Are many people practicing "social distancing" in your community in order to combat COVID-19 or are they ignoring this recommendation?

Can you bring food into Disneyland COVID

I canu2019t speak for u201cmany peopleu201d but I can tell you Iu2019m not worried about it.

,First and foremost, Iu2019m not a hugger or a kisser.

That alone will help me not get or transfer the virus.

,I also work in food service.

Cleanliness and sanitation in the food service industry has been strongly regulated for years.

I consider myself lucky to work for a company who walks the talk and talks the walk.

You touch your face or hair? You wash your hands.

You bring dishes back into the kitchen? You wash your hands.


,That said, Iu2019m in the Washington, DC area.

nThe number of people who donu2019t travel, or who donu2019t have visitors from other areas or countries is way under the norm.

Think about it.

Many, many people are not from here, be it from the U.


or abroad.

Many, many people here travel for business.

Theyu2019ve all been all over those airports, train stations, and yes, some even cruise ships.

And now? Church.

See? Godu2019ll getu2019cha.

,Anyway, at one point years ago, Washington, DC saw more tourists in the month of may that (then) Disneyland saw all year.

Iu2019m sure that statistic has changed, but you get my point.

,I happen to feel weu2019ve probably all been exposed already.

Itu2019s just a question of time as to whether or notn1) you get sickn2) you get bettern3) you donu2019t get sick at alln4) you dien5) you lose your job because youu2019re in the public sector and the paranoia keeps people from going out.

,So u201csocial distancingu201d is a euphemism for u201cself-quarantiningu201d of many sorts.

nIronically, though, to answer your question? I donu2019t see u201csocial distancingu201d at all because I donu2019t care.

Can you bring food into Disney 2022

Marvel had the right person overseeing everything, while Star Wars did not.

Kevin Feige also had an uphill battle to legitimize comic book based films to a broader audience, while Kathleen Kennedy inherited a successful, money-making franchise where the fans bought into the name regardless of what was being sold due to the strength of the brandu2019s earlier work.

Letu2019s take it from the top.

,KEVIN FEIGEKevin Feige was the right man for the job of spear-heading Marvel as a brand, and then a studio.

Much like Dana White and the UFC, he understood that he wasnu2019t making movies, but BUILDING A BRAND.

This takes time, and youu2019re looking to appease two groups: long time comics fans, and people who are not currently comics fans but MIGHT become so if you dangle the right product in front of them.

,This meant a long-term plan, a trial-and-error process, and a lot of oversight to ensure that each movie was meeting a set of standards being set from the top down.

,Kevin Feige was making each movie and exploring how to create a recipe for a good movie that many people would want to see and keep buying.

Good brands do this; Iu2019ll use food as an example: Coke, Pepsi, Nestle Tollhouse, Aunt Jemimau2026 they are brands that are founded on making a recipe and then sticking to it, so that when I pick up a Pepsi, itu2019s exactly what Iu2019ve come to expect and dearly wanted.

In fact, itu2019s so good, Iu2019m addicted at this point and canu2019t help craving more!,Thatu2019s the magic of starting as an underdog.

You have to take into account what people are buying or not buying and adjust accordingly to increase the value of your product.

The better feedback you get from customers and the better your product sells tells you that youu2019re on to something.

,Kevin Feige understood this, and is also a huge fan of the product heu2019s trying to sell.

This is INVALUABLE at the top of your brand.

Walt Disney, Dana White, George Lucas, Stan Leeu2026 the person selling the brand is only as good their belief IN the brand!,KATHLEEN KENNEDYKathleen Kennedy wasnu2019t the right pick to run Star Wars.

Itu2019s not that sheu2019s not a hard worker, isnu2019t talented, or hasnu2019t worked along side George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for years.

On paper, she looks like exactly the kind of person who should know the franchise inside and out.

