What are some of the strangest laws in the world?

Bad traditions around the world

Some Weirdest Laws from Around the WorldJapan : It Is Illegal To Be FatAccording to the law, companies and local governments must annually measure the waistlines of Japanese workers and citizens who are between 40 and 74 years old.

The waistline limit for men is 33.

5 inches whereas for women it is 35.

4 inches.

Dieting guidance and re-education is given to those who fail to measure up.

,Italy : Itu2019s Illegal If Not Taking A Dog For Walk.

,In the Italian city of Turin, it is illegal to walk your dog less than three times a day.

Those who break the law will be fined up to about $622 u2014 although how the authorities will find out how many times a day you walk your dog remains unclear.

,Italy : Forbidden To Wear Noisy Shoes.

Noisy shoes such as wooden-soled sandals (and some even say flip-flops) are prohibited on the island of Capri, Italy.

It is also forbidden to dress immodestly.

,England: It Is Illegal To Kill Or Eat Any Mute Swans.

The Queen owns all of the Mute Swans of England, and only she is allowed to kill and eat one.

This goes all the way back to Medieval times, when swans were considered a delicacy that the wealthy desperately wanted on their dinner tables.

The Mute Swan is officially a protected species and therefore nobody is legally allowed to kill them for the purpose of eating them as well as mute swans are protected under the wildlife and countryside act of 1981.

Anyone found guilty of killing them faces a u00a35,000 fine or up to six months in prison.

,Thailand : No E-Cigarettes Allowed.

You canu2019t bring vaporizers such as e-cigarettes, e-baraku or refills into Thailand.

These items are likely to be confiscated and you would be fined or sent to prison for up to 10 years if convicted.

,Russia: It Is Illegal To Drive A Dirty Car.

The law regarding driving a dirty car with dirt covered number plate has been passed in both Chelyabinsk and Moscow, and can garner a fine of 2,000 rubles (30 EUR).

,Singapore : Chewing Gum Is Illegal.

Gum has been banned in the southeast Asian sovereign state since 1992, because government thought it would lead to mischief making.

A single piece of gum could land you a fine of $1000.

Do it a second time and youu2019ll owe the state $2000.

A third time means youu2019ll be forced into hard labor, cleaning the streets while wearing a sign that says u201cIu2019m a litterer.

u201d,Malaysia and Singapore: No Spitting Except Into Drains.

If you have something caught in your throat in Malaysia or Singapore, as you could be fined for spitting on the sidewalk, within a private building, or really anywhere that isnu2019t a drain.

Those found liable under this Act may be liable to a fine of RM 100 [20 EUR].

,Switzerland: It Is Illegal To Own Only One Goldfish.

Switzerland has some of the most thorough and dedicated animal cruelty laws in the world.

While people are welcome to own multiple goldfish, owning just one is considered inhumane isolation.

,Caribbeans Countries : No Camouflage Attire.

Many Caribbeans countries such as Barbados, St.

Vincent and St.

Lucia ban wearing of camouflage clothing, including children.

,Sri Lanka : No Buddha Selfies Or Tattoos.

The mistreatment of Buddhist images and artifacts is a serious offence and tourist have been convicted for the same.

British nationals have been refused entry to Sri Lanka or face deportation for tattoos of Buddha.

Donu2019t post photographs standing in front of Buddha Statues.

,Thailand : Donu2019t Step Currency Notes.

Thai baht carries an image of the much revered King of Thailand, who has ruled country for over 70 years.

Stepping on the currency and therefore his face, is a criminal act.

Itu2019s also against the law to insult His Majesty.

,Italy : Feeding The Pigeons In Venice.

You can face a $700 fine for feeding pigeons in St Marku2019s Square, Venice.

The Act was outlawed in a bid to reduce pigeons numbers and associated damages to historic structures.

Or in other words a conspiracy to collaborate in the making of bird poop bombs that will be aimed squarely at Veniceu2019s historical buildings.

,Switzerland : No late-night loo flushing.

Itu2019s against the law to flush a toilet after 10 p.


in some apartment building or blocks in Switzerland, apparently itu2019s too noisy for some residents.

,Italy : Dog Poop Popping In Public PlacesCitizens of Capri, Italy, are so tired of random dog poop popping up in public places that they recently proposed a law that would require DNA testing of unidentified canine turds.

Once the offending animal (and owner) are identified, they will be fined.

,Japan : Medicines Containing Codeine Banned.

The use or possession of some medicine like Vicks-Inhalers or painkillers containing Codeine is banned in Japan and can result in detention or deportation.

,China: Reincarnation Is Illegal Without The Governmentu2019s Permission.

The ruling Communist Party is an officially atheist organization so officials are barred from practicing religion.

It is perennially uncomfortable with forces outside of its control, and has for years demanded the power to regulate the supernatural affairs of Tibetan Buddhist figures, determining who can and cannot be reincarnated.

,Chad : Illegal to Take Photographs.

,It is illegal to take any photos inside the country (not just photos of military buildings, airports, and so on) without first acquiring a camera permit from the Ministry of Communications in Nu2019Djamena.

