Will anti-ballistic missile technology get to the point of over 95 percent accuracy?

15 most heavily protected places on earth

Not any time soon, especially for the fast moving ICBMu2019s, probably not even in the next 20 years.

If anti-missile systems improve in say, 15 years, then the military will likely be making the missiles better able to evade the anti-missile technology, too.

,The 2 land based ICBM interceptors currently in the US have only had a success rate of around 50 % kill rate in tests so far.

You have to bear in mind too, that in tests it is known the missiles to be intercepted will be due very shortly, but in real situations that probably would not apply.

Possibly an attack u201cout of the blueu201d during a mounting crisis.

,I always think back to how the multi-billion dollar defence systems failed to protect one of the most heavily protected buildings on Earth, the Pentagon, from a relatively slow moving (circa 500 MPH) plane, even given the luxury of over 30 minutes warning that the US was 100% under attack, once the 2nd tower had been hit.

In theory, such a thing could not possibly have happened, or at least the chances of a plane being successful at smashing into the Pentagon should have been miniscule, especially with so much warning time.

,In the UK we could not even locate what amounted to a toy helicopter over Gatwick Airport given a huge 36 hours, let alone shoot it down.

They faffed around, 150,000 people disrupted, military called in, then after all that palava they finally decided there might not have actually been any drone there in the first place.

Brilliant!,Slow plane, toy helicopteru2026.

nope, canu2019t get u2019em! 100 incoming ICBMu2019s coming down steeply at 6000 MPH with little warningu2026u2026u2026u2026u2026.

piece of cake, systems will all work perfectly on the day, though we might miss 5! You decide on how likely that would be in the near future.

,One problem will always be the human element and chance of error.

The serviceman operating part of the system might suddenly become unwell, or make an error.

Human control might need to be taken out of the loop on systems that must not fail, or have only a very tiny risk of failure.

If a system had to intercept just 1 or 2 ICBMu2019s, and had many layers of defence, then the chances of intercepting just those ICBMu2019s would improve and might be nearer to 95%.

Not 95% accurate, just multiple less accurate methods to improve the overall chances of success.

Slower moving and shorter range missiles would be more likely to be more easily intercepted, again, especially if several interceptors were targeting the same incoming missile.

u201cIron Domeu201d and those sort of systems, have already been shown to have been reasonably good, and have stopped some non-ICBM type shorter range missiles from hitting their targets in real life situations, not just tests.

20 most heavily guarded places on Earth

Apart from the Secretive, banned places I am also adding those places which are so heavily guarded that its impossible to get in and also those whose whereabouts are not known.


Queens Bedroom - Buckingham Palace,Buckingham palace might be open for the public to see, but no body knows the whereabouts of the private quarters of the King and the Queen.

There is a secret door to get in to their quarters in the East Wing but nobody knows where that is.


The Tomb of Genghis Khan,Genghis Khan is one of the greatest Commanders that ever lived.

Legend has it that a river was diverted over his tomb to hide it because according to Mongolian traditions, the soul will remain protected if the tomb remains undisturbed.

And, till date the Tombs location is unknown.


Varosha - Forbidden Ghost City,In 1970s Varosha used to be one of the biggest tourists attractions in the world.

But in 1974, Turkish people took control of the city and the residents fled the place.

,Entry in to the city is still forbidden and the only people allowed inside are the Turkish military and the UN staff.

It is still abandoned to this day with a population of Zero.


Vatican Secret Archives,Well, Despite the name, the actual archives are not that secretive.

You can view any document you want.

Only condition being you cannot enter the Archive.

You can request for a document and it will be supplied.


Area 51 - Nevada,This is something probably everybody knows about and expects to see in lists like these.

Area-51 is a military base located to the North-Northwest of Las Vegas.

The primary purpose of the base is currently unknown but based on historical evidence its most likely that it supports development of Experimental Aircraft and Weapon systems.


Ise Grand Shrine,Ise Grand Shrine is the most sacred shrine in Japan dedicated to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.

It contains over 100 shrines in it and has been in existence since 4BC.

