Which is the longest mountain range?

Longest mountain range in the world

The longest above-water mountain range in the world is the Andes, which is about 7,000 km (4,300 mi) long and its approximate width is 500 km (310 mi) and is in South America.

It stretches through seven countries along the west of the continent which includes: Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Other facts:,The second longest is the (Southern) Great Escarpment in Africa which is 5,000 km (3,100 mi) and includes: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Angola.

,The third longest mountain range is the Rocky Mountains at 4,800 km 3,000 (mi) which borders USA abd Canada.

,The fourth longest is the Transantarctic Mountains 3,500 km (2,200 mi).

,The fifth longest is the Great Dividing Range in Australia at 3,500 km (2,200 mi).

,The tallest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas in Asia which borders Pakistan, Nepal, India, China and Bhutan.

,The longest mountain range on Earth is underwater and is caled the Mid-ocean ridge and is 65,000 km (40,000 mi) long.

This ncludes the Mid-Atlantic ridge and to view it on the map it stretches the full lenght and in the centre of the Atlantic ocean.

Sierra Madre range

The Philippine Islands are on the u201clandwardu201d side of the convergence of two oceanic plates, the Philippine Plate and the Pacific plate.

As such I would suspect (and here Iu2019m freely speculating, not being either Philippino or a geologist) that the islands were created volcanically, as the Pacific is being subducted under the Philippine and oozing crustal magma up as it is heated going down.

That is the common pattern in the American Cascades, the Andes of SA and so on.

,Landward is enclosed in quotes above because obviously, the Philippines are out in the Pacific Ocean, fairly far from any continent.

Oceanic plates converging is a rare phenomenon, but the Pacific/Philippine plate is being subducted under the Sunda plate along the eastern edge of the Philippines.

The north part of Luzon reverses that for a short distance.

,The Philippines is the gray area in the center, at the convergence of the Philippine and Sunda plates.

Caraballo Mountains

When only a local knew about it.


probably because they dont want others to know.

Private places to escape is easy in the Philippines for people with money.

And you dont need to be super rich or rich or in the upper middle class.

Its usually family owned like large farms or just nice large properties.

My sister was able to visit a relatives private escape place.

She said it basically a whole mountain that they made to look like a very large green lawn with pine trees (not a common sight in the tropical Philippines).

Its a place she said that makes you like to fall asleep under the natural environment.

,But if what your asking are public places which is not yet commercialize like Boracay or Palawan or Cebu, and also places not yet known to many non-Filipinos.

There are of course a lot of them.

Since I am in Luzon, I will going to say the whole Eastern sea board of Luzon.

,Screen shoot of the Luzon Eastern sea board,This places are agricultural area, the people here dont live on tourism.

Thus, there are few hotels.

Except in the town of Baler, Aurora - Wikipedia, which act like the center of the province, what you can only find are local resorts and simple inns.

But towns outside of Baler (like in casiguran and dinalungan or San luis ) are the one who has the beautiful and unspoiled places.

It is better to go there in the days that are not week ends or holidays.

Because during holidays ,it will be hard to find a place to sleep, because all available inns will be full - full of Filipinos from nueva ecija, nueva vizcaya, manila and Baguio/Benguet.

So if you dont know any one in there, better go on week days.

,SOME of this places can be easily googled, and some, as you said- only locals know, few locals u2026.

!!!,Suman: a rice delicacy commonly sold beside the road on the way to Baler.

,A privately owned forest in the Caraballo mountain range,,Bird watching: some birds in a place between Sierra Madre and caraballo mountains.

This photos were taken from a cellphone camera.

,_u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014,The Aurora balete tree,u2014u20140000_u2014+++++

Open peak mountain in the Philippines

Filipino here.

,Vietnam is the sleeping dragon of Southeast Asia.

,Looking at the shape of the country, I canu2019t help but think of a dragon descending from the mountains to bestow its greatness and prosperity to us mere mortals dependent on irrigation and agriculture.

Okay, I am exaggerating but this is one of the countries I underestimated before visiting this land in 2019.

,Warning! This might be a limited perspective because I will be wholly basing my opinion based on my experience with the tourism industry so take this piece with a grain of salt.

,Vietnamese people have plenty of: willpower, enthusiasm and diligence.

Not to say Filipinos cannot have these traits but I have seen these traits more strongly in many Vietnamese I met interacted and observed during my 4 day stay.


u201cWhenever there is a will, there is a wayu201d I think defines the general Vietnamese population.