,Australia : Illegal To Intentionally Disrupt a Wedding Or A Funeral.

Disrupting a wedding or a funeral is illegal in Australia and doing so can get you a fine of up to $10,000 and two years in prison.

,Australia : Only A Qualified Electrician Is Allowed To Change A Light Bulb In Victoria.

Australias second most populated state says its illegal to change a light bulb unless youre a licensed electrician.

Apparently, rebels who defy this law could receive a fine of up to AU$10 (u00a35.


,Greece : Illegal To Wear High Heels.

It is illegal to wear high heels at archaeological sites and historic monuments, which could be damaged by the heels.

Tourists visiting the Acropolis or Colosseum will want to trade in their five-inch stiletto heels for a pair of walking shoes.

Besides the obvious comfort issue, wearing heels in ancient Greek sites is banned.

Its to protect the artifacts from wear and tear.

,Canada : Its Illegal To Possess of Baby Walkers.

It is illegal to sell, import, advertise, and use baby walkers in Canada, where they are deemed to be unsafe.

Those who are caught in possession of a baby walker may be fined to up to $100,000 or face up to six months in jail.

,England : It Is Illegal To Die In The Houses Of Parliament.

This was voted the most ludicrous law in the UK in 2007.

A spokesman for the House of Commons said: The people who know about these things here say there is no basis for such a law, not to say it does not exist somewhere in writing.

,Philippines And Vatican City : Divorce Is Illegal.

The Philippines is the only country in the world apart from Vatican City where divorce is illegal.

The only option is to get an annulment, which is a long and tedious process that requires one partner to claim that their spouse is too psychologically incapacitated to remain married.

,Germany : Running Out Of Petrol Is Illegal.

Running out of petrol is illegal on Germanys autobahn, and so is walking along it.

So those who do break down must pull over and use their horn to attraction attention.

The penalty is u20ac80 (u00a365) for endangering other drivers.

,France : Drive Around Without Your Own Breathalyzer.

It is illegal to drive around without your own breathalyzer, even if you are a tourist.

However, since 2013, the fine for breaking the law ($14) has been waived indefinitely.

,Denmark : The Children Naming Law.

The Danish law on personal names prohibits parents from naming their children something deemed to be silly.

Parents can only choose a name from a list of 7,000 names.

Expecting parents can either choose a name from an approved list or else seek a name approval from the government.

Banned names include Monkey, Anus, and Pluto.

,Maldives : Strict Muslim Religious Law.

The Muslim nation of the Maldives has a strict ban on anything they deem contrary to the teachings of Islam, including pornography, pork, alcohol, and bibles or any non-Islamic religious text.

If youre a tourist of another faith, you are allowed one copy of your particular holy book, but are cautioned not to leave it out in the open u2014 say, on the beach u2014 under penalty of law.

,Mexico : Taking Your Feet Off The Pedals Of A Bike.

Bicyclists in Mexico better keep their feet firmly on the pedals, hands on the handlebars, and eyes forward or risk a fine for riding recklessly.

This was a law passed in the late 19th century after an accident between a coach and a cyclist.

,Canada : Paying With Too Many Coins.

Its illegal to use more than 25 pennies in one transaction.

We can absolutely get behind this law.

The Currency Act of 1985 even provides a detailed breakdown of the pocket change glass ceiling.

,Pakistan, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia : Valentineu2019 Day Celebration Is Illegal.

It is illegal to celebrate Valentineu2019s Day because it is not part of Muslim tradition.

,Bogota & Colombia : Day Without Car.

It is illegal to drive your car or motorbike during the annual u201cDay Without Cars.

u201d Those caught driving between 5 a.


and 7:30 p.


on this special day are fined about $17,000.

25 strange customs and traditions around the world

We have a lot of weird traditions like:,The magical dough .

in Syria, there is tradition after wedding , they shout dough on the door and it the dough was sticky the marriage will be good and it will be still for long time ,but if the dough dropped the marriage is very bad and will divorce soon .

,Throwing cinnamon at single people in DenmarkWhen you turn 25 years old, are unmarried and celebrating it in Denmark , you will have a large shout of cinnamon on your birthday,If that isnu2019t already bad enough, you should see what happens 5 years later when you turn 30 and you still havenu2019t been married.

The spice is upgrated to pepper!,Eating the deadu2019s ash Carrying the wife over burning coalssome tribes in Amazon to remember their ancestors eat their ashes .

,Carrying the wife over burning coalsChinese tribes believe that this practice would help the wife have painless labor.

And some believe that walking over burning coals prevents natural disasters.

Some choose to do this as the husband and wife take their first step into their new home and some choose to do it when they know that the wife is pregnant.

,Camel Wrestlingin Turkey,Two male camels are led out in front of a female camel, and the winner will get its prize.

No interference by humans is allowed, Something positive: The camels usually donu2019t get hurt and itu2019s not a life or death event as for instance with cockfighting.

,Enter the building by your Right foot for good luck.

in Arabian Countries, when you enter your shop or your home by your right foot first you will gain a good luck in this building.

,thank you for reading,Khadija Ben thanks for your request.