,But Kathleen Kennedy isnu2019t a Walt Disney, Dana White, George Lucas, or Stan Lee for one simple reason: she doesnu2019t believe in the product as it came to her.

,Do you know who Brian Dyson is? Iu2019ll give you a hint:,Brian Dyson was the CEO of Coca-Cola USA in 1986 and spearheaded New Coke.

I cut Dyson a lot more slack than I do Kennedy for one simple reason: Dyson was smart enough to understand that heu2019d made a mistake and went back to the original formula.

By the time Kennedy and her team did, they were trying to mix-and-match the old formula and their new creation into something else.

,This is crux of Kathleen Kennedyu2019s problem though.

She doesnu2019t believe in Star Wars as a product in the form she received when she inherited it; she wanted to u2018fixu2019 Star Wars by making it something different.

She wanted to change what she PERCEIVED were the important parts of the formula*.

More on that in a minute.

,This is part of the problem of inheriting a product that already has a huge fan base.

She didnu2019t really need to u2018fixu2019 anything thematically.

People loved Star Wars like most people love Coke or Pepsi.

They didnu2019t need it u2018fixedu2019, they just wanted MORE of it.

,Star Wars though, does indeed have a formula: George Lucas talked about it often.

Itu2019s based off of epics and follows particular story beats.

It also had 6 movies that defined the universe and settingu2026 a sandbox, if you willu2026 with defined edges to play with inside.

,You could make something simpleu2026,or really complexu2026,u2026 because despite any of George Lucasu2019 faults as a story teller or director, he did an amazing job with world-building; his world had well-defined setting that enabled creations of incredible complexity to be built.

,,Why would you say that Kathleen Kennedy & Star Wars werenu2019t as successful as Kevin Feige & Marvel?Much of the financial success of the new Star Wars films is tied up in u201cThe Force Awakensu201d, where many of the returning fanbase came out in droves looking to buy Classic Coke but got their first taste of New Coke.

,There was no way to know what brand changes were being made with someone new at the helm until you actually go and try the product.

,This is one of the reasons sales numbers arenu2019t accurate as the only measurement of success: you have to BUY a ticket to see the film regardless of whether you end up liking it or hating it, because you wonu2019t know until you go in and watch.

Customer satisfaction is just as important in the long run survival of your product.

,Kevin Feige, over the course of 22 films and 10 years, built a brand name; people didnu2019t have to know who the u201cGuardians of the Galaxyu201d were to give it a shot since it was MARVEL that was putting the film out.

And lo and behold, because Marvel was sticking to their formula, it was a very successful film despite NEVER being a very successful comic.

,Thatu2019s the POWER of a BRAND.

When you nail down a formula that people want, then all you have to do is keep supplying it.

,How did Star Wars fail if itu2019s still making so much money?**Star Wars fans canu2019t know if Classic Coke is coming back until they try the soda, or the marketing tells them so.

,The brand name was still a big draw, and people canu2019t know if the product is good or not till theyu2019ve come out of the theater.

,But a good metric of failure is how many people vocalized this displeasure with the new trilogy.

Everyone had to buy a ticket to get in, not everyone who came out enjoyed the films.

Over time, this can eventually hurt the brand.

For instance, Solo had abysmal ticket sales right after u201cThe Last Jediu201d, in part due to choices that were being made in the new trilogy.

,The Last Jedi, most poignantly, completely broke the fanbase.

Even though all of those people saw the movie, most viewers didnu2019t actually like it.

,Disney (and Star Wars) still made their money, but I donu2019t think we can call it a success if you risk losing the quality of your brand, half of your fans, and risk the future of that business.

,**update 2/20/2022 - I wanted to update this section a bit.

I did some research and did a breakdown using posted costs for the making of each film, box office sales, estimates on marketing costs, and included the price of buying Star Wars along with the billion-dollar Galaxyu2019s Edge revamp.

I found that Disney got between 60u201370% of the ticket sales, and when you factor in all the costs, (without the offset of merchandising), the movies lost a shattering amount of money compared to what was paid for Star Wars overall.

