If someone deletes their Messenger app, will they still see the messages you have sent?

If someone deleted their Facebook can you still see messages

If someone deletes their Messenger app, will they still see the messages you have sent?Yeah definitely.

Simply deleting the app from your phone will not unsend any messages already delivered.

,Even if you deactivate your Facebook profile, if the message was delivered, the receiver can see it.

If someone deactivates their Facebook account do their comments disappear

Blocking messages on Facebook is different than Blocking a person on Facebook.

,,Blocking A Person, - When someone blocks another person on Facebook, the blocked person will not be able to see their profile or their photos or their posts and status updates.

For the blocked person, the other one would be simply invisible.

If you would try to message them by continuing a previous conversation the person would be listed as ,Facebook User.

,Furthermore, you would not even see a dialog box that you used to type the messages into.

There would be a simple message ,You cant reply to this conversation.

,nThis usually means a person has either blocked you or has deactivated his profile.

You could confirm from any of your mutual friends, if they can view the profile or not.

If they are also not able to see their profile, probably that person has deactivated his profile.

If they are able to view the person, that means you are BLOCKED!,n,Blocking Messages -, Facebook has another feature of partially blocking a person that has been introduced recently.

This way, someone can opt to block your messages but it allows you to view their profile, photos, posts and status updates.

Just say, someone has blocked you only to get away from your messages but not stopped you from visiting their profile and liking their posts and commenting on them.

In this case, the person would be visible.

But when you would want to send th.