20 fascinating cultural traditions around the world

Westerners are not formally converting to the Hindu religion in huge numbers.

,However, beneath Hinduism lies- Sanatana Dharma- the core practices, values and philosophies that are at the root of and woven into Hinduism.

,And, to these things,,Westerners are embracing Sanatana Dharma in HUGE numbers.

,,In 1893, a Hindu Guru, Swami Vivekananda came to Americau2026.

and since then, Hindu teachers have been offering Hindu spiritual, holistic u201ctechnology,u201d such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, and spiritual philosophies to the Western World.

,And they have had a PROFOUND impact on our culture.

,,My own introduction to Hinduism I believe mirrors many Western peopleu2019s experience.

,I was familiar with some basic Hindu concepts and went to a lecture on I think u201cSelf-Realization.

u201d,It was led by a Hindu Swami who talked about God, the meaning of Life and a form of meditation that allowed people to EXPERIENCE God.

,I signed up for the workshop and was taught the practice of Kriya Yoga.

,As I practiced it I had profound spiritual experiences and feelings.

,There was no talk of anything remotely religious, it was presented as a philosophy.

,From the experiences I had when doing the practices, I wanted to know more.

,,In terms of caring for their mindu2026.

,14% of American Adults tried Meditation Last Year, as did 5% of children!,[A lot more Americans are meditating now than just five years ago},,In terms of their view of life and the Universeu2026.

,33% of Americans, a country founded on Christian values, now believe in re-incarnation:,,The concept and word= karma- has found itu2019s way into casual conversations.

,The idea that the Universe is arranged in such a way that what we do to others, we will experience ourselves or as it is said- u201cwhat goes around, comes aroundu201d has found widespread acceptance.

,,In terms of caring for their bodies, Yoga is now a mainstream part of Western culture.

,For tens of MILLIONS! of people, Yoga is a DAILY practice.

,For some Yoga is nothing more then a physical exercise and most people and studios who practice Yoga incorporate some core elements of Sanatana Dharma.

,,And while the words may not be used in traditional Hindu way, a large part of the world has heard and has some understanding of these words:nGurunMantranEnlightenmentnand nAVATAR!,,Speaking of wordsu2026.


,I recently moved to a dance studio where most of the dance classes end with the teacher leading all of us through an expression of gratitude that ends with:nu201cNamaste, I honor the Divine within you.

u201d,ALL around the world people greet each other with the phrase, u201cNamasteu201d with the awareness that that there is something Divine within them that is greeting something Divine within another.

,In a similar note, millions of Non-Hindus repeat the Sacred Syllable Om.

,,As if the above was not enough.

20% of Americans identify as Spiritual but not religious (https://www.






,Of those, I predict a majority of such people have a deep connection to at least one of the following, Hindu practices, ideas or philosophies:,Kundalini,Chakras,Ammachi,Babaji,Transcendental Meditation,Kirtan,,While they are VERY watered down and taught incorrectly here in the West- two profound Indian Philosophies have HEAVILY impacted the modern spiritual world:,Tantra,and,Advaita Vedanta- Nonduality,,So Sanatana Dhamra has affected peopleu2019s thinking, spiritual practiceu2026 and even what they put in their mouths:,In The United States, which prides itself on bacon, cheeseburgers and steaksu2026 around 6.

5% of the population is now vegetarian.

,,While they donu2019t mention Hinduism, a few HIGHLY successful movies were inspired by Hindu philosophy and u201cteachu201d it via story:,AvatarnGroundhog DaynStar WarsnThe Matrix Trilogy,,These movies are WORLD famous by the way.

,,I grew up owning this album:,of Jimi Hendrix, considered one of the all-time greats of Classic Rock.

,I used to stare at it, thinking that it was coolu2026.

,Having no idea where those amazing images were drawn from.

,(for those who donu2019t know it is a modified form a very popular image of Vishnu, a Hindu God),,Speaking of Rock and Roll,,The most popular Western Rock Band of all time, The Beatles,,~Has a song which the chorus praises a Hindu Guru- Guru Dev, in u201cAcross the Universe.

u201d,~Had three Hindu Gurus (Sri Yuketswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Babaji) , and One Hindu Goddess (Lakshmi) on the cover of THE best-selling rock albums of all time:n u201cSgt Pepperu2019s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

u201d,,Thanks to George Harrison, one of the members of the Beatles, The Hare Krishna Mantra went mainstream.

,He wrote a song called u201cMy Sweet Lordu201d written to Krishna:,Writing for Rolling Stone in 2002, Mikal Gilmore said My Sweet Lord was as pervasive on radio and in youth consciousness as anything the Beatles had produced.

,This song, about Krishna, containing the Hare Krishna mantra, went to the top of the billboards, all around the world.

,,Thanks to u201cMy Sweet Lordu201d and John Lennonu2019s u201cGive Peace a Chanceu201d millions of people all around the world listened to, sang and thought:,Hare Krishna, Hare KrishnanKrishna Krishna Hare HarenHare Rama, Hare RamanRama Rama Here Here,over and over and over againu2026,Aka- they did Kirtan (devotional singing) and Japa (repetition of a mantra).

