What time is it in Los Angeles?

What time is it in California

Current time in India,12:20 PM Wednesday December 3, 2020.

,Current time in Los Angeles is,10:50 PM Tuesday December 2, 2020,It means Los Angeles time lagging by 14:30 hours.

Does Hawaii have daylight savings time

Because the length of daylight doesnu2019t vary enough over the course of the year to make it worthwhile.

,Hereu2019s what sunrise and sunset look like in Honolulu on the summer solstice:,Even in June, the sun rises only a few minutes before 6:00 am in Hawaii (even without DST) and sets only shortly after 7:00 pm.

Advancing the click forward would make for a 7:00 am sunrise in June which would get later and later as the year goes on.

Iu2019m not sure if people in Hawaii would go for having a dark morning in exchange for a brighter evening.

,Compare that with Portland, which is near 45 degrees north latitude and has very long days in summer (the times here reflect DST).

Hawaii time to Philippine Time

First, lets address the nuances of the question itself.

,The OP used the word was to indicate that he is asking about a past state of affairs, in an undefined time frame, not things as they currently are.

,The OP did not clarify what he meant by differences in relationships between the two nations and the U.


,It is therefore left to the respondent to frame his answer within these ambiguous confines.

,American imperialism was enshrined in the doctrines of the times:nThomas Jefferson, in the 1790s, awaited the fall of the Spanish empire until u201cour population can be sufficiently advanced to gain it from them piece by piece.



The Teller Amendment and the Platt Amendment were used in unison to grant the United States the right to intervene in those territories if that particular government was deemed unfit to rule itself.

The American government now held the power to both criticize and occupy any nation that it deemed to be unstable.

,Both occupied countries sought independence, which in the Philippines took the form of the brutal Philippineu2013American War (in which the natives were crushed), ,,nThe quest for freedom in Hawaii manifested as a peaceful Hawaiian sovereignty movement.

The reason why the Philippines transformed from conquered colony to commonwealth and was later granted independence, while the territory of Hawaii became the 50th state, was a mixture of political will and expedient realities.

,Geographic reality:nHawaii is much closer to the U.


and proved its strategic value in World War 2.

,Demographic reality:nThe population of the Philippines was 7.

4 million in 1900.

(see population growth of the whole country) whereas that of Hawaii was estimated to be less than 140,000 in the same year.

That makes for a large difference in the influx of erstwhile foreigners into the Union, and a much larger Filipino indigenous population to control amidst the wave of anti-colonialist movements against the western powers.

,There are other reasons but, in the end, the U.


found it more cost-effective to establish global economic, rather than political, dominance, and maintain military bases on foreign soil, rather than outright occupation.

To wit, Chalmers Johnson argues that Americas version of the colony is the military base.

,nThanks for the A2A.

,Btw, Im the grandson of Gabriel F.

Fabella, father of Philippine Independence Day, : Celedonio A Ancheta: Amazon.

com: Books, who was also former chairman of the U.


Department of History and former assemblyman of the Philippine Commonwealth.

What GMT Time is it in Honolulu

Well you could figure out what GMT time is subtract 4 from that which would be Halifaxs time u2026 take gmt and subtract 10 and that Honoluluu2019s timeu2026 or you could just use your smartphone like everyone else

Time in Hawaii in December

Certain parts of the island have poorer water conditions in the winter.

However overall it is still as good a time to dive in December as the rest of the year.

,If you have your heart set on a specific location or dive spot, you might find that its less accessible or pleasant during a few months of the year.

,Poorer water conditions usually means rougher water, stronger surge, and sometimes somewhat reduced visibility.

And the water does get rough enough that dive boats wont go to certain sides of the island some days.

What time is it in Hawaii Maui

Kauai is a bit more laid back than Maui, Iu2019d do Kauai first (or not, maybe use it to wind down after Maui), should take you 4u20135 days max to check out the island touristy stuffs, must see is Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the Pacific), a day trip, add Barking Sands, same trip.

Since Maui is bigger normally it takes about 2 weeks to see everything, Maui has many sites, most a day trip each Hana, Haleakala NP, several beautiful beaches, hiking trails, Hawaiian Luaus, etc.

,Every Island has their touristy stuff to do, SO, itu2019s best to check with your travel agent or the Hawaii tourist web-sites to schedule your vacation.

Hawaii time to EST

A simple google search would give you an answer to this.

But since you ask, the USA has 6 different time zones.

,Hawaii time,Alaskan time,Pacific time,Mountain time,Central time,Eastern Time,The IST is 9:30 hours agead of EST when day light saving starts.

,With respect to EST, Central time is an hour behind; Mountain time is 2 hours behind; Pacific time is 3 hours behind; Alaskan time is 4 hours behind; Hawaii time is 6 hours behind.

,When daylight saving ends in november, all these time move an hour backward excepting states in the Hawaii time and Arizona that follows Mountain time.

So this makes EST 10:30 behind IST.

,I hope this answers your question.



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