What are the best Halloween-themed songs?

Famous Halloween party

Here are a few:,Ghostbuster, Ray Parker, Jr.

,,,Addams Family Theme,,nIm Your Boogie Man, K.


and the Sunshine Band,,,Tubular Bells (Theme from the Exorcist),,,Love Potion #9, The Searchers,,,Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band,,,Highway to Hell, AC/DC,,,Other:nRunnin with the Devil, Van HalennBlack Magic Woman, SantananSuperfreak, Rick JamesnWitchy Woman, Eagles

Best Halloween parties in USA

Halloween is the most lovable festival for the USA citizens.

I always eagerly wait for Halloween and Christmas to come so that I can enjoy the hustle and bustle during these festivals.

I love to do decorations and Halloween Costumes are the best part for me to enjoy this festival.

Tricking or Treating plays a big role to enhance the value of the enjoyment.

,You know what usually, I used to start planning for the costume since few months in advance before Halloween.

,Last Halloween I wore a spooky costume.

I realized that the outfits that are not trendy anymore had served their purpose years before.

Some costumes are evergreen, adventurous, and bold you would definitely get a kick trying out the outfits which reflect on the current events that have dogged the headlines in the recent past.

,Some of the most unique costumes making the round this season are:,Avatar Movie Neytiri Adult CostumeBatgirl Deluxe Adult CostumePeacock Adult CostumePrincess Peacock Adult CostumeTwilight Twinkle Adult CostumeEat Me Cupcake Adult CostumeIron Man 2 (2010)I hope you will like my Halloween Costume Ideas.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween

Amityville, NY.

Gravesend, NY.

Skull Valley, AZ.

Deadwood, SD.

Devils Lake, ND.

Killen, AL.

Great Kills, NY.

Scarville, IA.

Halloween parties 2022

I went to a Halloween party with an Army buddy in 1991.

,I was attending the US Army Armor Officer Advanced Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

This school is for first lieutenants and newly promoted captains after their initial assignment in the Army.

We are moved to our next assignment after completion of this course.

Some officers transition to the National Guard or Army Reserves after completing this course.

,This particular friend was getting out of the Army and transferring to the Army Reserves but remaining in Kentucky.

He was using a matchmaking service and also answering personal ads in the free weekly newspapers (pre-internet days) from Louisville, Kentucky.

,He got a blind date to a Halloween party.

His date wanted a date for her friend.

So, he asked me if I wanted to go with him as his wingman.

I didnu2019t have anything planned for the weekend and went with him.

,My date and I started dating in mid-November.

I was invited to her parentsu2019 home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Between Christmas and New Yearu2019s Day, she convinced me that we should get married before I was transferred to Texas when I finished my course.

,Within a few months we were married, less than six months after meeting at the Halloween Party.

That party was 30 years ago this past Halloween.

Our 30th anniversary is around the corner 2022.

,So many small decisions I made over the years put me into place to meet the woman who would be my wife and the mother of our three children.

Halloween party ideas

If you donu2019t want to go trick-or-treatingu2026,Buy loads of candy,2.

Scare each others pants off! A prank here, a prank there.

(theyu2019ll never see it coming.

),3) Watch scary movies: Hocous pocous, holloween town, all the classics right?,4) Jam out! Make it a sleep over and dance to favorite songsu2026 while having a pillow fight!5) Punishments: If you want make it a prank war! Whoever pranks or scared the other team the most by the end of the night wins.

The losing side does a punishmentu2026 (winners choice!),Welp, thats all! byyyee!

Best cities Halloween

The US.

The US is the only country that really celebrates Halloween.