The brand was bought on the strength of over 40 billion dollars in merchandising profits from the first two trilogies, but the new movies have prevented toy sales from being successful, and the ticket sales arenu2019t nearly enough to cover the expenses.

Even if you leave out the 5 billion dollars for buying Star Wars and the building Galaxyu2019s Edge, Disney would still be almost 1.

5 billion dollars in the hole with Star Wars due to the difference between their actual ticket sale profit vs.

how much the films cost to make and market.

Keep in mind: what little profit there was still didnu2019t take into account actors and director salaries, or any other contractual profit sharing.

The Force Awakens clearly shows that Star Wars fans were ready to jump back in and buy into Star Wars; however, everything that follows shows an incredible drop in interest as the franchise loses fans.

If the new sequel trilogy had pleased fans, (and the numbers from TFAu2019s profits stayed consistent with each entry) the whole franchise would have paid for itself and with money to spare on ticket profits from the film alone!Even with just this general breakdown, I think itu2019s very clear that Kathleen Kennedy really dropped the ball for Lucasfilm and Disney with their creative decisions, which show the aftershocks through every film past The Force Awakens.

The power of Lucasu2019 Star Wars became the financial boon of TFA, and TFAu2019s profit is carrying the lionu2019s share of the profits of the new trilogy and Disneyu2019s Star Wars.

The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker cracking 1 billion dollars in ticket sales may sound like awesome success, but when you see what the estimated profit actually is and how much of a difference, (900 million to 130 million) between TFA and TROS, itu2019s impossible to say that Kennedyu2019s direction for the sequel trilogy has been anything but a complete failure.

*What were the elements of the recipe that Kathleen Kennedy tried to change?I told you Iu2019d come back to this!,Kathleen Kennedy doesnu2019t understand the formula of Star Wars at the ingredient level.

The key ingredient to Coke is sugar; thatu2019s a base part of the formula and is the addictive part of a Cokeu2026 not the carbonation which is what provides that burning feeling as you drink it.

The key ingredient to Star Wars is the fun, epic tale structureu2026 itu2019s not just throwing characters on a screen wearing black and white uniforms or using lightsabers.

She also tried to focus too much on the packaging, thinking that people bought Star Wars for what we see on the surface, not the product on the inside.

,That being saidu2026 Star Wars is not about DIVERSITY or GENDER IDENTITY; it is about IDENTITY.

Identity is about your characteru2026 not just your skin color or genitalia.

,Lukeu2019s identity and conceptions of who he is and what he wants to be is constantly challenged through three movies as he goes on a quest to learn the ways of the Force and be a Jedi like his father.

The more he learns about the Force and the more he learns about his father, the more his personal identity is challenged.

,Leia and Hanu2019s relationship and the most infamous line between them, u201cI know.

u201d is based entirely off of identity.

Heu2019s a rogue, a scoundrel, a man with a price his headu2026 yet Solo is also a man whou2019d risk death going into a blizzard to save a friend, is brave enough to charge back into a base that is being overrun by the enemy to save the woman he loves, is clever and resourceful even when things are going wrong, and is actually in touch with his true feelingsu2026 even when Leia and Luke are not.

The whole romance hinged on her being hung up on her identity as a princess, as a rebel leader, on all the reasons on paper she shouldnu2019t love Han, right up until sheu2019s forced with the possibility of losing him.

,Diversity is all well and good, but not as a focus and not when you believe that the core element of the story is, u201cthis character is good because sheu2019s a womanu201d or u201cthis character is a good character because there werenu2019t enough Black men in Star Warsu201d.

,That doesnu2019t cut the mustard.

,Who actually had THE BEST identity-driven story hook in u201cThe Force Awakensu201d?,That would be Finn.

Finnu2019s identity crisis right out of the gate was the best idea in The Force Awakens, and was painfully dropped in the next few films.