Have you been in the dizzying streets of Hanoi full of motorcycles? Yes, these small vehicles can be used to transport furniture or entire family members to another place.

Safety precautions aside, this is just one of the observations I had to prove Vietnamese people know how to use what they have at hand to accomplish seemingly daunting tasks, big or small.


This might be a purely personal experience but most of the Vietnamese people I met in the tourism industry are nothing but accommodating and enthusiastic in offering their services.

Compare this to the unmotivated and lackadaisical demeanor of many Filipinos in the same industry whou2019d rather gossip with each other and engage in nonsensical conversations about what not.

This lady at the hostel we stayed in Ninh Binh, for example, offered local tea and pineapples to reinvigorate us after our tiring travel from the Philippines so we can have time to do our itinerary for that day.

Another incident would be our boat ride in the Thung Nham bird sanctuary where we are the only Filipinos in a company of Vietnamese tourists.

After learning we canu2019t understand their language, the tour guide tried her best to show us in her broken English the behavior of the birds in the sanctuary and the general beauty of the place.

The other tourists didnu2019t mind and actually tried to engage us in a conversation too.

There are numerous instances where other tourists would ask a question with the locals about the most mundane things observed and the locals are enthusiastic to share interesting tidbit about everyday things in Vietnam.

Vietnamese are authentically proud of their country and are more than willing to share Vietnamu2019s spirit and soul to foreigners who have open eyes to see.


Our Ninh Binh hostel manager recommended to us a 5 star restaurant in the area and it exceeded our expectations.

Not only is the food authentic and delicious but the area is strikingly clean and orderly.

Because we were hungry, we had our early lunch and the we found ourselves the only customers in sight.

In the Philippines, we couldu2019ve waited an hour or more to have our food prepared because itu2019s not yet peak hour.

After ten minutes, we had our beef pho and egg banh mi served by this smiling old lady, who proceeded to clean the other empty tables and the front door with a cloth from dust.

Small acts of diligence like that made this restaurant among the best in the area.

There were instances where there would be few people in a roadside restaurant and their overall service can still be efficient as if its peak hour.

,I apologize for other Filipinos who might read this and see comparisons I made but there is a reason why Vietnam is strong enough to stand up against China in the South China Sea claim compared to our country.

It all starts with the people and their attitude towards themselves and their country.

Vietnamese know their history and where they should be while Filipinos have no clear idea where we should be heading in the future.

The Philippines is like a kite without a hand holding its tails, aimlessly drifting in the sky merely floating to wherever the winds may take it.

,While Vietnam is like a sleeping dragon slowly awakening and descending from the mountains down to earth, bringing forth water to paddy fields, like the great rivers that defined Vietnamese civilization and nationhood, the Red River and the Mekong River.

Sierra Madre map

I rode the Gold Line between Union Station and Pasadena this week, and there are ads all over the trains announcing the opening date as March 5, 2016.

Heres the official website for the Gold Line Foothill Extension and a screengrab from the site that announces the opening date:,This extension will go east from Sierra Madre Villa station in Pasadena to Azusa:,(this map is also from the official Gold Line Extension website)According to this article from Sierra Madre Weekly, Metro will offer free rides on the entire Gold Line on March 5, and at the new stations, there will be various events commemorating the opening of the Extension.

Sierra Madre issue

To know what the Ghost People are, we have to go back.

Back when the construction of the Sierra Madre was first starting.

,You see, the construction workers were expecting a traditional construction job, but what they got was much worse.

Unknowingly to the construction crew, Big MT developed a toxic gas called the Cloud, which they planned to release on occupants of the Sierra Madre in efforts to force the use of the Auto-Docs.

Eventually, the toxic gas starts leaking from the pipes and settles throughout the Sierra Madre.

Big MT then reacts by issuing the hazmat suits designed to combat the noxious gasses.

It turns out the hazmat suits were part two of the experiment because they didnt provide any protection from the cloud.

,The suit makes it so the gasses are continuously absorbed which resulted in the Ghost People we see roaming the Sierra Madre.

They are forever trapped inside the suits and can only die by being dismembered or blown up.

As far as appearance they are said to be ghoul-like creatures with regenerative capabilities.

However, they must keep some of their intelligence because they are able to craft weapons, wield weapons, and set traps.

How about reproducing? Well, they canu2019t, at least not in a conventional way, instead, they drag people into the cloud and force them inside the suits.

:),So although the ghost people of the Sierra Madre arenu2019t ghosts, they sure are one of the biggest mysteries of the Big MT.

,If you know anything more about the Ghost People please comment below and start a discussion.