What are the most overrated travel destinations?

What do tourists say about this vacation spot in Boracay

For me, I think the one of the most overrated tourist attractions here in the Philippines is Boracay .

Look how crowded it is.

,Yes, it is a beauty, but I think it is hindering other beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines to be discovered or exposed.

Who started the interview How did the interview go

To be very frank, after my last interview at 3 AFSB Gandhinagar, I realised that there is no point in separately preparing for the interview.

,I had consulted various serving and retired officers, gone through videos and had done my best to prepare for my interview for my first three attempts, but was conferenced out each time.

,It was then that I realised that there was no fault in my preparation, but I had multiple shortcomings in my personality which were the main hindrance for me to clear SSB.

,After I was conferenced out with a badly injured lower back (resulting from a fall from the tiger leap) from 3 AFSB, Gandhinagar on 30 November 2018 (which was coincidentally also my birthday), I realised that preparing just for the SSB made me appear very artificial, be it in my psych tests, GTO tasks or interviews.

So instead I worked upon my weaknesses.

,This included slight changes in my lifestyle.

For starters, a fixed routine through the weekdays and weekends.

Deciding upon constructive hobbies and actually actively practicing them.

Dedicating time to personal fitness and finally, getting a job.

,Other than that, a few problems that I had been constantly questioned upon, which included my low marks in mathematics and dropping a year after graduation, are some of the things I cannot change, so I decided to take them as my faults and use them as life lessons so I dont repeat similar mistakes in future.

,Now comes the interesting part.

I cleared AFCAT again this year and chose 3 AFSB Gandhinagar once again as my board.

The SSB was scheduled on 27th May 2019.

,After getting screened in, my interview was held on 28th of the same month.

Now as a repeating candidate, with an experience of three SSBs, there is a general format that is set in our minds on how the interview will proceed and what kind of questions will be asked.

,The interview started off quite normally, but before I realised, it turned into an informal discussion about how I had underutilized my resources, wasted opportunities and had turned out to be an average Joe.

More surprisingly, the medium of conversation was more in hindi than in english, which further bewildered me.

,Anyways, I was not happy with my performance in my interview.

In the end the IO asked me how did I think my interview went, and I confirmed my feelings to him.

But I made sure it did not affect my performance in the GTO the next two days.

,On the final day, during the conference, I was asked just one question: If not air force, then what is my plan? It lasted for only about 30u201340 odd seconds before I was thank youd out of the conference room.

,Once I was comfortably sitting in the testing hall, waiting for the results, I was 100% sure that I was about to repeat history and continue my streak of getting conferenced out.

So I was already planning on how to improve my performance in future SSBs including getting a fully functional ballpoint pen, as I was the one unlucky individual whos brand new pen had stopped working in the middle of the psych test, but somehow i managed to finish the test, scratching through the sheets with barely readable words.

I also planned to work on my physical fitness as I did only 2 obstacles in the IO of GTO tasks.

And finally (and most importantly), attempt the interviews with an open mind since the main reason I was caught off guard was because the format of this interview was very different than the others.

,Anyways to my utter shock (yes I was shockedu2026 not happy, not teary-eyedu2026 totally shaken to the core), I was recommended on 31st May 2019.

I was among the 3 candidates recommended and the only candidate who was recommended for the first time (the other two were previously recommended candidates).

What did they like about me, I am clueless, I know I still have a long way to go to develop my personality, but yes, one thing I am proud of, is that I was able to portray my real self in the SSB in all the tests and tasks and did not need to lie since I was able to accept my weaknesses and change them to fit the mould of a trainable cadet in the Indian Armed Forces.

,TL;DR- Dont prepare for SSB.

In fact, do not prepare at all.

Just answer this question truthfully and with utmost honesty-,Am I worthy to become an officer in the Army/Navy/Air Force?,If its a yes, then you are ready, if its a no, identify the problems, take help from friends, families, etc.

Accept them and work upon them.

And once you feel you have a positive reply to this question, then you are ready to face any challenge in the world.

,Good Luck and Jai Hind.