,,John Lennonu2019s u201cGive Peace a Chanceu201d got me singing Hare Krishna before I even knew who Krishna was.

,And I doubt I am the only oneu2026.

,,Speaking of Krishnau2026.

,Thanks to the extsnive work of Srila Prabhupada another Hindu Swami, a huge number of Westerners did formally convert to Hinduism.

,Hari Bol! (Sing with devotion the names of God!),,So letu2019s break that downu2026.

a member of THE most famous/popular rock group of all time, made a song about Krishna, that was as, if not MORE, popular then anything done by the Beatlesu2026u2026,Krishna at the top of the rock charts.

,Wide-spread belief in reincarnation and karma.

,The physical/emotional/mental/spiritual u201ctechnologyu201d of Yoga and meditation are now a common world-wide phenomena.

, combined with growing vegetarianism.

,People saying Namaste and and chanting OM.

,,All of these changes have happened less then 150 years.

,,And among the u201cSpiritual but not religiousu201d crowd that we find people who are not FORMALLY Hindus, but are pretty much LIVING Hinduism:,STRONG Belief in reincarnation and karmanDaily Spiritual PracticenBelief in the inherent oneness of the Universe and Belief in the inherent Divinity of all lifenStriving for enlightenmentnBelief in the inherent Divinity of the soulnSinging the names of God with Devotion,,I will close with a last fact:,All around the world, people who are not Hindus gather together and sing the names of different Hindu Gods and Goddesses, at u201cKirtansu201d- devotional singing gatherings.

,In essence, engaging in Hindu worship.

,I recently went to a Kirtan that was ROCKING.

,The crowd was wild with joy singing to Sita, Rama, Durga, Shiva, etc.

,I went to talk to one of the two people leading it and assumed she was a Hindu- she had SO much devotion for Sita and Ram.

,Ends up she has been singing these Divine Hindu names of God for 20+ years and never ONCE stepped inside a Hindu Temple.

,And that, my friends is Hinduismu2026.

,It isnu2019t interested in converting-,It just wants to share.

,,Sanatana Dharma Kiu2026.


,JAI!,,If you enjoyed this piece- please see my writing on one of THE most fascinating aspects of Sanatana Dharma- the re-occurring cycle of creation:

Hilarious traditions

Usually, people start with the pros, rather than the cons.

Iu2019m going to switch things up, because the downside arguably outweighs the upside.

,Downside:,u2022 Breaks long-standing tradition.

Even if you donu2019t agree with your successor, it was almost an unspoken duty to welcome them to the White House.

It was one of your final acts as President.

Obama definitely didnu2019t agree with Trump, one of the most bigoted and racist people on the planet.

But he still greeted Trump shortly before he left the White House for the final time.

Because he actually respected the institution of the Presidency.

,u2022 Biden canu2019t keep an eye on Trump, to see if heu2019s trying to swipe items paid for with taxpayer money from the White House.

I wish this was merely some flippant remark.

But sadly, the current occupant cannot be trusted in any conceivable manner.

Heu2019s proven this time and again.

,I hope Bidenu2019s people will take stock of everything in the White House, and compare it against a manifest of items from the most recent inventory.

If anything is missing that was not authorized to have been taken, find out what happened.

And if applicable, charge Trump Administration officials with theft.

,u2022 The institution is perhaps irrevocably damaged.

Trump has gleefully gone against our norms, laws, traditions, and Constitution.

Itu2019s part of what he ran on, and he continued this attitude of destruction throughout his disastrous term.

In one final act of spite, heu2019s not going to meet with his successor.

I do not envy Bidenu2019s job, because the climb out of the abyss is going to be up a very uphill battle.

Given the sheer damage on our standing inflicted by Trump, the task may quite likely be Sisyphean.

,All that aside, there are some obvious pros-,Upside:,u2022 Out of sight, out of mind- This is self-explanatory.

Trump has been a massive and persistent pain in the ass ever since Obama came onto the scene.

He spewed racist conspiracy theory after racist conspiracy theory, even though he knew them to be complete bullshit.

And his crap about Hillary was almost as egregious, as were his remarks about Biden.

,But with Trump fleeing to his conspicuous consumption club down in Florida, Bidenu2019s not going to have to listen to the braying of that asshole.

,u2022 He can turn the page immediately- Perhaps the only good thing, aside from not having to see or hear from Trump, is that we can all symbolically turn the page on this clusterfuck that was the Trump Presidency.

Yes, it will take generations to undo most of Trumpu2019s damage, and some of it likely canu2019t be undone.

But we can get started this Wednesday, and the stain that is Trump wonu2019t be present.

Itu2019s for the best.

7 weird cultures around the world

Disclaimer : This answer contains some scary and dreadful images.

So scroll down at your own risk.

Timid and cowards should avoid reading this.

These are some of the weird and strange cultural practices that I found on internet.

They are still prevalent in some parts of the world.


Living with the dead:The Toraja people of Indonesia practice a very weird culture in which they keep the dead bodies of their loved ones at home rather than disposing them.