Why? Because Kathleen Kennedyu2019s team didnu2019t understand the gold they had in favor of chasing after the copper they didnu2019t.

,Black, White, Asianu2026 the CHARACTER of Finn is damn interesting! What happens when a bad guy spontaneously goes good? Why did he do it? What does he do now? Who does this person become?,Instead of chasing these very interesting ideas, J.


Abrams, Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy left it in the dust.

,Male, female, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Polynesianu2026 these are all well and good, but itu2019s a surface to what lies beneath.

THAT CORE of who this person is supposed to be is what matters the most.

Thatu2019s the magic, addictive ingredient in Star Wars: we care about these characters because thereu2019s a lot going on under the surface.

George Lucas used Joseph Campbellu2019s work, (among others), to research what drives characters in classic tales and fiction, and brought those to a different tale and setting.

Thatu2019s the core ingredient: character, and how it changes during an epic tale of facing adversity.

,Kathleen and company got really lazy with their writing.

They didnu2019t understand how to develop character.

To know who this person is, they must be three-dimensional, challenged, and seen overcoming those challenges.

Whatu2019s on the surface may get you short term gains in terms of sales, but itu2019s whatu2019s underneath that makes your sales in the long term.

Itu2019s all about the characteru2019s heart and soul, not just the packaging.

,Having a new female protagonist in Star Wars isnu2019t enough for them to be good, (and thatu2019s for any character, regardless of gender or ethnicity).

You MUST put this character into a crucible and show them work to come out the other side.

They need to fail, question themselves, better themselves, and learn to overcome those challenges.

,And the fans will LOVE the character for it!,What did Kevin Feige and Marvel do to get the recipe right?Wisely, every Marvel hero is challenged in all the places that matter the most.

,Yes, thereu2019s a bit of a trope that Marvel heroes tend to face their evil opposites, but thereu2019s a reason why that WORKS.

Facing the darker, more evil version of yourself challenges the main character to reexamine who they are.

Againu2026 itu2019s about IDENTITY.

Who you are MATTERS to the audience.

,Jon Favreau pretty much wrote the Marvel playbook with Tony Stark in Iron Man.

Tony is on a very specific path through life until it is shattered.

During his recovery and escape, his identity as a weapons designeru2026 and as a selfish, egotistical person who only cares about himselfu2026 is challenged.

After escaping, heu2019s forced to confront Obadiah Stane, who is exactly who Tony used to beu2026 heu2019s only concerned about himself, money, and profits.

By defeating Stane, Tony symbolically defeats a part of himself and his identity changes: u201cI am Iron Man.

u201d,Does this mean the character is perfect? Nope.

Do they win every fight? Nope.

Do they know and use the Jedi Mind Trick without ever having even heard of it? Nou2026 most of the time.

:),The point is, the Marvel films understood the base formula for what makes a good story.

,It is NOT just about plot beats from another movie getting repeated over and over.

This was Star Wars big mistakeu2026 itu2019s like trying to mix chocolate chips and salmon because you had really good chocolate chip cookies as a dessert after a dinner of salmon, potatoes, and asparagus.

Just because the cookies and salmon were part of the same meal, doesnu2019t mean they taste good together.

,Star Wars has lightsabers, Jedi with powers, space battle scenes, etc.

But trying to visually repeat something from another film is like the dinner example I just gave; unless you understand each core ingredient and how they mix, you can ruin your meal easily.

,Marvel Studios tends to understand the core of what each ingredient entails, and how to mix them together right.

Even something like the u201cAge of Ultronu201d fits into the greater narrative of the story and provided character growth.

It may not be the best Avengers film, but itu2019s still a pretty good film.

,Not every film at Marvel Studios is perfect, but they are all pretty good at their base because they follow the formula: introduce a hero, show where that character is flawed, give them a challenge, have them fail at that challenge; then they rally, address their problem, and overcome it to save the day.

