Despite the rise of China, why has that not really translated into a keen interest on the part of people to start learning Mandarin or Cantonese? Is it due to either the difficulty of the language or although large, still not viewed as international?

Autumn in Taiwan 2022

Answer: u6211u4e0du540cu610fu3002Let me immediately tell you that the (Mandarin) Chinese words I just wrote has the meaning I donu2019t agree.

Henceforward I will use the word Chinese with the meaning Mandarin Chinese in this article.

,I was never interested in learning Chinese before I travelled to Southeast Asia for the first time in 2016.

I changed planes in Du00fcsseldorf (Germany) and then once again in Hong Kong, so the plane was packed with Hongkongers from Du00fcsseldorf! On my way home from Asia I changed planes in Hon Kong and London, and it was on my way home that I found my first Chinese music love.

Now they sang in Cantonese, but at the time I couldnu2019t tell Cantonese and Chinese apart - which is very easy once you learn the phonotactics of these languages.

They really sound very different.

,Anyway, I listened to u65b9u529bu7533 (Alex Fong) and u9127u9e97u6b23 (Stephy Tang) and when I found the lyrics online I put it through an online translator, but I received the Chinese pinyin, never the Cantonese jyutping (I didnu2019t even know that jyutping existed).

For over a year (maybe it was even two years, I donu2019t remember well) I wondered why Alex and Stephy pronounced u597d as hou(2), u5fc3 as sam(1), u4f60 as nei(5), u6211 as ngo(5) and not as they were supposed to be pronounced according to the pinyin: hu0103o, xu012bn, nu01d0, and wu01d2.

,I travelled to SE Asia in 2017, but I didnu2019t find out how wrong I was, but when I discovered G.



u9093u7d2bu68cb in 2018 I immediately noticed the difference in pronunciation (and phonotactics), and I finally got things right.

,I began buying dictionaries.

First a Chinese - Swedish with almost 60 000 words and phrases, but that was too little in my taste, so I bought a Chinese - Norwegian dictionary with 80 000 words and phrases, but still I wasnu2019t satisfied, so I went for the Oxford Chinese dictionary with 120 000 words and phrases (and a bonus is that the Oxford Chinese dictionary also lists both simplified and traditional characyers).

,I travelled to SE Asia every year until the Covid pandemic put an end to my travels in 2020.

During those years I however visited Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Saigon (HCMC), Metro-Manila, Cebu00f9 City, Cagayan de Oro (CDO), Maramag, Valencia City (in the Philippines), Pangantucan, Musuan, and Sagbayan.

Oh, well, I also spent a day in Tubigon (Bohol).

Every year I learned at least one new word or phrase in Chinese, and I figured that I would have to stay alive for a VERY long time if my learning speed was one or two new words every year.

I used to say that I will speak Chinese when Iu2019m 5 000 years oldu2026,During the second year of the pandemic, I applied for a university course in Chinese, and this spring (2022) I finished the fourth course in Chinese, and I applied for yet another course this autumn (Chinese characters II).

I will not say that I am fluent in Chinese, that would be a lie, but my goal is to one day be able to speak Chinese with some fluency.

In order to reach my goal, I think that I will have to go to China and/or Taiwan for longer periods, because only then will I be forced to use Chinese.

,If everything goes well, I will try to place myself in Taiwan during 2 weeks in 2023 (for my vacation).

,I have said a lot in this answer, but the main message is that the prerequisites for the question isnu2019t true, at least not in my case, because I have a keen interest in learning Chinese! For the record, Iu2019m beginning to consider trying to learn either Cantonese or Japanese, or why not both? And then I am interested in Wu Chinese (Shanghainese) as well, but I think that I will have to go to Shanghai for that.

,Pic 1.

These are some of my notes during a seminar in Chinese during the spring 2022.

My Chinese handwriting isnu2019t beautiful, but itu2019s improving.

,Pic 2.

I have begun to burn Chinese characters into cutting boards and then I give them away as presents, always with a note on what the meaning of each character is.

This was a gift to a Chinese girl who was adopted to Sweden.

She went to Taiwan to learn Chinese, so she wanted her Chinese nickname (Ji Xiaofeng) in traditional characters.

Traditional characters: u5b63u5c0fu9cf3.

Simplified characters: u5b63u5c0fu51e4.

Autumn in Taiwan temperature

Taipei is a fantastic place all year round, in my opinion, but early May will probably still the u201crainy seasonu201d - huge daily showers start and stop very suddenly.

,Nothimgbwromg with a bit of rain, but I thought you may want to know.

,Temperatures should start getting warmer (i.


in the thirties).

,Rain is not something rare in Taiwan.

In winter we have days of continuous rain and cold (~10C) - thatu2019s the season I like least.

In early summer (May), very sudden showers.

In Summer typhoons cross the island quite often (very heavy rain and winds).

Autumn is probably the dryer season in the yearu2026 my personal favourite.

,Hope this helps, and that you will enjoy your visit!

Spring in Taiwan

I spent a number of summers in Taiwan throughout high school and college, mostly in Taipei, roaming around and looking for fun things to do.

