On average, what animal lives the longest?

What land animal has the longest lifespan

The u201cImmortal Jellyfishu201d (Turritopsis dohrnii [ https://en.


org/wiki/Turritopsis_dohrnii ]) has earned its moniker.

With the ability to reverse ageing, by reverting to a polyp stage once fully matured, the Jellyfish can theoretically live on forever.

,Recently, a bunch of worms were revived from a pretty long sleep.

42,000 years to be precise.

,From: Siberian Times [ http://siberiantimes.

com/science/casestudy/news/worms-frozen-in-permafrost-for-up-to-42000-years-come-back-to-life/ ],n> The roundworms from two areas of Siberia came back to life in Petri dishes, says a new scientific study.

,u2018We have obtained the first data demonstrating the capability of multicellular organisms for longterm cryobiosis in permafrost deposits of the Arctic,u2019 states a report from Russian scientists from four institutions in collaboration with Princetown University.

,Some 300 prehistoric worms were analysed - and two u2018were shown to contain viable nematodesu2019.

,u2018After being defrosted, the nematodes showed signs of life,u2019 said a report today from Yakutia, the area where the worms were found.

,u2018They started moving and eating.

u2019,One worm came from an ancient squirrel burrow in a permafrost .



Which animal has the longest lifespan in captivity

Most animals live longer in zoos because humans carefully monitor their diet and medical care as well as removing them from the food chain and other environmental hazards.

We can also keep them alive far longer than they would be able to survive in the wild by doing basic things such as giving them softer food as their teeth dull and get lost with old age.

,We can tell that many captive animals have been given a long lifespan that would not be possible in the wild due to the sheer degree of calcification and arthritis on the bones.

n,(source: Researching human | animal interactions in prehistory.

)nThis was a captive mandrill, and yes all that yellow fusing the bones is arthritis.

This specimen would have been basically unable to move its neck.

Animals with this degree of age based pathology are extremely unlikely to survive in the wild, and bone pathology such as this is highly common in captive specimens, meaning most kinds of animals outlive their wild lifespans in captivity.

,However some of the larger animals with much more complex needs do poorly in zoos such as orca whales, which are proven to have a far shorter lifespan in a zoo than the wild.

They are a rare exception though, as access to medical care and high grade nutrition expand the livespan of most captive species, assuming of course, that the zoo is of good quality and takes care of their charges.

Lifespan of animals list

At the top of the list, we have an immortal;,The Immortal Jellyfish - This jellyfish reverts back to its previous state after injury.

Let that blow your mind, it is immortal.

The Greenland Shark - This shark has an average lifespan of 200 years.

,The Bowhead Whale - This whale has an average lifespan of 200 years.

,The popular Galapagos Giant Tortoise - This animal has an average lifespan of 120 years.

Top 10 oldest living thing on Earth

The oldest living things known, Siberian Actinobacteria

Longest living fish

The longest living fish are the koi fish.

they are peaceful and calm fish that can live up to 100 years.

In Asian countries koi fish are worshiped for belief that they have connections to spirits in which communicate with and are also thought that if you have koi fish in your home they will bring you peace and have the spirits with you.

Oldest living animal in the ocean

If you mean the longest living creature then:,Bowhead Whale: Also known as the Arctic whale, the bowhead is by far the longest living animal in the ocean.

The average age of captured whales is 60 to 70 years; however, examinations of whales discovered with ancient ivory spears still lodged in their flesh has resulted in estimated life spans of at least 100 years.

,If you mean what modern creature is the oldest since it appearance on the planet:,The horseshoe crab is one of evolutionu2019s ultimate survivors, dating back 450 million yearsu2014outliving the dawn of dinosaurs and five mass extinctions.

Theyu2019re also not actually crabs.

The horseshoe crab is classified under subphylum chelicerata, along with scorpions, spiders and ticks.

Long animals

Letu2019s start this off with some classics,Fairy Tail,Other than Fanservice and Nakama power being the only problems, Fairy Tail is amazing.

It has a diverse cast, so many different powers and abilities.

Itu2019s truly amazing after all it did keep up in sales with Bleach, Naruto and One piece.

After your done with Fairy Tail, want more? Thereu2019s a manga currently ongoing called Fairy Tail 100 years quest.

Its not bad,Next up another Classic,Naruto,The original naruto is truly amazing, one of the best animes Iu2019ve ever seen.

Shippuden not so much since it just faded with the crazy power ups.

Both are still good and definitely a must watch.

Just donu2019t bring out the Naruto vs Ichigo question.

,Letu2019s step off those very big fighting owns and go to a comedy relief.

,Gintama,There are no words to describe whatever this isu2026,Itu2019s one of the funniest animes, amazing scenes done perfectly and donu2019t worry it also has fights.

Even though itu2019s mostly a comedy anime, when the fights come out youu2019ll be amazed.

,Next one please,Hunter x Hunter,This is another amazing anime thatu2019s just beautiful.

It letu2019s say is basically Naruto except Naruto did the concepts better and got the fame.

Both are still amazing, must watch.

,Dragon Ball,I couldnu2019t make a list without including Dragon ball.

,Whether itu2019s the original, Z, Super or even GT.

Dragon ball does it all amazingly.

itu2019s the reason why most people call Dragon Ball the father of Shonen and some even say the father is Anime.

,Bleach,Bleach is honestly an amazing anime and if Iu2019m being truthful it can be slept on.

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Donu2019t get me wrong some of the filler is amazing but others not so much.

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,One Piece,We already have Naruto and Bleach up here, letu2019s add one piece to complete the Big 3.

,Itu2019s an amazing anime that lives up to the fame just like Naruto and Bleach.

Now to this day one piece is still running.

Itu2019s seen the fall and rise of Bleach.

The growth of Naruto, heck itu2019s probably gonna see Borutou2019s growth.

One day weu2019re all be gone but not One piece.

Itu2019s still gonna be running.

,Full Metal Alchem.



Longest living carnivore

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