,The people keep the mummified remains of their loved ones in their homes for years and offer them food, clean their coffin, people attach new clothes to the corpse and take it to the village.

,They care and clean them until the traditional final funeral is done.

,Some pictures :,2.

Cutting off fingers :It is very scary custom among the Dani tribal people of Indonesia.

That is when some member of the family dies, so the women of the family express their grief physically by cutting off a segment of their fingers.

,It is performed in order to satisfy the ancestral ghost.

,Some pictures :,3.

Carrying ones wife over burning coal :In some parts of China a very painful marriage ritual is performed.

In this, a husband has to walk over burning coal carrying his wife before entering the threshold of house for first time.

,This strange culture is a way of showing support ease to wives during labor.

Marriage must be a act of bravery for man in China due to this daring task.

,Some pictures :,4.

Neck rings Culture :This tradition is practised among Thailand (kayan) and African tribes.

According to this culture, Brass Rings are coiled around the neck of women since 2 years of age.

,It gradually elongates neck.

In these tribes it is considered a sign of beauty.


Crocodile Men:A tribe in Papua New Guinea known as Kaningara has a very special way of showing their strength.

The young men scarify their bodies like that of crocodile to show their courage and valour.

,According to them human have evolved from crocodiles and by doing so they come close to nature.

,Reference :

Weird traditions around the world essay

3D printing is going to be a universal game changer.

,While this is a step back in the actual technology of the gun as far as reliability, accuracy, durability, and safety once the means to print a gun becomes ubiquitous, it is going to be a real democratizing force.

,The United States Department of State has already taken actions to attempt to prevent this, demanding that one designer Defense Distributed end its distribution of the gun it designed for 3D printers called the Liberator.

The State Department Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance cites a potential infringement of export controls in reference to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Until the Department provides Defense Distributed with final [commodity jurisdiction] determinations, Defense Distributed should treat the above technical data as ITAR-controlled.

This means that all data should be removed from public access immediately.

Defense Distributed should review the remainder of the data made public on its website to determine whether any other data may be similarly controlled and proceed according to ITAR requirements.

,While the company complied, it was reported that the blueprints were made available through pirated plans almost immediately through third party distributors such as Mega and Pirate Bay.

There were over 100,000 downloads of the original file for creating the weapon within the first months after the Liberator was debuted and following its removal by the State Department it became the most popular file shared on the sharing site Pirate Bay.

While I know many people are going to think about the United States when the topic of gun violence comes up, the US actually wont be where the real story is.

Here, we have a system built around the assumption that guns are readily available and have built a society around this fact that attempts to allow responsible gun use without forbidding it outright.

,In other parts of the world, where guns of any sort are criminalized, they have no means to prevent the sudden appearance of massive amounts of undocumented and unregistered firearms.

Where many people live under harsh government rule, and also have no rights to gun ownership, this could be a lethal combination.

Consider China, where 93% of the people have no democratic representation because they do not qualify for the high standards of the Chinese Communist Party.

At a time when 3D printing might already upset the economy there, the sudden appearance of so many weapons could plausibly result in the end of a regime.

Consider also the case of the Middle East.

Actually, Im just going to let you imagine that yourselves, considering that the Arab Spring happened just because all these people had access to Twitter.

Syria and Libya showed us how far some people are willing to follow that through.



and those conflicts are having repercussions across the globe.

Seriously consider the implications of universal access to weaponry, which if all the 3D printing evangelicals are declaring is true.



is exactly what will happen.

,Im just going to be honest about this, a lot of people are going to die.

The numbers are going to be so staggering that the current gun debate in the US is going to seem like a cruel joke.

I dont really know how to stop this once 3D printing technology becomes more universal, but the truth is that it is something that should be considered in any long term questions about the future of the technology.

No one expected Twitter to be a force for international upheaval, but it became so.

3D printing is opening a lot of doors for amazing new things, but once weaponry via such a medium becomes commonplace, much of the world is going to change.

,I will say this, as threatening as this posts appears, I am optimistic in the long run.

While I think that many, many terribly undemocratic regimes are going to be challenged, some overthrown, I think that 50 years out from now, the democratic nature of a universally armed populace is going to have a massive effect towards the propagation of civil liberties among the the bottom billion.

Once they are provided with the ultimate liberty, the respect of their leaders, they will be empowered like nothing we have produced for them before.

,I dont imagine a dystopian future where everyone has a gun and is murdering everyone else.

There are more guns than Americans in the United States.

Despite this fact and what the news reads, most of us have never experienced gun violence in spite of unknowingly passing hundreds every day with concealed carry licenses.

I dont imagine a utopia either.

There will be gun violence.

If mental health is not considered an important factor in gun ownership debate for the rest of the world as it currently isnt in the United States, they will face the same staggering gun suicide rates that we do, and they will experience the same shooting sprees that dot our headlines periodically.

Either way, the United States needs to lead the world in how we solve gun rights issues because soon, every single person in the world could be armed with a gun they made in their garage.

,,On the Future of Ammunition and the 3D printed GunNumerous people have made comments about a perceived failure of what I am trying to explain.