Here are some highlights from those summers:,Hanging out / shopping.

,East District u6771u5340.

Most famous for Taipei 101, but the surrounding area also has the Shinkong Mitsukoshi u65b0u5149u4e09u8d8a mall, the Eslite u8aa0u54c1u66f8u5e97 flagship store, and Warner Village (for movies), which are all fun to check out.

Its a popular hangout area for young people.

,SOGO u592au5e73u6d0bu767eu8ca8 at Zhongxiao East Road Section 4 u5fe0u5b5du6771u8def 4u6bb5.

The leading department store in Taiwan (originally from Japan).

Before you go in, check out the fun musical clock that performs on the hour.

The shopping is fairly high end but worth browsing -- very chic, modern, and often Japanese-inspired.

If you get hungry, the food court in the basement is great (and for the record, food courts in Taiwan are far, far superior to food courts in the U.


); they also sell gift-worthy foodstuffs that you can sample abundantly.

,Ximending u897fu9580u753a.

This is a pedestrian shopping mall with lots of stores and vendors lining the streets, selling a lot of accessories and clothing; you can also find many arcades and photo booth / sticker picture u5927u982du8cbc shops.

On weekends, its popular for singers to do CD signings and mini-performances in the area -- Ive personally been to events by Jay Chou u5468u6770u502b, Leehom u738bu529bu5b8f, S.


E, Jolin u8521u4f9du6797, Cyndi u738bu5fc3u51cc, Fanfan u8303u744bu742a, among others, all at Ximending.

,Taipei Main Station u81fau5317u8ecau7ad9.

Inside and around the Taipei Main Station there is a lot of shopping.

Its a pretty bustling area.

,nMuseums, landmarks, and other tourist attractions.

,National Palace Museum u6545u5baeu535au7269u9928.

This museum boasts the worlds best collection of Chinese historical artifacts, mostly carried over from China during the Nationalist flight.

They have many more items in their collection than can be displayed at any time, so the exhibits rotate frequently.

,Chiang Kai Shek Memorial u4e2du6b63u7d00u5ff5u5802.

Big and sunny space, good for photos and being touristy.

,National Taiwan University u81fau7063u5927u5b78.

The top university in Taiwan.

(It has a main road leading into the school that is rather reminiscent of Stanfords Palm Drive, with palm trees lining it, and Im quite partial to the effect.

),Taipei Zoo, also called Muzha Zoo u6728u67f5u52d5u7269u5712.

They have pandas! And butterflies (Taiwan is famous for butterflies).

,nNighttime in the city.

,Shilin Night Market u58ebu6797u591cu5e02.

Theres good shopping but mainly you need to eat the small eats u5c0fu5403.

See more details on my answer here: What should I see and do as a tourist in Taiwan?Nightclubs like Luxy, Room 18, Spark, Strike, Primo.

Im not too familiar with the scene but clubbing is pretty fun in Taiwan.


The KTV bars in Taiwan are unparalleled, and NewCBParty u661fu805au9ede http://www.


com/ and Partyworld / Cashbox u9322u6ac3 http://www.


com/ are the best.

Great facilities, superb song collection with real music videos, good food and drinks.


,Danshui u6de1u6c34.

Its an old port a bit to the north of the city (the end of the MRT line) and recently notable as the setting of Jay Chous movie Secret u4e0du80fdu8aaau7684u79d8u5bc6.

There is a good amount of trinkets shopping, arcade games, and street food along the Old Street u8001u8857 area.

You can take a ferry across the water to Bali u516bu91cc and rent a bike to ride along the water, or to Fishermens Wharf u6f01u4ebau78bcu982d to check out the seafood restaurants, the boardwalk, and Lovers Bridge u60c5u4ebau6a4b.

n,Jiufen u4e5du4efd.

A former goldmining town thats up in the hills; it has quaint streets, stores, and views.

Accessible via bus.

,Maokong u8c93u7a7a.

A tea-growing area in the mountains on the edge of the Taipei Basin, very easily accessible by gondolas that commenced operation in 2007.

Lots of tea houses and restaurants, some temples, plus trails to hike.


,Small eats u5c0fu5403 at night markets like Shilin u58ebu6797 or Tonghua u901au5316u8857.

See the above description of Shilin and the linked question.

,Din Tai Fung u9f0eu6cf0u8c50 is famous for its steamed dumplings u5c0fu7c60u5305.

The restaurant originated in Taiwan but now has branches all over the world.

,Traditional breakfast foods.

Be sure to try soy milk and Chinese donut u8c46u6f3fu6cb9u689d.

There are a lot of breakfast shops but one in particular thats pretty famous is Yong He Dou Jiang u6c38u548cu8c46u6f3f.

,For more restaurant and food recommendations, http://hungryintaipei.


com/ is a great blog.


n,Use the MRT / bus system to get around! Get an EasyCard (http://en.


org/wiki/EasyCard) and your life will be happy.

Taiwan winter season

When I lived in Taiwan, it was not uncommon to see 10u201315% of people on a subway train or in a busy shopping centre wearing masks.