It is alleged to hold very important items of the Japans Imperial History.

,And, the only person who can enter the shrine is the priest or priestess from the Japanese Imperial family.

So, no chance for us to ever get in.


Fort Knox - Kentucky,Fort Knox is a US Army post in Kentucky.

Though the forts have a lot of other Army Centers and Army commands, it is mainly known for the US Bullion Depository, which houses a large portion of the official US gold reserves.

nIt is one of the worlds most secret fortresses.

It is said to contain over 4000 metric tons of Gold with total worth of about $175 billion.

,And, the reason Fort Knox is on the list is because a lot of people believe the Vault is now completely Empty.

And, to add fire to these doubts, there has been no actual audit of the gold inside in over 60 years! It is also believed to hold secrets of classified military technologies and several other priceless treasures.

But, nobody knows about the current status of Gold inside and the US government has neither confirmed nor properly denied these rumors.



Room 39 - North Korea,Room 39 (or Office 39) is a secretive party organization in North Korea that finds ways to maintain.



Most guarded person in the world

My mother is intrigued by smartphone and has been trying to learn it.

,Especially, WhatsApp.

,Most of the chatting and status upload part is taken care by me & my sister.

,After lockdown, however, the equation changed and she went from being a noob to forming a WhatsApp group of her own.

,Most members are above 50.

,Apart from sharing local gossips & sankari content, the group also thrives on sending Tiktok videos.

,All was fun & games until she started sharing those same videos with me.

,I may find it cringy but its novel to her.

,And so, even if the video consists of rainbow haired individuals changing multiple clothes every second with single expressionu2013,All I reply is:,u201cWow, lovely video!ud83dude04u201d,It makes her happy & valued to be digitally connected to her son.

,Plus, I have to eat at home.

Top 10 most secure places in the world

Your safety is highest where your risks are lowest.

,I have long been looking for absolute safety, and depending on what the threat was, I believed to have found it in rural Paraguay, urban Tasmania, a bunker in Norway, a Volvo, or a government job.

,Of course, a feeling of total safety probably requires a combination of all safest choices, so itu2019s really a question of u201cwhat would the safest possible life look like?u201dI can imagine several possibilities:,Be a rich hacienda owner in Uruguay or Paraguay with your own security staff; youu2019ll be living in one of the worldu2019s most naturally stable and societally negotiable places, so nature will likely never be an issue, and neither will be humans, or food, because you can control and make these aspects yourself.

In other words, you could be a little king who controls his little world.

,Be a work from home IT specialist in a secure apartment building in Hobart, Tasmania.

No natural disasters, wars, or humans will reach you easily, and you never even need to set foot outside if you get a good supply chain going.

,Or be that person in Norway, in a bunker, well-stocked with preppy stuff, in the north, halfway up a mountain, safe from all natural forces and humans.

Not much of a chance of forest fires, either.

,Be a government employee in Sweden, living in a friendly village in the north of the country where everybody knows your name and people help each other.

,Iu2019ve settled for the last one.

Itu2019s very safe, even if I dip my toes into the lake.

Most protected place in the world

The world has many treasures.

Some lay deep under the sea; some are buried under the earth.

But, there are those places that actually hold some of the most treasured, antique, and controversial items, and sometimes, even the most dangerous people, that require the strictest security.

,Here is the count down for the most secure spots on this planet.

,Bold Lane Car ParkThis parking garage is located in Derbyshire, England and is one of the safest places in the world.

You canu2019t get in unless you have a ticket indicating your exact parking spot.

And once your car is parked, it is protected by motion detectors and other alarms that will go off if someone messes with your car.

If the alarm does go off, the whole place goes into lockdown mode.

,Deltalis Data CentreThe Deltalis RadixCloud data center uses the underground bunkers built during World War II.

Now, the 10,000-square-foot data center is buried 500 feet on the Swiss Alps inside Granite Mountain.

To gain access, you have to go through a biometric scan, a man trap, a hyper-security portal, and through anti-nuclear steel doors that weigh 30 tons.

