How do I disable the add friend button on Facebook 2021?

How to disable add friend button on Facebook

How do I disable the add friend button on Facebook 2021?This is the only way I know:,Get up to 5000 Facebook friends.

,At that point no one else will be allowed to add you.

How to hide Add friend button on Facebook for mutual friends

This feature lets to hide the add friend button from unknown people.

It lets only friends of friends send you the request.

The steps are as follows,First select the extreme right option on the bar that shows feeds, friend request, market placeand notification.

It is the three lines.

,Second select the second last option that is setting and privacy,Then select settings,Then go to pivacy settings,Then theres an option who can send you friend request,Change it to friends of friends,A person with no mutual friends will not be able to send you a request

How to change Add friend button to follow button on Facebook lite

There are many such cool tricks and here are few of them:,TINDER: I know many of us have been using this app from quite a long time but ever thought ho great it would be to get more than usual chances to swap or favorite users.

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Go to Settings -> Date and Time and set it to Manual.

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Check the below screenshot.

This is what we need to do:,Pictures: Google Chrome,Worried about pictures taken from Phone?: Sometimes we expect too much from our phoneu2019s camera.

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NET Language Integrated QueryEDIT: Added many other tricks to the original answer.

I hope you find it useful.


S I am short of time right now.

Will add few more later !DISCLAIMER: Some of the tricks I mentioned above are not legal so do consider that fact before using it !EDIT 2: For those asking about the VPN app usage here are the screenshots which will make you understand how to use it:,The app in the screenshot is https://play.






proxy&hl=enUpvotes are free and encouraging :)

How to add follow button on Facebook profile

I think FB may have changed things, because all of the answers I saw here were wrong, at least if itu2019s not a business page.

You click the arrow to find settings.

Then on the left side, choose u201cpublic posts.

u201d That brings up a box where you can choose who follows you.

If you choose u201cpublicu201d then FB will add a separate u201cfollowu201d button to your page next to u201cadd friend.

u201d Then people who arenu2019t friends can follow your public posts.

How to remove Add friend button on Facebook 2021

If you see the Add Friend Button again or you see the Friend Request Sent Button Removed thats how you would know