Certainly scooter-riders would wear them to protect against dust, but the general sense in the population (Japan and Hong Kong, too) was that during the winter season especially, masks in public places might afford a better protection.

,When you think about it, the common cold and influenza have been missing from most peopleu2019s experience since March 2020 until now.

When has there been a year where no-one reported coughs and colds?,So yes, senior citizens, and those with COPD or T2D, or C-V diseases might wish that they had taken this type of precaution in public.

On the other hand, we are probably all especially vulnerable to these common respiratory agents now, after such a long period without topping up our u201ccasually-acquiredu201d immunity.

,So get your flu shot, and for the aged, see if you can get your Pneumococcal disease shot and a Shingles vaccine.

Its well worth it.

Summer in Taiwan

My visit to Taiwan during the TEEP@India 2018 program has left a lasting impression on me about the Taiwanese people, culture and the great level of research work which is being carried out at various educational institutes of higher learning.

I had the pleasure of working with Prof.

Hui-Huang Hsu at Tamkang University, Taiwan for a project on Emotion Recognition and it was really a once in a lifetime experience interacting with the Professors, other Taiwanese students and my colleagues at TKU.

The project had good outcomes and it was converted into a research paper and submitted to the IEEE CyberSciTech 2018 International Conference.

During my time as a student in India, I had worked on various research topics in the area of Audio Signal Processing and Machine Learning, but was lacking this international exposure which the program gave me very well.

Moreover, this Research Internship program helped boost my academic reputation as a budding researcher, and I have received a Direct PhD.

(Computer Science) offer at the University of Hull, United Kingdom, right after my Bachelors degree, and a lot of credit goes to this program for having developed my research capabilities and acumen.

I am thankful to the Ministry of Education, Taiwan for organizing this TEEP@India program, and am sure, that through this program, budding researchers will get a platform to demonstrate their unique talent in the global platform at Taiwan.

I will definitely like to visit Taiwan again very soon!

Taiwan itinerary 4 days

Before you read this answer i want to mention that i am travelling alone for the first time in my life.

,My Planning in detailu2026,HK, China, Macau, Taiwan Itinerary24 Nights 25 Days a lifetime memorable trip with visiting 8 different cities in 4 country.

Trip includes places like Hong Kong, China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing), Macao, Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung) etc.

I have opportunity to experience activities like spiritual, cultural, night life, shopping, adventurous, sightseeing, as well as business in this places.

Below i have finalize the itinerary of our trip.

,Day-1 - 16th Oct to 18th Oct : I will catch my flight from Mumbai airport on 16th Oct at evening 7 ou2019clock.

Which arrive hongkong next day morning 7 ou2019clock.

17th Oct and 18th Oct I will spend in hongkong.

(Visiting Victoria Peak & Tian Tian Budhha) 19th Morning I will depart for entering Shenzhen, China (By Bus/Train).

,Day-2 to 5 - 19th to 21st Oct: Approx.

3 to 4 days I will stay in Shenzhen (as require).

For visiting shopping, malls, Nightlife, dong-men market, electronic market, Xiaomeisha beach etc.

,Day-6 to 9 - 21st to 24th Oct: By train/Bus whichever cheaper option is available I will go towards Guangzhou 2 hours journey.

Visiting places like pearl river, IFC tower, 2nd phase of Canton fair on 23rd oct, 24th early morning depart for Beijing by train.

(22 Hour By train),Day - 10 to 14 - 24th Oct to 28th Oct - Journey from south china to Beijing capital of china.

4 Days we will stay in Beijing Here I will visit places like great wall of china, Forbidden city, malls, museums etc.

,Day - 15 to 18 - 29th Oct to 2nd Nov - Beijing to hong kong by flight on 29th Oct.

Same day nearby sight seeing.

4 days in hong kong includes visits like Avenue of stars, star ferry, Stanly market, OZONE Bar (Worlds Highest Bar)and beaches, etc.

If find enough time will visit Macao, for 1 or 2 days.

,Day -19 to 23 - 3rd Nov to 8th Nov - I will catch my flight for Taiwan from hong kong on 3rd Nov.

During this 6 days I will be staying in Taiwan visiting cities like Taichung, Taipei etc.

Places - Taipei 101, National Palace, Mount Ali, Jiufen etc.

On 8th nov evening time we have return flight for hong kong.

,Day- 24 - 9th Nov - Evening I have return flight for India.

Time to say bye bye.

,waiting for your upvotes

Taiwan seasons

Just exercise common sense and youll be fine.

nBut I have to warn you that the local Taiwanese medias have a habit of reporting the misbehavior of the mainland tourists.

Every wrongdoings of a mainland tourist will be greatly (and unnecessarily) exaggerated, and do know that some people will see you as stereotypical mainland Chinese, those people are assholes, pay them no heed.

,Other than that, I would suggest that spring or fall would be the best time to visit.

Taiwan now has an air pollution problem, some rain would be nice since it can bring down quite some particles with its raindrops, so the air quality should be better (the air pollution problem is really bad in the south).