Itu2019s not a complex formula, but itu2019s easy to screw up.

This is why Kevin Feige is a great guy at overseeing the franchise, because he provides a leadership and quality control to make sure their films apply the formula properly.

,Did Kathleen Kennedy, J.


Abrams, and Rian Johnson do anything right?ABSOLUTELY.

The visuals and special effects, (barring the lightsaber fights), are the best in the Star Wars films, (though Rogue One has the best cinematography), and the base ideas for Rey, Finn, and Poe were actually really good, just poorly executed.

,Every actor on the screen pours their heart out.

Any criticisms I have about the characters comes from a writing standpoint, not a performance one.

Casting Adam Driver? Excellent move.

He elevated the character of Kylo Ren with his acting ability.

,The acting and the action direction overall is pretty great despite the illogical nature of what is happening in the scripts.



Abrams is an amazing visual director with an excellent sense of movement.

The dialogue between characters, even when itu2019s ridiculously motivated, comes out with conviction.

Moments like Huxu2019s temper tantrum, the Rose/Finn kiss, or Luke tossing his lightsaber are questionably justified in the writing but performed with 100% effort by the actors in question.

,Most Star Wars fans, (including myself), who complain about the work in these films arenu2019t saying these folks didnu2019t work hard or bring anything good to the screen.

The main complaint is very much in line with Mark Hamillu2019s first gut reaction to reading the script of u201cThe Last Jediu201d:,u201cI at one point had to say to Rian, u2018I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice youu2019ve made for this character.

Now, having said that, I have gotten it off my chest, and my job now is to take what youu2019ve created and do my best to realize your vision.

u201dSums up the trilogy, for me.

A lot of talented people working their butts off but heading in the wrong direction.

,Thereu2019s another quote I really like that really puts the nail on the head of the problem with the trio running Star Wars:,u201cThey had me walking by 3PO, not even acknowledging him.

I said: u201cI canu2019t do that! He (The Last Jediu2019s director, Rian Johnson) said, u201cOkay, go over and do whatever.

u201d So I went over, and I did whatever.

They say it in the script: u201cForget the past, kill it if you have tou201d, and theyu2019re doing a pretty good job!u2019u201dItu2019s actually the first part that tells the most.

For Rian to not pick up on something that simpleu2026 that C-3P0 MEANS SOMETHING to Luke is the real red flag.

Rian didnu2019t just direct that scene, but WROTE THAT FILM.

If that isnu2019t a huge indictment on what that meant for the series, I donu2019t know what else to say.

Lukeu2019s character cares about everyone, and that was completely lost on Rian Johnson during the writing and directing of The Last Jedi.

,It shows a lack of understanding a characteru2019s point of viewu2026 and that is reflected all over this new trilogy.

,,Final Thoughts:Kathleen Kennedy could have learned a lot studying Drew Karpyrshynu2019s work with Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords.

Itu2019s two video games that use all the ingredients of Star Wars to make a great set of stories that are very much Star Wars tales without being complete rehashes of the first two trilogies, even though they share common elements.

,The sequel trilogy didnu2019t have entirely bad ideasu2026 in fact, it had some great ones! The character of Finn is one of the biggest lost opportunities Iu2019ve ever seen in a story.

,Even u201cThe Last Jediu201d, with all the radical changes made to Luke, could have potentially worked, if they had used the right story formula.

For instance:,The Mask of Zorro:In the film, we see a champion of the people soundly defeated by his worst enemy; his wife is killed before his eyes, his daughter is kidnapped to be raised by his mortal foe, and heu2019s locked into a rathole prison for 20 years.

,This completely justifies an older, bitter version of the character.

,But, through the training of a new protege he rebuilds himself and his identity as a father, a protector, and a hero.

,Itu2019s a great movie from about 20 years ago that hits all the right beats The Last Jedi missed.

