Do passenger planes that travel overseas provide disposable toiletries in the bathrooms?

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Emirates amenity kit Economy

Some airlines with a first class may offer a service like this to their first class customers.

,Itu2019d be rarer to find a Business class with this kind of service.

,For most airlines (Middle East carriers not withstanding) Economy can forget it.

,Yes, that handle on the left of the picture is the door to the bathroom.

The person is standing in the isle of the plane to take the photo.

The cockpit door is within arms reach of the photographer.

,First class customers on ANA airways (Japan) on international flights get an amenities bag provided for free.

It contains the following:,The first class Amenity Kit on Emirates contains what to me, appears like u201cmore stuffu201d,But you only get that stuff if you paid for First class.

,Emirates Airlines is rare in that even the Economy passengers get an amenities kit.

,Emirates introduces the worldu2019s first interactive amenity kit in Economy Class including an eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, and socks,So if youu2019re flying on Emirates Airlines, then; yes.

You will get some toiletries, but it wonu2019t be sitting in the bathroom, but rather, on your seat as you board the plane.