The most logical of these arguments centers around the problem of ammunition, so Ill give it special attention as I try to address some of the others.

,Ill give credit to those who thought far enough ahead to realize that ammunition is going to be a major choke point in the arming of any population, be it national militaries, or a collection of free individuals.

The way we think about ammunition today would not work for a system where 3D printed guns are made illegal.

Even the one pictured at the beginning of this post would not be able to work without some form of continual ammunition source.

However, what many need to understand about ammunition is that it isnt as rare as most of us think.



or even, in the case of 3D printed weapons, as necessary.

,I want it to be clear, we arent talking about making every piece of a weapon, from the barrel, trigger, and down to the ammo, from a 3D printer just for the sake of saying we did with some novel technology.

That scenario is so specific that it also is impractical.

The revolution in the dynamics of humanitys relationship between itself and the gun will change because the hardest parts of weapon acquisition will be made easier through the use of these new machines and processes.

We are talking about overcoming barriers and getting around the traditional, well established means by which most defense and security assumptions are made.

To help illuminate this, the general populous and well established industries, and nations dont specialize in this sort of grand thinking.

This is the specialty of terrorists, insurgents, and anyone who views their survival tied to the use of unconventional warfare as a means of overcoming the grand and deeply entrenched mechanisms in place by the stabilized and powerful forces they compete with.

For these people, the need to create a weapon system, from beginning to end through some novel form, isnt necessary.

What is necessary, to them, is a means to overcome an the few obstacles which exist that narrows their wider ability to compete, in this case, the banning of factory line weapons.

After the logistical choke point can be overcome, in this case with the production of an untraceable weapon, then we will start to see the hidden potential of these clandestine/revolutionary/terrorist/black market actors have had available all along, but thus far ignored because they didnt have the key resources available to act on them.

One these key resources after the creation of a gun supply will be ammunition, but this can be produced via other processes, all of which are already well documented, and well known, if you only know where to look.

,1) Ammunition isnt as rare as you think.

My father-in-law was an avid shooter.

Like me, he didnt come from wealthy stock, so to support our mutual love of the sport, he introduced me to the fact that it was easy to make bullets at home.

I was, at the time, under the belief that the only place to get ammo was a store, so finding out that it was possible to make it at home was a revolutionary concept for me.

Not only for me, but for what that means in the way of insurgency warfare, a topic Ive written about often given my history as a Marine deployed the Iraq War.

,Guides to making bullet cartridges are available throughout the internet.

While you may not be able to 3D print these, there really isnt a need to reinvent the wheel when the means to just build it are so readily available across the internet.

- How To Make Your Own Bullets Today.

Usually, the only logistical choke point involved here is the creation of the metal cartridges used to store the primers and propellant.

Having said that, there is an abundance of knowledge on even the homemade creation of these with none too rare supplies available to the average machinist.

,Ive even seen another video that clearly demonstrates how to create a complete working bullet, at least functionally speaking, out of everyday household items that would be economically impossible for any government to outlaw.

,Granted, anyone who watched carefully will note that the weapon produced was not lethal to the extent that a modern military grade rifle is, but Im using it as a proof of concept in the point that ammunition is not the rare commodity that many people seem to be basing their long term national security on.

It is also important to know that when people are creating ammunition stores in their own homes, quality controls wont produce the kind of reliability that one could expect from respected ammunition manufactures, such as those used by the military or major distributors of guns and ammunition.

That said, these kinds of cook houses arent uncommon in any black market/insurgent enterprise.

A simple house in the middle of the desert could be converted into an ammunition factory with five guys pushing out a thousand rounds a day.

Ill use the example of Palestinian terrorists.

It would be not unlike how the Qassam rocket is produced to aid Palestinian terrorists.

,In the Hamas/Israel example, one of the most used rocket designs, the Qassam, can be built for as little as $800 American.

Considering what that can do with its 9 pound warhead over a 17 mile range, thats a pretty good deal.

,Do cheap, readily available civilian drones potentially pose a new and unique threat in terms of terrorism?These individuals have created entire missile factories inside their homes for the purposes of shelling Israeli cities.

Similar sites also existed in Iraq, as well.

They are able to use mostly scrap, publically available legal chemical products, and some rough designs to allow good engineers to train moderate to mediocre engineers in the art of building these projectiles.

In this way, a modern missile has been in the hands of terrorists for many years in various parts of the Middle East.

,That is, if you even need to produce the ammunition.

A summary of a report put out on where groups like Syria get most of their ammunition.

The results were shocking by some accounts.




heres the short answer to the question [of where does the Islamic State get its Ammunition]: Everywhere.


The USSR/Russia.

The US.

Eastern Europe.

North Korea.

The Sudan.


All told, of 1,730 identifiable new and expended small-arms cartridges, CAR identified the markings of manufacturers in 21 different countries all over the world.

,Source: Conflict Armament Research.

Analysis of small-calibre ammunition recovered from Islamic State forces in Iraq and SyriaWhat the report showed was there was still a healthy black market for ammunition, readily flowing across the world from any location to virtually any other location on the map.

Given that premise, I dont really see why we need to ask the question of where an insurgency force would need to look to get ammunition.