We learn to care about the new protege through their effort, work, and character, and get over the heartbreak of seeing the classic hero defeated by seeing him get rebuilt as he helps another to take his old place.

,And all the while, the film doesnu2019t lose the spirit of adventure and fun, even when going through dark moments.

,Itu2019s that u2018feelingu2019 that the latest Star Wars movies were really lacking, and why many of us were disappointed.

That feeling in The Mask of Zorro came from have a rock-solid structure to a character arc and a willingness to find the fun that works for the characters; itu2019s the same formula Marvel applies now.

Itu2019s why it works, and works really well.

,In the end, I think Star Wars as a brand is very salvageable, but the people at the top need a better understanding of the core what makes Star Wars such an enjoyable brand: itu2019s about fun, adventure, and using plot, setting, and character to make it happen.

,If you nail these things, youu2019ve got customers for life.

Are water bottles allowed in Disneyland

Officially they do not allow outside food.

They tell you to use the picnic area outside between the parks.

There are several things they wonu2019t allow past the security, knives, scissors, glass containers, tape, etc.

, but for the most part barely bat an eye at food.

They do say that they only allow soft coolers w/o wheels, but donu2019t limit the size.

We have a backpack size cooler and a backpack for non chilled food.

We have taken in thermoses with our dinner, sandwiches, chips, sodas, water bottles, jerky, cookies, candy and more nearly every time we go, five or six times per year on average for the last 15 years.

We try not to take up tables if the seating is limited and are sure to clean up after ourselves, and have never had anyone tell us it wasnu2019t OK.

Best food to bring to Disneyland

Under ideal conditions, you could visit Disneyland for free if:,,You become close friends with a Disney cast member.

Cast members receive free admission to the park and may bring a guest at no charge.

,Bring your own lunch/dinner and drinks,Live right across the street from the park (which eliminates gas expenses, transportation and parking fees),Dont patronize any of Disneys retail shops,nWhile the above literally answers your question, I realize this is pretty impractical advice for most people.

Id recommend exploring some of the money-saving ideas on MouseSavers.

com - Disneyland Discounts and Deals.

,Have fun.

Can I bring a cooler into Disneyland

I hadnu2019t heard that they had, so I did a little bit of research.

,The issue is apparently not a ban of loose ice inside the parks, but that guests will no longer be able to bring in coolers which contain loose ice into the park.

If you bring in a cooler chest or bag, you will need to use reusable ice packs.

(There is also a ban on coolers larger than 24x15x18 inches, or the use of dry ice.

),You can review the list of items which are not permitted on their theme park website:,Disneyland ResortIt does include the rule u201cLoose or dry ice is not permitted and reusable ice packs are recommendedu201d but doesnu2019t provide any justification.

I suspect (without any actual evidence) that itu2019s basically a measure to help speed passing through security bag checks at the parks.

It would be relatively easy to smuggle weapons or other contraband into the park buried inside ice, and to prevent that from happening would require additional time and security to do effectively.

,If you would like some ice for the sodas or water that you bring into the park, apparently you can get cups with ice at quick service restaurants inside the park.

Can you bring a backpack into Disneyland

Backpacks are allowed in Disney World (at least they were on my last trip in June), but they will be thoroug1hly searched by security before entering.

,When you get to the park gate, there are several bag check lines.

If itu2019s a busy day, it can take a bit because just about everyone has a bag.

Can you bring sunscreen into Disneyland

Anything that would be a weapon, pocket knives, guns, etc.

No alcohol, drugs, coolers, food.

Children under 3years.

Appropriate attire only.

,To bring: comfortable shoes, no flip-flops refrain from sandals (folks will occasionally step on your feet).

Sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, no jewelry.

Buy a park map upon entrance.

If you get lost or need help, ask a staff member especially the folks with the brooms and trash collection pales.

Mosquito repellent isnt necessary.

,The park is very safe.

There are noticeable security, but plenty of undercover as well,Employee of Disneyland five Summer seasons.