Which are the best countries to visit?

Best place to visit in Philippines in September

Sorry for long post, I just keep uploading more images since there are more viewer and more places I visited.



The cost of living is low.

You can survive here with only 200 US dollars a month( 100 for a nice guesthouse and 100 for food).

,Edit: 100 $ a month for a nice guesthouse house seem to be arguable, but let me explain.

Two years ago, I worked for a construction company to build a 36 storey condo in Pattaya, an everthing-expensive tourist city.

The company paid for the rent in cash for me every month.

I got paid for 2800 bath(70$)a month for the rent.

The room I chose cost 2700 a month(electricity and water have to pay separately that was around 200u2013300 Baht).

I could get a cheaper one but I need air-condition.

There is also a room in a small hotel for 4500u20138000 baht a month.

Its more expensive since you have maid to clean your room.

First thing first, its not something that you can find in the internet and booked online.

In this case, you have 3 options.

First, TAT tourist information booth located the exit gate at international airports and in every province can provide this type of info.

Second, Go to Khaosarn road in Bangkok, the capital city, there you will find a lot of tourists who have more experience to exchange(when you arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport there is a sky train and air conditioned bus to the inner city where the road located, let taxi be the last choice since its around 20 km and thats cost a lot.

Last one, ask locals.

When you arrive Bangkok, there is more chance to find a Thailand expert backpacker, an expatriate or your own native citizen than an emptied taxi cab.

The farer from big cities, the cheaper the rent.

,Mudmee guesthouse in Nongkhai province run by an English gentleman I forget his name only met him twice.


Sanitation level is upper average.

We were taught to be clean in the look all the time since we were young(not to mention big cities, they are almost the same around the world).

,Edit: we take a bath everyday.

For me two times a day.

,Normal public Big cleaning day, not on a specific date just happen when a community agree to do it,3.

Transportation is fairly good enough, not too expensive and has many kinds.

For example, one of the most visited city, Chiang Mai is located 700 km from International Airport, can be reached by plane for $40 US, air conditioned bus for $18 US and train for $15 US.

,Nakornchai Air bus.


You can find something to eat no matter what time it is and no matter where you are.

,Huahin food street in Surattanee province open dusk till dawn,9,257 branches of 7u201311 open 24u20137.

You will meet it no matter you want or not.

,A 10 baht Red Bull.

Mix it with whiskey make you able to drink all night and wake up with the worst headache ever experienced.


So many historical and natural tourist destination in all of its 77 provinces.

,Tart Doom temple in Sakonnakhon province,Old house in Sakonnakon.

,Nongharn fresh water lake in Sakonnakon.

,Wat Ahong temple in Nongkhai my province.

,And also variety of fruits, food, and culture,Loy Kratong day on the full moon day in September.

,Poo Tok in Nongkhai province, a small mountain with wooden bridge built around it.

,Also in Nongkhai Wat Hin Mark Peng temple.

,Din Piang cave in Nongkhai,And Pattaya! (warning: Thai people dont go there because the sea is not clean and the city is crowded.

We go to Sattahip located 30 minute further or Cha Arm on the other side of the gulf.

),The country right now is under coup du00e9tat but it is more safer since there are soldiers everywhere.

,The only thing to beware of is to not stay longer than planned.

Many tourists didnt mind of this one thing and stayed for a year and more.

The result is running out of money and has to be an English teacher to collect money for a plane back home.

If youre a foreigner, you can 100% get this job no matter being able to speak English fluently or not.

,Thank you so much for viewing and upvotingAnother suggestion is to visit during October - February, the cool season.

I named it cool season because the temperature is only between 19u201325 degree Celsius.

The hot season will start from March - May (the famous splashing water wartime Songkran festival is on 13u201315 of April) and the raining season which rains everyday will start from June - September.

,Thank you so much for all commentI read them all and have to commit that there is also bad sides of my country since everything comprises of the good and the bad.

,All the information provided for you belongs to my own experience as a native.

There is not a lie in any word.

Its real life experiences, not some tourist advertisement.

All I can say is that u201cThailand is not just Pattaya and Bangkok.

u201d They are big cities, busy, hot, crowded and expensive(its business hub what can you expect).

They are not something that can first impress you.

Just go further, there is other 75 provinces to explore.

Lets say, Ayutthaya, Karnchanaburi, Petchaburi, Nakornprathom, Loei, Sakhonakhon, Trat, Tak, Maehongsorn, Nakonpanom, Pangnga, Surat, Korat, Lampoon, Lampang, Payao, ,Ratchaburi, Chacherngsao, Uttaradit, and my province, Nongkhai.

These are all the province I have visited and feel impressive at first sight.

,And about being a teacher, I was also an English teacher in three bilingual school for almost five years before I start my own business.

Not a single foreign teacher I know teaching certificate.

You need work permit but not a certificate.

A teacher taught me in university is from Denmark.

He was a businessman so he teach Business English.

Yeah, business english(still wonder why the hell we had to learn this subject).

In most case, a school or an agent company provide a work permit for you after you teach in a school a week or so.

,You can have The rate of salary is up to your nationality.

US and European can get more than 40,000 baht a month.

Other can get no more than 30,000 baht a month.

A tutor in English institute get higher.

Thai native get paid no more than 17,000 baht a month with more hour and duty.

,With my salary at 13,500 in 2013, I could afford a full furnished condo with one bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom with my own corridor in Suan Siam 20 km.

from Bangkok.

Three of my friends, Philippines teachers have room provided by the school.

The rest of them rent a two storey house in Minburee.

,Here is my another answer about my country.

You will acknowledge the other fact why Thailand is likeable.

Its all about people.

Is August rainy season in Philippines

So we have Two seasons.

Which Areu2026,Dry Season : June To September,Rainy Season: The u201cberu201d months/Christmas Season.

aka September to January,Butu2026.


I made 4 unofficial seasons.

I split the 2 seasons into The Start and The End of them to form Four Seasons.

Here is how it goes!,Spring/Start of Dry Season - Basically when it starts getting hotter after the u201cWinter Seasonu201d The Flowers also start blooming.

It lasts from: Late Febuary to April.

,Summer/Dry Season - During this season.

Thereu2019s virtually no rain at all.

But a little when itu2019s May.

It also gets hot.

about 35 degrees.

It lasts from: May to August.

,Autumn/Start of Rainy Season - It starts getting cold during these months so i count this as Autumn.

Itu2019s also very windy during this time.

It lasts from: September to Early October,Winter/Rainy Season - It gets colder as usual during these months.

About 22 degrees celcius and it gets very rainy so I count this as Winter.

It lasts from October to Early Febuary