How much money would I need for a week in Thailand?

How much money to take to Thailand for 7 days

I did the Bangkok and Pattaya trip with my family from December 18 to 24, 2015.

I booked flights on my own from Chennai to Bangkok on Air Asia.

It cost INR 12k/head for return tickets.

Visa cost was roughly INR 2k/head (1K Baht to be specific)n nI got a great deal on the land only package with the following inclusions:n nPattayaSriracha tiger zoo - Breakfast only, no entry,Coral island tour - watersports not included,Alcazar show,Noong Nooch village,Laser Buddha mountain,BangkokFull day city tour - Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Emerald Buddha Temple, Royal Palace,Siam Niramit show,Safari World with Marine Park,Siam Ocean World,I also visited the Pattaya Tower and Sanctuary of Truth as add on to the package.

I did a few watersports (parasailing, under sea walk) at Coral island.

Also did some shopping in Indra market in Bangkok.

n nOther inclusionsAll meals (vegetarian) lunch and dinner,All transfers including airport to Pattaya, Pattaya to Bangkok and Bangkok to airport,Accommodation in the Golden Beach hotel, Pattaya and The Seasons Bangkok Siam hotel with breakfast,The all inclusive overall cost (airfare, visa, accommodation, food, land transport (mostly private), attraction entry fees, entertainment, watersports, shopping and Thailand local SIM from Air Asia) for 2 adults and 1 child (4 years) for this trip was 1.

3 lakhs INR (roughly INR 50k/adult and INR 30k/child).

So, if you rely on public transport and budget accommodation, I am sure you can do this trip under 40K/person.

n nIf you are interested in the pictures taken during the trip, you can see them here:

How much money should I take to Thailand for 2 weeks

Thailand is a Perpetual party place on Steroids.

The country just doesnu2019t stop.

Immigration: As soon as you enter, immigration is smooth.

Just have the right size photo to fill out their immigration form.

Else you will have to pay at that time and have your photo taken as per their requirement.

,Staying: Hotels available, from dirt cheap to most expensive & exclusive places.

[The phrase u201cFrom Dirt Cheap to Most Expensive & Exclusiveu201d applies for every commodity in Thailand.

I mean everything].

,I did a trip for 11 days covering Central & South Thailand (Backpacking).

The place is absolutely gorgeous.

So if you can plan for more number of days and cover North as well.

I hear Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai up north are amazing!,Travel: You can pre-book cheap flights, to travel inside of Thailand.

Nok Air I think works out pretty well.

There are tourist agents on pretty much every street of main cities [Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket], you can get deals on buses as well; however the difference will not be much, may be a couple hundred Bhats.

,You can take tuk tuks just for the fun of it, I just took a couple of times and stuck with buses for intercity travel and bike hires and cab hires to & from airport.

They have their own taxi app, I forgot the name.

They are pretty good.

,But, you can rent bikes; so if can ride.

go for it.

Pro Tip: Always wear a helmet.

If youu2019re caught by the police they will make you pay.

,I was caught: For not wearing a helmet, the heat was as is high and I didnu2019t want a dangling stupid helmet on my head [I realize what I just said, Itu2019s stupid.


I know].

So caught by the police, the police guy just took my passport and wouldnu2019t return.

I plead with him saying that I was an Indian & wasnu2019t aware of the helmet rule [again I get the hypocrisy].

He then took me in to some enclosure by the circle, the fine was 3000 Bhats I think.

I didnu2019t have that much cash on me, I offered to go to my room and get it back.

He said Iu2019ll not give you the receipt just pay me 1000 Bhats.

Okay I didnu2019t offer to go back to my room & get the money, just bribed.

Mea Culpa.

,Shopping:Try to get deals, there are decent hotels with roof top pools at decent prices.

I had only pre-booked the first 2 days in Bangkok.

And then stuck to booking.


I think since the rooms were empty, they were on deals constantly and I kept booking as I traveled around.

,Thereu2019s every fashion items and their rip offs sold, I brought a couple of watches.

