What city in Canada has the largest population?

Canada cities by population

Quebec City-Windsor Corridor,The most densely populated area of Canada is whats known as the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

,Vancouver has the highest population density in Canada, according to the 2016 Census,More than two-thirds of the people living in Canada live within 100 kilometers of the U.


border, and more than two-thirds of the entire population of the country live in the three largest Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) in the country: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, according to Statistics Canadau2019s 2016 Census data released.

,The population of the Vancouver CMA grew 6.

5 percent between 2011 and 2016 after growing 9.

3 percent between 2006 and 2011.

While the population in the region keeps growing, four municipalities within the CMA now have some of the highest population density rates in the country, and the municipality of Vancouver takes the number one spot in Canada with a density rate of 5,493 people per square kilometer.

Largest cities in Canada by area

Much of Canada is a country facing the same type of decay you would find in the thousands of small towns and cities across the US where factories either got shut down or people have historically lived off of welfare and away from sophisticated city folk.

Its usually in the large cities where civilized people live, the smaller places tend to be full of racists and welfare cases with substance abuse issues, I think Trailer Park Boys might be satirical but its actually a good representation of the real face of Canada(like Mugshots.

com -Search Inmate Arrest Mugshots Online.

Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Official Records is the real face of America) and the shennanigans in the background that go on while we think there is some great stuff being done in the cities.

This is why most immigrants tend to stay close to the larger cities, because locals in these small places can be very xenophobic, self segregating and just a waste of human beings with no morals and constantly getting into problems.

,If youre the son of two highly educated professors like I am, you would not want to mingle with people who will waste your valuable time, especially if you left everything you had at home(4 bedroom apartment and 7 bedroom house, together with two well paying government jobs, a thriving art side business and countless friends and family and connections in high places)u2026.


to be huddled in some backwater place and realize everything Hollywood represents about America and Canada is a complete lie and you mightve been better off in your warzone/mafia state country? Imagine the heartbreak from that level of fraud carried out by the US and Canada as nation states, except youre powerless to hold anyone responsible.

,Other than that the cities are fine.

Places like Toronto are enormous metropolises that are on the fast track to becoming world class cities like New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Rome and others, but still have about 15u201320 years until they get to that level of legendary status(you can mostly thank construction for that).

They might have their problems but cities are for ambitious people.

Its where all the opportunities are, and generally what we see in Hollywood as being so spectacular.

The rural areas and anything less than 500,000 people tends to be more like that place in the movie Deliverance.

,Otherwise here is the list you wanted

What are the top 10 largest cities in Canada

Toronto - surely it wouldve been quicker just to Google it??

top 3 largest cities in canada by area (size)

There are several metrics through which one can interpret a city as large, dependable and so on.

Population is normally the most preferred attribute when it comes to such groupings.

However, GDP has also emerged a metric with which conurbations are gauged.

,When we look at largest metropolitan areas according to population , the top 3 would be :,Tokyo -38 million,Jakarta { Indonesia} - 30 million,Guangzhou { China} - 25 million,If we take a look at largest urban areas which might include the vast suburbs which normally encompass huge cities, top 3 would likely be :,Tokyo -Yokohama region - 38 million+,Jakarta ( Greater Jakarta region) - 32 million+,New Delhi ( National capital region) - 27 million+,However, these lists also change when peruse at the largest cities by economical standards i.

e their GDP output(nominal).

Then, top 3 cities would be :,Tokyo - $ 1.

9 trillion [ = to economy of Italy ],New York - $ 1.

7 trillion [ = to economy of Canada],Los Angeles - $ 1 trillion [ = to economy of Indonesia],One significant observation could be about the prominence of Tokyo which constantly finds itself atop of such comparative tallies.

Canada population

Perhaps, but not in the immediate future.

,There seems to be some belief that Australia and Australians are already completely limited by fresh water.

This is completely not the case.

Like all resources, like power and water, it isnu2019t limitless, Australia has a tremendous amount of water.

,List of countries by total renewable water resources - WikipediaRanking Australia above countries like Japan, France, the UK, Germany, South Korea, etc.

Countries that support populations many times that of Australia or Canada.

In addition Australia has been smart, and has build desalination plants at its major cities, which supply fresh drinking water even in times of extreme drought and climate change.

Australia also has the largest amount of Dam storage per person of any country in the world.





aspx?hkey=bb65d83c-f3fe-4812-8433-d21a110daeaeGetting back to the key point regarding population:,Canada has a much larger population than Australia because it was settled earlier than Australia.

Australia is also further away from Europe and the US, where most of Canadau2019s migration occurs from.

Despite this, Australia has a much larger proportion of migrants from the UK than Canada.

,Australia also tends to have higher requirements for migration entry given its highly desirable status as a country for people to migrate to.

,Australia has in recent times let in proportionally much more people than Canada and its population has been growing faster than Canada.

However, Canada has 50% more people than Australia, that is a significantly larger population to overtake, at least in the next say 50u2013100 years.

,So unless Canada ceases all migration, or befalls a terrible disaster, it is unlikely Australia will overtake Canadau2019s population.

,What is more likely is Australia is to over take Canadau2019s economy.

That is expected to happen in the next 10 years.

Given Canadau2019s much poorer handling of the COVID19 issue so far, depressed outlook for oil prices and and strongly linking their economy to the US economy and because of its trade deals with the US isnu2019t as agile on international trade, its probable that the Canadau2019s economy may be hit pretty hard in the next few years.

Australia is connected to other things, so there is certainly a chance that it could happen.

Smallest city in Canada

Maybe Greenwood, British Columbia.

It has a population of less than 1,000 and holds a city charter.

Largest cities in Canada by population 2020

Well, technically itu2019s 14th,Canadas Most Dangerous Places 2020 - Macleans.

caFor the record, Toronto is 39th,And Winnipeg, at 13th, is the only city larger than Thunder Bay on the list.

Tiny Thomson, MB tops the list.

,But letu2019s get back to T-Bay.

Itu2019s pretty much facing the perfect storm of a poor economy, severe cultural differences, and mind boggling isolation.

,First, the economy.

T-Bay used to be a major shipping port and lumber center, and both of those are long gone.

Itu2019s struggling to find an alternative.

Right now, public sector employment is the only thing keeping the city going.

The biggest private employer is transit manufacturer Bombardier, but their Thunder Bay facility is plagued with quality problems.

Ironically, wages in the city tend to be high, which makes it unattractive for most employers.

,Next, Thunder Bay has a large and growing First Nations population, the result of many members of First Nations abandoning life on reserves to eke out a slightly better living in the city.

That leads to a lot of prejudice (the police have come under a lot of criticism) and misunderstandings between the First Nations and the European residents.

Racism also affects the health care of First Nations people.

,Lastly, Thunder Bay is pretty much in the middle of nowhere right now.

Northern Ontario has always been an isolated place due to its geography and topology.

The region as a whole has often had closer ties to Winnipeg rather than Toronto.

However, thereu2019s really no reason to treat it as a u201cdestinationu201d even though itu2019s the largest city in that part of Northern Ontario.

Sudbury has mining and things are going well, but thereu2019s no particular reason to develop the area.