Have you ever experienced something you cant explain?

Pinoy mystery stories

These are some incidents in my life that I couldnu2019t explain:,FIRST INCIDENTI was running some errands for my mother one Sunday morning.

I think it was in 2011.

As far as I can remember, it was somewhat between 10am and 11am.

I think I bought some needed ingredients for the food my mother was making for lunch from a nearby store, about one block away.

,It was a Sunday, and as usual, I woke up very late, so I wasnu2019t using my eyeglasses at the time considering that I hadnu2019t taken a bath yet.

But I still could see fairly enough to go outside and buy some stuff.

,As I was heading home, I saw someone familiar standing about five or six feet away from me.

The bright light from the sun prevented me from seeing clearly what was before me.

So I squinted my eyes a little bit to confirm who the familiar face was.

,It was my old neighbor.

He was just standing and staring at me.

I couldnu2019t understand why he was doing that.

I was an introvert (I still am) so I didnu2019t initiate any conversation.

It was really awkward and uncomfortable.

I looked behind me to see if I was the one he was looking at and there was no one else there .

I tried not to make a big deal from it.

So I ignored him because, Iu2019ve also heard from my father that, sometimes, due to old age, he acts weird around people.

,So I went home and while we were eating our lunch, I told my parents and my brother about the incident.

My brother found it funny and laughed about it.

My parents stopped in their tracks.

,Then my father asked me which neighbor I was referring to.

And I answered, u201cThe neighbor living two houses away from usu201d.

Then he shook his head in disbelief.

And my mother delved in, saying I must have made a mistake.

But I insisted that heu2019s the one I saw, although, I wasnu2019t persistent about it because I thought it wasnu2019t really a big deal.

Then, my mother said in a soft voice, as if afraid that someone could hear her, u201cHe died just yesterday.

u201d,I couldnu2019t move.

It was as if the cold from the drinks we were having at that time was transferred all throughout my spine.

It was unbelievable.

My parents changed the topic immediately.

But I was really bothered because I knew what I saw.

,The next day, as I was heading to school, I saw a black cloth veiled around the front of our neighboru2019s gate.

Veiling a black cloth on oneu2019s house only meant someone in the household just died.

,It shook me up pretty bad.

I tried to convince myself that it wasnu2019t true what I saw.

That I just couldnu2019t see clearly because I wasnu2019t wearing my glasses at the time.

But I knew I was only fooling myself.

,I did not go to his funeral, btw.

I was scared.

,SECOND INCIDENTI was watching Pinoy Big Brother one Friday night.

I think it was half past 10pm.

I invited my mother to watch the tv show with me since the next day was a Saturday.

But she couldnu2019t because she had to go to work.

,So I watched alone.

I was the only one in the living room.

If the tv wasnu2019t turned on, it would be eerily quiet.

,Then, my mother came downstairs and said she had to go to the toilet, which was located further back of our house with another door connecting to the kitchen before the toilet.

I had to post a drawing of our house so youu2019d know what it was like.

,My mother always goes to the toilet every night before sleeping to defecate.

So I smiled about it because I thought she had already defecated before.

She was wearing her usual white bed gown.

,Something happened in the tv show, like one PBB housemate did something funny and interesting.

So interesting, I had to tell my mother about it.

So I stood up from the sofa and went to tell her.

Then, I suddenly noticed that the door connecting the dining room to the kitchen was closed.

Like all the locks were locked.

It sent chills through me.

Like I was about to call my motheru2019s name and shout about what happened on the tv show.

But I was lost for words.

,I realized that it may be an apparition, like a doppelganger but I convinced myself that maybe, I just didnu2019t notice my mother going back upstairs after defecating.

,I didnu2019t finish the show.

Although, I pretended I wasnu2019t scared at the time because the ghost might notice (itu2019s silly, I know).

But I slept with the lights on.

,I told my mother about what happened the next day and she couldnu2019t believe it either.

She was sure she didnu2019t went to defecate twice.

,I didnu2019t watch the tv alone after that incident.

,THIRD INCIDENTI know sleep paralysis are common to people who are under stress or those who lack enough sleep.

Back when I was studying in college, I usually sleep very late.

Like 3 or 4am.

,I changed my habit after one spooky incident.

,I had sleep paralysis one time I was sleeping.