Tag Heuer Carrera calibre 17 & Rolex Daytona [the rip offu2019s ofcourse].

They costed me 500 Bhats & 2500 Bhats respectively.

The Tag just gave up after a few months, but who gives a shit!! I rocked it when I wore and It was an attention grabber / conversation starter.

I gave the rolex to my dad and heu2019s thrown it away somewhere.

,Be sure you bargain like crazy, when you start buying stuff.

The starting quote for anything is unrealistically crazy, the Rolex which I got; was quoted at 15,000 Bhats.

I had a feeling he could have given it to me for even 500 - 600 Bhats less, but after a certain point you just donu2019t feel right to bargain.

So haggle a shit lot.

,I also brought a 4 HD GoPro type camera for 4000 Bhats.

It sounded like a bargain at the time.

But it stopped working after a couple of weeks.

So No warranty and now Iu2019m kinda stuck with it.

,So you see the trend here, pay cheap & things work only for sometime.

,But if you must, Shop till you drop literally is true.

From Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Food, Souvenirs everything.

Of Course, hold your finances well if youu2019re on a budget.

,Food: The food is the best, stick to local cuisine as much as your system would allow.

If you can try those fried scorpions.

Street side Mango Rice, Pad Thai, Coconut Ice Creams are an absolute must.

The fruits are incredible fresh and just 50 Bhats will give you a bowl full of them.

,Alcohol: Try the Local Beer Leo, Chang and otheru2019s.

Just pick them up from 7/11 and sit by a beach.

Best feeling ever.

Since this is a party capital the bartender at the shittiest bar / club also is a pro and experienced one.

They can make any bloody drink / cocktail in the world and serve it to you.

,I still canu2019t get over I started missing India & went to an Indian [Punjabi] restaurant to eat extremely overpriced and substandard food.

You may not want to do it.

Kingfisher beer was like elephant piss [Not that Iu2019ve drunk before, or may just too drunk to remember].

Anyway, stick to local food/alcohol and youu2019ll feel great.

,Parties: Refer to the first line of this post.

Khao San road / Bangla Road / Sukhumvit soi / Walking Street.

The best clubs to trash places serving great music, people alcohol all night.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed with the options this small country had.

When I visited their king had died and the people were mourning for a month, some places, particularly Bangkok were limited with their parties, but still was fucking amazing.

,Girls: If you visit any club, any place serving alcohol.

There will be girls who come up to you and ask you to buy drinks.

Itu2019s natural to get excited, but they are just trying to increase the alcohol sales, if you offer to buy them drinks they will ask for the most expensive drink on the card.

So yeah, itu2019s really not your charm working.

They are just bar recruits, and / or you may score if you pay.

,The idea here is when you enter a party place / gogo bars to make you spend as much as you can.

Trust me, they speak very nice, you will have amazing company, but as your cash starts drying up, the person of interest shifts.

,Gogo bars have explicit offerings, I went to a couple.

I did feel sorry for these girls although they are stunningly gorgeous, they are up on the stage and more often than not; they are waiting for an over 60yr old white male who can take them home [I guess disposable income].

And the crowd of the said profile is overwhelmingly high.

Again if you want a girl to accompany you whilst youu2019re just sitting be ready to buy her, her friend, the bar manager, the server more drinks and pay big tips to the serving lady.

This is expected, if not person of interest point.

,At this point I would like to confirm these girls are willing to accompany you back to your room, of course for price [For the record, I was offered and I politely declined.

Bought her the drinks tough].

,Beaches: The most pristine beaches Iu2019ve ever seen.

I personally guarantee you that they are amazing & youu2019ll have a great time [Of course if youu2019re not being robbed].

Most beaches offer all kind of water sports, again be ready to bargain for the price.

You can try all the water sports that you want to, if you can try everything and do not miss a thing.

Remember to collect beach towels from your hotel.

All hotels provide with beach towels.

Visit as many beaches you can.

,Taken on the GoPro knock off, Not bad actally.

Shame it doesnu2019t work anymore.

