My river cruise has just been cancelled by the cruise company and they are asking me to rebook at a later date, however I would like a cash refund. What are my rights?

Royal Caribbean COVID refund policy

That depends on the cruise company, what is stated in your signed agreement, the companyu2019s COVID policy, and the country the cruise is running out of.

We canu2019t do the work for you unfortunately if you donu2019t give any real details.

I got my Royal Caribbean cruise completely refunded - it took 3 hours worth of calls (2 calls total) and several emails - they initially sent it all back in a voucher and I had to remind them I had them on record stating in both phone calls that it would be refund to my bank account, not a voucher.

Took a full month to get everything going in the right direction.

You will have to fight to get your money back

Royal Caribbean change fee

I remember carrying 2 bottles of wine when cruising with Royal Caribbean.

If you want to drink it in a common area you have to pay the corkage fee.

Not sure if they have changed the policy now.