It has racks of data storage systems and secure, electronic systems that can protect the data from power-cuts, hackers, earthquake, and even terrorist attacks.

Within it, Xapo company data is the most secured stored in a cold room, where no one can enter, not even through the Internet.

It is surrounded by steel slabs to ensure that the electromagnetic pulse does not wipe out the encrypted data on the hardware.

,Svalbard Seed VaultSvalbard International Seed Vault, this one-of-a-kind facility is designed to store a wide assortment of seeds in an effort to preserve crop diversity and assure humans will have a source of food no matter what earthly disasters occur.

It is located in Svalbard u2014 one of the remotest places on the planet thatu2019s still fairly accessible.

The storage compound is a large, barren rock island in the Arctic Circle, and the vault is situated inside an old copper mine.

It has a 400-foot long tunnel with airlocks at both ends leading to three refrigerated chambers of which only one is in use.

,Fort Knox Federal Reserve BankFort Knox is home to the US Bullion Depository where it not only stores thousands of tons of gold but is also said to house important historical documents such as the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence.

The structure is built with thick granite lined with cement, steel, and a fireproof material able to withstand a nuclear attack.

The area is protected by electric fences, sentinel stations with armed men, heavy military back-up, and attack helicopters.

,Korean Demilitarized ZoneThe Korean Demilitarized Zone is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world.

This strip of land which stretches 160 miles in length and 2.

5 miles in width, divides North and South Korea.

It was created at the end of the Korean War in 1953 by the United Nation.

The Joint Security Area is the meeting point to hold discussions and negotiations.

About two million troops have been deployed from both sides.

,Haven Co SealandThis data-protection company is located in the North Sea off the coast of Britain.

The only people ever allowed in Haven Co were authorized personnel, investors, and members of Britainu2019s royal family.

It was allegedly shut down in 2008 with no clear explanation as to why and what data was stored here.

,ADX Florence PrisonThe Administrative Maximum Facility or ADX is a supermax prison for men in Colorado.

The prison houses the most dangerous cons in the US.

The prison is also known as the u201cAlcatraz of the Rockiesu201d.

It is spread over a thirty-seven-acre area which has motion detectors, 24-hour monitoring, and the capability to activate a u201cpanic buttonu201d that will lead to an immediate lockdown.

It is surrounded by 12-foot-tall razor wire fences and pressure pads.

The Z-Unit includes a full set of body restraints that are built into the beds.

The furniture is made of poured concrete.

Security measures at ADX also include attack dogs guarding the area between the prison walls and 12 ft.

high razor wire fences.

,Area 51, US AirforceLocated in Nevada, this top secret air force base is so well guarded that no one can get in, even flying over it is forbidden.

Area 51 is covered in motion sensors and is heavily patrolled by all sorts of vehicles.

The primary purpose of the base is publicly unknown, but evidence shows that it may be used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapon systems deemed top secret.

The area is patrolled by guards and surveilled by CCTV cameras and motion detectors.

,Iron MountainThis retired limestone mine houses 1.

7 million square feet worth of vaults, 200 feet below the ground.

The US government is the biggest tenant, and the identities of 95% of vault owners are confidential.

Thousands of historic master recordings, photo negatives, and original film reels live here as well as the charred remains of Flight 93, the original photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue, and Edisonu2019s patent for the light bulb.

Iron Mountain in Boston is also home to Room 48, a data center backing up some of Americau2019s biggest companies.

,Air Force OneAir Force One is one of the most well-built planes in the world.

It has the worldu2019s most advanced flight avoidance, air-to-air defense, and electronics technology packages available anywhere in the world, all for the protection of the Commander-in-Chief and his entourage.

With its tight security, itu2019s been considered the worldu2019s most secure moving location.

,Final ThoughtsBesides these places, there may be a lot more which I too might not have mentioned.

As I said earlier the world has many treasures, so itu2019s never been easy to compile each and every place together.

There are many more such places available on the internet if we search upon it.

Most protected building in the world

Most guarded secrets in the world

I dont know much about secret treasures of the world.