,Islands: Island trips are awesome, particularly Don Phi Phi.

Spectacular boat ride and amazing day.

You can book these through your hotels / tourist agents.

They are all pretty much the same deals and pick you up from your hotel and drop you back.

Take the seasick tablets, if you must.

They are offered right after breakfast.

You can snorkel and scuba dive during these day trips.

Equipment will be provided.

,Massages: Well, there are literally some gazillion types of massages.

Get the foot massage relaxing.

And whatever other type of massage you want.

As long as you can spend nothing is off the table.

Well, Youu2019ll figure out once youu2019re there.

,Temples: Amidst of partying and scenery, itu2019s easy to forget the history and cultural magnificence of Thailand.

The temples, palaces say their own story, paint there own picture.

And there are plenty of these.

Al tough after sometime every temple looks the same.

Every temple every time is just breath taking.

The Palace in Bangkok and the buddha temple next to it is a must visit.

,Honeymoon: Iu2019ve seen plenty of newly wed couples [with the handful of redbangles] opting this as a honeymoon destination.

I really don;t know what they were thinking, this is not a place for honeymoon.

Please do not go here if thatu2019s your purpose.

Also, this kindu2019f defeats the whole purpose of my answer.

,Please be courteous to people, they are extremely helpful.

Big shout out to 7/11 guys, they are extremely helpful despite the language barrier.

,I guess thatu2019s it.

Be Careful, Click a lot of pics.

The place is very scenic.

Have a Fun Trip.

1 month in Thailand cost

My maid works around 3 hours per day.

She cleans a large house, washes clothes for me, cooks for me, and cooks for my 8 dogs.

I pay her 250 Baht a day and contribute to the government social fund so her health insurance payments are up to date.

How much baht should I take to Thailand

I donu2019t know what kind of lifestyle you like.

But I have the same opinion as others.

You should have a minimum cash amount of about 10000 Baht.

And you can take ATM card with you too.

I can not tell you how much money you need.

Because each person has a different lifestyle.

Someone may spent a lot of money per day, or someone may spent just a little.

How much spending money for Phuket for 2 weeks

Having moved to Thailand 2 and a half years ago and working in a job with many u2018farangu2019 I can see both the positive and negative sides to the city for Westerners relocating here.

My experience is pretty positive and I do not feel as if I will leave but I will also give the views of colleagues who have not stayed as long for various reasons.

,Firstly I think Bangkok is a wonderful city where there is always something to do if you want to.

Obviously living and working here are very different to going on vacation and most nights I will not go out, rather I will head to the gym after work or go straight home and cook dinner/relax with my partner.

Sometimes I may pop to my local bar with my colleagues for a quick beer.

But at weekends and when I have time off work there is always plenty to do from restaurants, bars, markets, malls and art exhibitions.

,In terms of food you will never go hungry in BKK, there is food everywhere! If you like Thai food then you can live very cheaply from markets and street food vendors (or cooking yourself).

However, if you cannot stomach Thai food and need to eat western food everyday then you will start to see money disappear more quickly.

All types of food are available in the city from vegan cuisine, to Italian, Sunday roasts, Japanese, fish and chips, Greek, Maccy Du2019s, Lebanese, etcu2026 but these often come with a higher price tag than the Thai food.

The same goes for if you want to cook more western foods at home, ingredients that I took for granted in the UK were harder to come by and subject to huge import taxes.

Cheese is a big one for me as I am obsessed with it! what I could pick up for 2 pounds in England will cost 200+ Thai baht (5 pounds) here.

Luckily I love Thai food and keep the other stuff as a treat or when I am really craving it.

,The bars are pretty good here too! Again they vary in price depending on location and drink selection.

There are lots of quirky and u2018trendyu2019 bars around Thonglor and Ekamai, then there are the more toursity/expat ones along Sukhumvit road and the party ones down Khao San Road.

I live away from this and in a slightly quieter area, which suits me fine.

My local is near my work and we tend to head there on a Friday evening to see in the weekend.

Local beers are 3 for 230 baht.

