Which is the most beautiful buttock in sculpture history?

Most beautiful sculptures in history

There are a lot of beautiful buttocks in sculpture.

Too many to enumerate.

What I do have is a story.

Back in the late 1970s, I worked at the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield MA.

Itu2019s a truly wonderful small museum.

The director was particularly fond of a small Renaissance bronze and touched it lovingly perhaps more than was wise.

I donu2019t think he was the only one.

Eventually that bronze had to be sent out for conservation because itu2019s backside developed discoloration.

,So no touching, however beautiful the buttocks.

Amazing sculptures around the World

Veiled statues are really mesmerizing.

Technique is called Wet Drapery which allows the sculptors to show the contours and shape of body despite it being fully covered.

Its an amazing optical illusion carved in solid stone.

, The veiled vestal virgin by Raffaelle Monti, located at the Chatsworth house, appeared in the movie Pride and Prejudice 2005.

n,n,There are quite a few more done by different artists.

,Giovanni Maria Benzoni carved multiple copies of The Veiled Rebecca.

Pictured one is located at Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad, India.

There is one in High Museum, Atlanta GA and another at Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield,MA.


Most famous sculptures

Sculpture art

A branch of fine arts, sculpting is three-dimensional art made from moulding, casting, welding, and carving a variety of mediums, including stone, metal, wood, clay, and other materials.

This art form has been around for thousands of years but is just as relevant today in the form of digital sculpting as are the pieces created in 230,000 BCE or earlier, like the Venus of Berekhat Ram (oldest known Stone Age sculpture).

,Today, contemporary artists work with a number of non-traditional forms of sculpture, including light, sound, ice, and kinetic sculpture, as well as 3-D modelling.

3D modelling, and more specifically, digital sculpting, is a new form of sculpture where users interact with a digital model, much like when modelling clay.

Users pull, pinch, push, and twist u201cvirtual clayu201d to create a sculpture.

Beautiful sculptures for sale

Sylvia Plath: Picture courtesy of News, sport and opinion from the Guardians US edition | The Guardian Image not for sale or reproduction.

,There is some evidence that disorders like bipolar are accompanied by unusual intelligence and my experience working with the population tends to verify the assumption.

Thereu2019s no evidence that Iu2019m aware of that proves mental illness causes creativity.

,August Rodin, the famous sculptor was meticulously precise in everything he worked on, including his business acumen.

He had many assistants who he assigned to do certain parts of his sculptures to squeeze every last penny out of his art works.

Was he obsessive compulsive or just a successful businessman, artist or all three? You will recall two of his most famous works, u201cThe Thinker and u201cThe Boxer.

u201d,Vincent Van Gogh, famous, post-impressionist Dutch painter was most certainly mentally ill, suffered from the STI, syphillis at his death and was treated earlier for gonorrhea, cut off his own ear and shot himself in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

He is considered the greatest painter among giants who followed Rembrandt.

It is speculated he may have been bipolar but his paintings show signs of schizophrenic deterioration which some say enhanced the beauty of his work.

He may have also suffered from alcoholism as a result of his absinthe addiction.

,Legendary composer, Ludwig van Beethoven suffered from alcoholism, and possibly bipolar disorder in which he sank to unimaginable depths of despair and highs which helped him complete magnificent musical compositions.


Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway suffered from depression and alcoholism.

Hemingway used a shotgun to obliterate traces of his genius, as well as his depression.

,Georgia Ou2019 Keeffe was treated for anxiety and depression.

,Sylvia Plath, one of the most gifted writers and poets of the 20th century, took her own life in a London flat by sticking her head in an oven and turning the gas on.

,I could go on with countless other visual , literary, musical and performing artists whose genius propelled them to fame and fortune but whose mental illness also spelled doom.

Some narcissists are propelled to the fame they crave on stage and in film and please millions, then fade with age and the fame that created them.

,The truth lies somewhere between genius and the spark of creativity that few possess.

Every century seems to produce an odd assortment of great artists and creators who please and delight the ordinary and mundane, who can only gasp in awe at the wonder.

Itu2019s not enough to point at their mental illness and say genius and mental illness occur together.

Sometimes they do, more often they do not.

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Sculpture artists

My husband is the exception, not the norm as we have had a great lifestyle, living off the sales of his original stone sculptures - he is a full time, professional fine artist, and has been for 35+ years.

He started when he was 20 and had a day job for 2 years at the beginning to get started.

He began by carving what we refer to as u2018coffee table sculpturesu2019 - smaller pieces that were able to be priced at a more attainable price point for collectors with limited budgets.

,Iu2019ve been a major force in helping to market, make sales, embracing digital when it came our way and being a (sometimes unwelcome) critic of his style/creations.

I guess you could say weu2019ve made a good team over the last 30+ years.

We made a choice early on to not apply for grants and concentrated more on building our own group of patrons which has worked well.

We started with smaller sculptures as mentioned above, and moved quickly into medium to over life-sized sculptures although the larger pieces take longer to sell/market.

Weu2019ve had some luck with galleries, but they canu2019t sell the works like we can - people love to directly connect with the Artist.

,We are currently looking into u2018whatu2019s next to learn/buildu2019 for the business that aligns with his creative needs.

As he gets older (now 57), we know we have to look at other ways to create that donu2019t rely so much on his physical self - he is fit after a lifetime of moving and working with stone as a medium, but we like to be proactive.

He is learning a 3D drawing program and we are prototyping small pieces with 3D printing and C&C machines.

We hope that technology will eventually help output about 65% - 75% of the sculpture (although it has capabilities to 100% but thatu2019s not his preference) and then he can finish the last 25%-ish of the piece which is his favourite part.

,We have had good results with:,2 shows annually (sometimes themed),,group shows with other sculptors/painters,,our website gets us about 20% of our sales,,bi-monthly emails to our database/list,,partnering with cruise ships,,sculpture symposiums,,taking part in local/community art shows and,volunteering with community groups (ie: kids camps, seniors tours etc).

,We run things like a business which some Artists canu2019t understand, but always make sure that creativity is part of our path/promotion.

We may not be rich and famous, but there are very few self-represented Artists out there making a consistent living and enjoying it - a ton of work but worth it.

,Donu2019t know if Iu2019m allowed to post his website on here, but here goes: michaelbinkley.