

Similar education is free where we came from.

,But this would not stop me recommending Dubai.

As I said, really enjoyed our time here.

,In a nutshell, Dubai is an expensive but a great city, if you can afford to live here.