But there is a treasure in the form of Shiva Linga in the premises of Macca Medina, the great spiritual place for Muslims.

,Actually history says that Arab was ruled by the King Vikramaditya.

The king was the great devotee of lord Shiva.

The Shiv temple called Makkeshwara (now called Mecca ) was built by him.

To establish the supermacy of Islam as a religion, Prophet Muhammad broke down 360 idols of Guru, saints, Gods in the Arabic region.

Archeological excavation proves this.

Kaba was a Hindu shrine where lord Shiva was worshipped.

,Even today Muslims follow old tradition of Brahmins.

They wear white dhoti, chadar and shave their head before hawan.

These customs shows a strong link between West Asia and Arabia with Hinduism.

The most guarded president in the world

No doubt, the President of the United States - or POTUS.

,Meet The Beast:,This limousine has 5 inch thick armor plating, 5 layers of bulletproof glass, 8 inch thick doors that vacuum seal the interior just in case of a chemical attack, shotguns, KEVLAR tires and steel rims that can drive with full function even if the tires are popped.

The fuel tank is insulated so it cannot be exploded or leak.

The interior has its own oxygen tank just in case of a chemical emergency.

,In the trunk is a firefighting system, tear gas and smoke screen systems, full medical kit, and bags of the presidents blood type just in case he needs a transfusion.

The president has a direct secure (encrypted line) to the vice president and the pentagon.

,This alone would be enough to protect any head of state.

But it doesnu2019t stop there.

Because this is the President of the #1 country in the world.

,This is presidential motorcadeNow, it consists of 30+ vehicles, but lets go over the essentials.

,The very frontTravelling in front of everyone by a few minutes, the very front cars clear the way a few minutes ahead.

Usually this is just a few normal police cars/bikes from the local area.

,The pilot carsThese clear the way in the area immediately in front of the president.

These act as a buffer between the outside world and the little bubble that the president exists in.

,The Lead CarThe beast and a replica of the beast that serves two purposes.

There could be many replicas but usually there is just two - one original and one replica.

,To throw any potential attackers off,To transport any other VIPs that the president may have,The halfbackThis carries the presidents own security detail.

If there is only one car (which there never is) that goes with the lead car then this is it.

It is called halfback because usually the tailgate is open and there is a secret service member armed with a rifle sitting back there.

,Watchtower - or electronic countermeasuresCodename u201cWatchtoweru201d it has little antennas on the top that disable any sort of electronic devices from going off or anything, like an EMP or IEDs, barrage jamming, stuff like that.

,The CAT (Counter Assault Team)These guys travel behind the president and act if the motorcade is ambushed.

Think of them like a distraction while the president can make his escape, if necessary.

,The ID carYou may be thinking: u201ca car just to identify any threats? Thats excessive!u201d well, my response to that would be: Its never excessive! This cars only purpose is to communicate with other members of the motorcade (especially the very front cars and the pilot vehicles) just to make sure no threats lie ahead.

,The Hazard Mitigation UnitLooking like a black ambulance, this car is fully equipped to deal with any sort of hazards.

It has supplies to deal with any sort of biological or nuclear hazard, carries general supplies for the motorcade, and although most about this vehicle is classified, Iu2019m assuming a bomb squad.

,RoadrunnerRoadrunner creates a secure network between everyone in the motorcade and the outside world.

Of course the president would never connect to a public network, so basically this connects everyone inside the motorcade to the outside world with a super private encrypted network.

,AmbulanceAnd of course, in the back is the ambulance, ready to assist in any sort of medical emergency, prioritizing the president.

,Rear guardClosing off our bubble is the rear guard, which just protects the back of the motorcade.

,And this travels with the president everywhere he goes, whether its a donut run or a trip to a foreign country.

And I havenu2019t even gotten into Air Force One, Marine One, Ground Force One, the White House, or Secret Service.

Thanks for reading!,Sources:,The Fascinating Anatomy of the Presidential MotorcadeInside Trumps new car dubbed the BeastThe Ronald Reagan Presidential Library