Can police track a fake Facebook account that is deactivated?

Can police trace deactivated Facebook account

USA Army, FBI, Interpol can track any fake account all you need Id that number and e mail they not foold they trace you with signals

Can police track IP address from Facebook

The police, if there is a real need, can send a warrant to Facebooku2019s operators for any and all log data associated with a user name.

They can then get the account holderu2019s identity from the ISP that owns the IP address(es) involved.

,Why would they do this? In the face of a credible threat.

Merely saying u201cIu2019m going to kill youu201d isnu2019t a credible threat.

How to remove IP address from Facebook

Blocking website in windows in 3 steps:Move to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and right click and edit u201chostu201d file.

,At the end of the file add the website which you want to block with prefix 127.



In below example Iu2019m blocking facebook, so Iu2019ve added u201c127.



1 Log In or Sign Upu201d.

,Save the host file and try to login facebook from any web-browser.

You will get connection refused error.

,We have blocked a website successfully.

To unblock the website simply remove the entry u201c127.



1 www.


comu201d from host file.

,How it works ?Host file is the first place where system look for any website.

Host file contain u201cIP Address and Website nameu201d key pair.

,For above facebook example we are conveying system to look for facebook site in IP address 127.



1 which is not facebook Ip address, itu2019s local ip-address.

Hence the connection is not established.

,Happy blocking !!!