As the report put it well.




,2) Is that even a gun?The thing that I think many people are having problems with is the lack of understanding about what 3D printing is going to mean.

Some comments have said that the weapons are limited by the limitations of plastic guns, being mainly, that they arent durable and their fire isnt reliable over time.

This is true, but the statement comes with a belief that the printers will only work with plastic, or that they will only be basic copies of designs made today.

Both of these assumptions have already been proven false.

,Firstly, the limitations of material use are nowhere near being fully explored, while the current generation is mostly creating products through plastics, metals have also been used, and even biological and organic materials.

That is to say, even organs made of living cells have been made through printing.

,The point of explaining this is to say the 3D printed materials are going to have ridiculous properties that defy many of our common understandings of how things can be made.

Most people say that with optimism, but as this post should show, that too can be a very frightening concept.

To make my point even more clear, the worlds first metal 3D printed gun has already been made.

The worldu2019s first 3D printed metal gun is a beautiful .

45 caliber M1911 pistol | ExtremeTechNow, consider modern forging of weapons.

The entire weapons metal components are cast from a single alloy and set.

What, however, would be the properties of a barrel made millimeter by millimeter, from the inside to the outside? Could one not create a weapon of many varying alloys, layered to combine the properties of several metals throughout the length of the weapon in a way that traditional metal casting never could? What if a coil of copper could be set in during the curing process, producing a magnetic current as the bullet passed through the barrel, either slowing down or speeding it up before escaping the weapon? Consider pockets of a different material homogeneously interwoven throughout the weapon that had the property of absorbing the vibration of the weapon.

This would have the effect of both reducing the need for a large buffer spring and completely eliminating the need for a silencer without slowing down the round as silencers do.

Thats a weapon design that would be a major upgrade for both snipers and assassins.

Im not saying that any of these particular ideas would work.

Im not a physicist, so my ideas might explode the weapon and kill the user, but once we get away from the idea of the cast-metal weapon, someone will create new designs that will fundamentally alter the way we see the material that these weapons are made of.

,To complete my point on the strange properties that 3D will offer, Id like to talk about another novel weapon system that just didnt work out.

Below is the Metal Storm system.

,The Metal Storm is weird.

Thats all that can be said about it.

It is a weird gun.

Heres a description:,Metal Storm used the concept of superposed load; multiple projectiles loaded nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them.

The Roman candle, a traditional firework design, employs the same basic concept, however, the propellant continues to burn in the Roman candles barrel, igniting the charge behind the subsequent projectile.

The process is repeated by each charge in turn, ensuring that all projectiles in the barrel are discharged sequentially from the single ignition.

Various methods of separately firing each propellant package behind stacked projectiles have been proposed which would allow a single shot capability more suitable to firearms.

[3]What is unique about the Metal Storm is that it has no ammo magazine.

Even more weird is that it has almost none of the parts we traditionally associate with a gun.

The magazine and the barrel are basically the same thing.

It also fires using magnetically charged rounds.

Because they cut out almost everything that we believe makes a gun a gun, they were able to do something remarkable.

While the average infantrymen armed with an M-4 could maybe pull off 100 rounds a minute accurately, and the most advanced machine gun in the US arsenal is capable of 6,000 rounds a minute.



the Metal Storm system is capable of firing at a speed of over 1 million rounds a minute.

Thats ludicrous.

,Now, I want to be clear, the Metal Storm isnt 3D printed, and the company behind it had flaws, along with the practicality behind the idea of who really needs to fire 1 million rounds a minute to the point that the company had to shut down.

The Metal Storm as a case study, however, shows us one remarkable thing.

Guns arent what we think they are.

By eliminating everything but the bullet and the barrel, Metal Storm created a remarkably lethal weapon system that made people ask, Is that even a gun? The damage the system inflicted on practice targets made it clear that it was.

3D printers will do the same, or to be more precise, the revolutionary new ways in which 3D printers will allow people to create materials, will change the way we see everything about the gun, including the ammunition it fires.

,Closing3D printers are the future of small arms.

They will be something that will empower people that currently have none.

Many of these people shouldnt have it.

Of course there will be people who will use these weapons for harming other people who are good.

Eventually though, this just simply wont be something we can control.

,I think that many people have a problem with idea of guns becoming so universal.

They fear their country may become the Wild West that they believe the United States to be.

One commentator even offered the opinion that:,For every smart, good person, good citizen that gets a gun to do good, there are hundreds of crazy, unbalanced, criminal and ill intentionned [sic.

] people that will get their hands on guns.

Having guns being so available will only make situations more dangerous.

,While Im not making a moral judgement here, I respond that this thinking is fundamentally, and absolutely wrong.

There are over 300,000,000 guns in the United States.

Assuming that a gun owner owns three, thats still one hundred million gun owners.

This means that if this idea were true (hundreds of crazy, unbalanced, criminal and ill intentioned) there would be hundreds of millions if not tens of billions of people running amok on killing sprees and committing violence.

This math, and this assumption, simply do not add in the real world.

,In fact, the opposite is true.

For every one person who does something wrong, there are thousands who use guns responsibly.