Night markets are also pretty good for shopping,, food, beer and music, (the train market - talad rot fai) being one of the best.

,One thing that I miss a bit is the theatre scene that I was used to in England but there are cultural things to do, just less than in London and obviously less in English language.

,Language is an important thing and I really recommend that anyone moving here learns the language as it just makes everything more accessible and is just a polite thing to do if you live somewhere that does not have English as their first language.

Yes you can get by with just English, many of my colleagues do, but it is a much better experience, easier and you are less likely to get ripped off if you can speak Thai.

Also it is nice to be able to make friends that are not all expats, you get to find some really cool places that you may never have found hanging out with locals.

,Accommodation here ranges in quality and price a lot; if you want to be in the u2018hubu2019 like Asoke area then expect to pay a lot of money for small condos.

If you are happy to live further out then you get a lot more for your money.

I live within 5 minutes ride from Rama 9 MRT station, so pretty convenient for getting around, in a slightly older condo block (1990s) These were luxurious when first built but do look a little dated now but perfectly acceptable.

I have a 160sqm 2 bed 3 bath condo with 3 big balconies and views into the city for 600 pounds a month about the same as I paid for a bedroom in a house share in London! The condo also has a swimming pool and a (lousy) fitness room.

,Getting used to the climate is a big thing when you live here too.

It is all well and good enjoying 35 degree heat on a beach with a cold beer and a book but going to work in a suit, carrying your groceries home from 7u201311 or washing the car become a chore when you are sweating through your 3rd t-shirt of the day.

You do acclimatise so some degree but there is no getting away from the fact it is a hot country.

There are 3 seasons; hot, very hot and very hot + wet.

,One wonderful thing is that you can be on a tropical beach in a couple of hours or in a beautiful national park in 3 hours.

Finish work on a friday, bags already packed in the morning, jump straight into the car and off we go.

Hua Hin is about 3.

5 hours away, Koh Larn is 2 hours by car then a boat, Koh Samet 4 hours then a boat, Khao Yai 2u20133 hours, Kanchanaburi 3 hours.

or get on a plane and you are in Hanoi in little over 90 minutes, Laos in 1 hour, Phuket in 75 minutes, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Bangkok is one of the major hubs of air travel in South East Asia and you can get really cheap flights to so many places.

,Traffic and pollution are pretty bad in Bangkok, which is a good reason to get out of the city at weekends and enjoy nature and fresh airu2026 Getting anywhere in the city will take you double the time it should because it is chaotic.

Bikes are a quicker way to get around during busy times as you can cut through the static traffic but make sure you know how to ride first and get a licence; Thailand has one of the highest fatality rates on the roads.

Other than that, take the BTS, ARL or MRT if you can! There are 2 BTS (overground) lines and 2 MRT lines for now but there are many more being built currently.

These are air conditioned and avoid all of the traffic problems and are relatively cheap compared to similar transport in the UK or US.

The river and klongs are another good way to travel away from the traffic.

I am lucky where I live there is a canal that goes all the way into the centre of BKK.

I can just get a boat for about 10 baht and I am there in 15 minutes.

You do have to consider transport when selecting a place to live because of the traffic.

What do you want to do? Where do you need to go.

I opted for somewhere close to my work as I have to go there 5 times a week and there is no BTS/MRT next to my job.

So I prefer to be close to that and a bit further away from nightlife districts as I go there maybe one or two times a week.

Many colleagues have opted to do the reverse because they like to be able to go out and have a beer or some dinner or go to a mall within 2 or 3 minutes and do not mind the extra commute to work.

,Overall I love living here and this has been the best decision of my life so far.

I am less stressed with work, managing to save more money and having more time to spend at home or doing things that I enjoy.

Bangkok is not a city for everyone, some hate it, they hate the traffic, the constant hubbub of the city, the lack of paths, the oppressive heat, many things, but there are good and bad things to every place, and I feel the wonderful food, the variety of things to do, the ease of travelling to a tropical island, the people and the culture far outweigh the negative aspects.

,Hope this helps