Do flight attendants cheat in relationships?

Do flight attendants cheat a lot

Thanks for the A2AnCheat? I almost laughed out loud.



but as usual, Im too tired and hungry right now.

nGood Lord, theyre fortunate, to say the least, if they can find a relationship to begin with.

With their lifestyle of being on the go for most of their career, even to maintain a relationship (for those fortunate ones ?) is a huge challenge in itself.

nWhen I look back, I remember some u201clonelinessu201d because we were always in the air.

Many times wed be saddened because we missed Birthdays, Weddings, or whatever holidays.

We could make lots of friends, and meet lots of people, but there was barely enough time to say Hello and Goodbye.

nYes, some miraculously find time to cheat, just like every other human being who is not totally committed to their relationship.

But when one is totally faithfully committed, just like others at a different job or career? NO WAY.

It is a willful decision to be faithful.

And many of us have made the choice to be faithful no matter what!nIn the air, or on the ground, no matter what job you have, people make their choice to be faithful.



or not.

nWishing you all the best!

Flight attendant layover stories

In nearly three decades of flying with US airlines with some truly wonderful flight attendants, I only u2018slept withu2019 a flight attendant one time.

It also was not as it may seem.

,I was a u201ccommuter pilotu2019 which means that I worked and flew out of a different city than where I lived.

I had just ended my 4-day trip in Las Vegas (LAS) and I was now off duty and trying commute home to San Diego.

,Earlier I had been bumped from the last flight home and would have to spend the night in LAS.

So I went back to our layover hotel to get a room for the night, but found that they were all booked up.

I called another nearby hotel and they were also booked.

,In our layover hotel lobby I was talking to some of our flight attendants who had just arrived from another flight, and I told them of my predicament.

Without hesitation, one of them said I could use her room and she gave me her hotel room key/card.

She said she had an early u2018wake-upu2019 and was going to bed right away.

I told her I was going to get something to eat and would be coming up to her room later.

,Later when I entered her room she was sound asleep.

I tried to be as quiet as I could, took a shower, and jumped into the other separate queen size bed.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

I only vaguely remember her alarm going off very early and her leaving that morning.

I slept in for another two hours before trying to catch another flight home.

,I always wanted to thank her for her kindness and her trust, but I never flew with her and I donu2019t think I ever even saw her again.

Nevertheless, she was the only flight attendant I ever u2018slept withu2019, and my wife of many years knows this story.

,As an aside, when I first was hired as an airline pilot, I was told by others what the u201cperfect layoveru201d was for each member of the flight deck crew:,The Flight Engineer gets laid,,The First Officer gets a good nightu2019s sleep,,The Captain has a good bowel movement.

,Although I never got lucky as a Flight Engineer, I later found I could agree with the next two.

Pilot vs flight attendant

Im not a flight attendant, but Ive always loved how the A330 and A340 have most of the economy cabin lavatories in a small downstairs area.

Helps keep the main deck relatively free of people queuing up and jamming the aisles.

I would presume then that this would make flight attendants jobs at least a bit more manageable.