I couldnu2019t move.

I couldnu2019t speak.

I could just move my eyes.

I had difficulty in breathing.

Then I saw a figure looming outside my jalousie window.

It was a dark figure.

No face at all.

Just a dark shadow.

It was staring at me as I was at it.

I woke up feeling strange but disregarded it because I had sleep paralysis before so I thought it was the same as I had before.

,I looked at the window and remember the lucid dream I thought I had.

I usually sleep with the window open so that the light could slip through and also cool air.

,The next night, I had sleep paralysis again.

What scared me was the dark figure was still there.

But it was already inside my bedroom, no longer outside the window.

I wanted to scream but I couldnu2019t.

I could only move my eyes.

And I could slightly move my fingers but I couldnu2019t make myself be awake.

,The dark figure seemed to be crawling toward me and I got scared, I panicked.

Then I woke up, sweating.

The dark figure wasnu2019t there anymore.

I didnu2019t sleep for awhile.

,College was stressful, so I forgot everything that happened the night before.

And I slept with the window open again.

As expected, it happened again.

,Only this time, the figure was already above me, like sitting or slightly crushing me.

I couldnu2019t move.

I cried.

I prayed.

I prayed.

I cried and prayed.

Then it stopped and I woke up.

I touched my face and I was really crying because my eyes were wet.

,I told my friends about this at school because it bothered me a lot now.

They told me that they too have sleep paralysis every now and then, but nothing like mine.

But the school work seemed more important at the time so I disregarded it again.

,The next night, I slept early to avoid it from happening again.

But it happened.


But this time, it seemed different.

I wasnu2019t in a paralysis.

I was actually inside a dark red room I didnu2019t recognize.

I tried to scream but no voice came out, trying to get out but I couldnu2019t.

Then, someone hugged me from behind, crushing my body.

It hurt.

I cried.

I prayed for it to stop.

Then it stopped.

I woke up.

,I got scared.

I told my mother about it the next day.

Then she told me to close the windows before I sleep.

But I didnu2019t agree because it would be discomforting and humid.

,And because I didnu2019t follow what my mother told me, the sleep paralysis happened again.

Only this time, the figure crushing me was mimicking my prayers.

I actually heard the voice.

It was a very deep male voice.

And, sometimes, he would laugh.

I remembered what I used to do to wake up during sleep paralysis.

I breathed very forcefully.

Like a strong inhale and exhale.

I donu2019t know if you have tried this but it definitely did work for me.

I woke up.

,I closed my windows before I sleep after that incident.

And it didnu2019t happen anymore.

The figure didnu2019t come back.

I didnu2019t know if it was really real or just my subconscious trying to scare me.

,But my mother believed it had something to do with the mango tree outside my window.

My grandmother once called a paranormal expert to sleep overnight at our house and check everything.

The expert told us that he saw ghosts of children playing under the mango tree every night but they seemed harmless.

But he advised us not to go out there after 7pm.

,My life was scary - full of inexplicable things.

Unsolved cases

The disappearance of Ben McDaniel.

Itu2019s an atypical missing person case u2026 usually when someone is last seen about 60 feet underwater we can guess what happened to them.

But Ben was diving.

,I find it fascinating because, as yet, the case evidence supports in some way all three possible theories:,Ben died in a diving accident out of reach of recovery efforts within the underwater caves at Vortex Spring that he had been exploring solo, without a cave diving certificate, in an area of the cave no one has been able to reach yet.

(against this, though, the guy who went deepest in the cave to try to find him firmly believes he is not there, and notes that he saw no signs that a body would be near the deepest places he got to, and heu2019s smaller than Ben was/is.

Also, the water at the caveu2019s outlet was monitored and no signs of the spike in certain bacteria that would accompany a decomposing body underwater were noted),Ben staged his own disappearance so he could go live a new life under a another identity and escape his divorce/business failure/tax problems (But, as people have noted, why would he have left his beloved rescue dog in his apartment?),Ben was a victim of foul play for some reason and his body was taken out of the cave and disposed of somewhere else (but why has it not been found?),Itu2019s further complicated by the later death of the guy who (at the time) owned Vortex Spring a year or so later from a still-unexplained head injury.

Unsolved mysteries in the world

In January 2013, Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian student, set off on a solo trip across the West Coast.