This response seems to be implying, that banning guns is the only rational way to solve the problem, but this only punishes the good while the bad wont follow the law anyway.

,Having said that, I want to talk about tyrants and oppressive regimes.

Another person made the comment that a modern military, such as China, could never be threatened by plastic small arms distribution among the general populace.

In fact, they said it was absurd.

,If anything, technology has swung the balance of power toward the tyrants.

Consider this; What is the larger potential factor, 3D printers, or drones?,This imbalance of power is the reason for the American 2nd Amendment.

It is an attempt to create a large and reasonably well armed populace to ensure that a nations government respects its citizens enough to remember that the government is in service to, not in ownership of, its people.

This is the reasoning for the statement of the democratizing power of the 3D printed gun.

To echo others, God did not make men equal.

Sam Colt did.

To this last point, asking which is the more important, Drones, or 3D guns, Id like to remind readers that throughout the Iraq War, the Americans were armed with the worlds greatest technology, including drones and more powerful guns than any others in the world.

The Americans were repeatedly put against the ropes not by a force equal to us in either size or armament, but by unconventional means, like a well armed populace, unconventional uses for conventional weapons, and media interference.

One needs to consider what kind of force held a collation of the most modern militaries in the world at bay in Iraq (remember that I was there) and ask again what people with limited means can do against superpowers.

Tech does not, as it never has, guarantee victory.

,This isnt really relevant here, though, since we arent arguing about the strength of 3D guns versus the power of drone warfare.

The question is what is the next leap in small arms technology.

Drones arent the future of warfare, they are happening now.

They are here already.

The next generation of them will be amazing to witness, but we are already aware that.

Thats why I said that 3D printing was the next leap forward.

However, 3D printing could open the door towards new people getting access to drones, but I digress.

,Now consider the statement about a drone empowering a tyrant.

Consider a tyrant who bans the use of guns and sits behind a wall of automated soldiers.

Their defenses are impossibly strong against any uprising that has ever happened.

They have firm control over all imports and know exactly what is coming in and going out of the country.

This makes their regime feel very comfortable in their seat of power, perhaps too comfortable.

Security lapses and then something terrible happens.

,I stumbled on this a while back and it has always helped to give me perspective on just how fragile our security can be.

,Frankly, two small bullets killed over 100,000,000 million people because tensions became too great, regimes became too oppressive and a very few people had the means to act where very powerful people became careless and too comfortable.

This event changed the world in ways so profound we cant picture what it would be like without having him killed.

My concern is that a world that has framed themselves around the belief that there is one and only one right answer being that all guns should be removed from all people, will not be prepared for a time when they cant control a time where they are universal.

,This is why I say the United States needs to lead the world in how we solve gun rights issues.

As I have said, we are a population that already has as many guns as people, and we arent a small nation.

We are extremely large, but also extremely diverse.

Diversity spawns new ideas, but it also causes great tension.

Given this dynamic and the freedoms we do still enjoy, we are the only metric with which the world will be able to gauge themselves once firearms become universal.

Im not saying that the United States is morally superior to places like Europe.

They have had a history that allowed them to live without guns for a while, but the United States is the only country that sought to find a solution that involved their existence.

For that reason, we will be who the world looks to in how they will deal with that future reality, as well.

This is why we need to come to work to solve it here and now, as the American solution will echo throughout the 21st century.

,To be honest, Im not saying whether this future is ethically right or wrong.

Im just saying it is going to happen, and that we need to deal with its implications, or learn at least, how to cope with them.

,,More like this:What is the future of war?What currently-in-development real world military tech is closest to what is seen in Edge of Tomorrow?The Next Warrior by Jon Davis,Thanks for reading!

Weird traditions in America

Eating Cuys (Guinea pigs) in the Andes,Any of these :,Perhaps you meant u201cin the United States?u201c

Bad traditions in history

People in the Tudor Era smelled magnificently bad.

,And it is because of famously bad medical beliefs.

Thomas Moulton once said:,u2018Also use no baths or stoves; nor swet too much, for all openeth the pores of a manneu2019s body and maketh the venomous ayre to enter and for to infecte the bloode.

u2019The short explanation: they believed bathing and showering was bad.

They thought that germs entered through the skin and that by washing your body, you exposed yourself to the possibility of those germs entering.

,Their way of staying clean revolved around having clean clothes on, not actually cleaning your body.

(source: Getting Clean, the Tudor Way.

Goodman, Roth)Which, although a good step in overall cleanliness, is kind of like putting the cart before the horse.

,Their beliefs were a bit backwards.

They also advised that you avoid areas where the air didnu2019t move a lot, such as swamps.

That was due to a fear of sickness caused in those areas, which was more likely due to mosquitoes.

,In any event.

People from the Tudor era had terrible hygiene.

They dressed up in fancy dresses and suits and gathered in ballrooms to celebrate their antiquity, and whill doing so, they smelled to all hell.

,Iu2019m going to be honest:,The first thing I thought of in this story is how bad it would smell to have sex with someone who hadnu2019t showered in months.

,Or worse, if you put your face down near their private areasu2026