,The first few days, she regularly contacted family and updated social media.

She looked and sounded content.

,However, things took a turn for the worse on January 26th when Lam arrived in Los Angeles and checked into the Cecil Hotel.

,Originally, she was supposed to share a room with a few others, but her roommates complained she was behaving oddly, so she was forced to change rooms.

,Then, on January 31st, Elisa Lam disappeared.

,Her posts on Facebook and Tumblr abruptly ceased.

,Her daily calls to her parents stopped without explanation.

,To speak in clichu00e9, it seemed Lam had fallen off the face of the earth.

,Initially, there were no clues, no evidence.

Hotel staff reported that Lam had been alone that day, but in good spirits.

,Other than that, nothing.

,Her face was on fliers across the city and her parents flew out to help the investigation.

,Soon however, a strange video surfaced, a creepy piece of elevator footage that appeared to be the last time Lam was seen alive.

,It is an eerie video.

From the start, Lam is behaving strangely and acting erratic.

,She seems agitated, wary, glancing around her as if she is being followed.

When the door doesnu2019t close, she glances out several times, looks both ways and darts to the elevator walls, cowering out of sight, but eyes still fixed on the hallway.

,Throughout the four-minute video, Lam hops on and off the elevator several times.

,She frantically pushes buttons and puts her hands on her ears.

She moves her hands in creepy, almost arcane motions and bows back and forth slightly.

,As the doors close again, Lam walks out.

,This is the last time she was seen alive.

,It went viral quickly, people dubbed it as having a horror movie like feel.

,The video took on an even more sinister quality several weeks later; hotel residents began to complain of low water pressure, and strange-tasting, discolored water.

,In February, a worker was sent to check out the hotelu2019s water tanks, which lie suspended 10 feet over a heavily secured area with alarm systems in place.

,When they were opened, Elisa Lamu2019s waterlogged corpse was found, three weeks after her disappearance.

,This was peculiar by itself.

Lam would have had to have gruelingly hauled herself up to the tank, undress, and then plunge herself in along with her stuff.

,,Itu2019s inarguably a weird, creepy case, but what is perhaps most horrifying is some of the parallels it draws to both real life and pop culture.

,One of the most talked about coincidences, is the similarities between Lamu2019s death and the 2005 horror movie Dark Water.

,The film is about the death of a young girl named Natasha, who was drowned in an apartmentu2019s rooftop water tank, similar to Lamu2019s.

,Also unusual is the outbreak of tuberculosis following Lamu2019s death.

The name of the test used for diagnosing the disease is called LAM-ELISA.

,Even the Cecil hotel has its own mystery.

It has a history of murder and suicide, and has hosted two serial killers.

,The police, after four months of investigation, ruled it an accidental drowning with bipolar depression (which she was known to have) as a significant condition; however, people have called into question the legitimacy of this.

,Why did it take four months to come to the conclusion?,Why were authorities so evasive and obscure about Lamu2019s death in general?,Several theories have been proposed, ranging from demonic possession to psychedelic drug use, and from mental breakdown to a potential stalker.

,By every definition, it is creepy.

Famous unsolved cases in the Philippines

The gentleman above is a German named Manfred Fritz Bajorat.

He was a sailor by profession and had been sailing around the world for the last 20 years in his yacht named u2018Sayo.

,Since 2009 this man had gone off radar as far his relatives and acquaintances were concerned.

A friend though claimed Bajorat was active on the FB in 2015.

,On 25th February (Thursday) 2016, in the ocean 60 miles off the Philippine town of Barabo a couple of fishermen located u2018Sayo .

Inside the yachts radio room a body was found with the head slumped on the desk as if he had fallen asleep while sitting in mummified state.

,The body was identified to be of Mr.

Bajorat from relevant documents found in the yacht.

Bonafide signs of violence were missing but police are unable to determine the exact cause of death.

,His wallet was missing but radio, GPS and other valuable items were untouched.

,Dry hot salt laden winds led to his body getting pickled and thus preserved in the state discovered.

,Police are in the process of identifying Bajorats relatives and acquaintances so that more facts about the deceased can be obtained.

,What happened to this man?? Canu2019t modern medical science with all the cutting edge technology determine exactly what killed this man and give a sense of closure to his relatives and others who care??