Could you recommend me a good place to buy pearls in the Philippines?

affordable beach resorts in puerto princesa, palawan

South Sea pearlIf itu2019s South Sea pearls you want, thereu2019s one place in Davao where you could find the finest, the gems are far superior in quality than what you might find in Greenhillsu2014thus pricier, but in no way cost as much as a luxury brand.

,If youu2019re lucky to chance upon Go, a third-generation pearl trader, she would be happy to give you a crash course on pearl appreciationu2014what makes a South Sea pearl special, and how to spot the real deal.

The old practice of rubbing together or burning the pearl is no longer reliable, she says.

Theyu2019ve shifted to selling pearl jewelry when she took over the business, their clients mostly from the US and the Middle East.

,One of the best place to find them is at LRC 908 Market Mall, known as the u201cPasalubong Centeru201d of Puerto Princesa.

,Many pearl collectors, investors, businessmen or simply pearl enthusiasts travel all the way here in the Philippines to purchase pearls.

From the affordable fresh water pearls being sold in Greenhills to the ultra expensive golden south sea pearls of Jewelmer, Philippine pearls are no doubt among the highest quality in the world.

,Best Places to Shop for Pearls in the Philippines,1.

JewelmerIf you want to get the authentic, best quality set of pearls, Jewelmer is the best place to shop.

For over 30 years, Jewelmer has been the premier producer of the most lustrous South Sea pearls int he world.

The company has successfully cultivated pearls with a rich, natural golden color, which is characteristic of the South Sea pearls produced only in the Philippines.

Jewelmer also prides itself in being a fully integrated company with master craftsmen who design and create exclusive fine pearl jewelry with perfect mu00e9lange of French and Asian sensibilities.

,Jewelmer gives certification of authenticity to its customers to guarantee that the pearls are natural and not chemically treated.

They have shops located at Alabang Town Center, Ayala Center Cebu, Abreeza Mall, The Peninsula Manila, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 5, SM Megamall, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Resorts World, Trinoma, Eastwood City Mall,2.

Pearl Shops in Palawan,Palawan is not only famous for its Underground River and world class beach attractions, this is also the home of the lustrous south sea pearls.

,South Sea pearls from Delma Pearl and Souvenir Shop in Palawan .

,Authentic South Sea Pearls are much cheaper in Palawan, easily spotted in Puerto Princesa.

A buyer will have an opportunity to choose buying just the south sea pearl itself or those with readied embellishments.

If you dont have enough money to buy the expensive south sea pearl, you may want to bring home small fresh water pearls.

Theyre dirt cheap but still beautiful.


Jewelry/Pearl Section, Greenhills Shopping CenterGreenhills has always been every shopaholics haven as they sell almost everything there, from electronics to stylish clothes and yes, pearls.

,Shopping for pearls in Greenhills is perfect alternative for those who want to purchase a more affordable pearls than those being sold on luxury malls.

Its also great option for those located in the Metro and couldnt fly to Palawan.

Those being sold in Greenhills however doesnt give a certificate of authenticity so better arm yourself with to spot whats real and whats fake.

A basic method that you can do yourself is to rub two pearls against each other.

Real pearls generally have a gritty feel once they are rubbed against each other.

Imitation pearls often slide off each other.

Puerto Princesa hotel near airport

Based on where Ive been:,1.

Camiguin is just that well balanced island that has everything to offer: Mountain trekking, sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hot springs, cold springs, waterfalls & their famous outrigger adventures to Mantigue Island & White Island.

Also home of the Vjandep Pastel.

Camiguin means come again and its true that its allure is everlasting.


Caramoan Islands includes Lahos Island which was where Survivor was filmed.

This island is very small but so much fun because it has strong waves washing ashore on both sides and rip currents pulling you back out to sea.

Catch a windy day and the waves will rip you right off your feet in deep enough water.

Women itu2019ll get you too hold onto your bikini tops.

All the other islands had many diverse landscapes and were nearly as intriguing as this in their own right.


El Nido is in class all of its own.

Its spectacular because of the number of people jammed into this little exotic party cove.

What isnt spectacular is that its so inaccessible.

You arrive 6-8 hours later on a bus/van after flying into Puerto Princesa you might just hate yourself (slightly) before youre able to grab a beer.

Dont worry the next mornings hangover will be erased by the best snorkeling & island trekking of your life.


Boracay Island is convenience at its best.

Youre on a stretch of beach a few miles long that can be walked in under an hour.

Theres a plethora of food options right on the beach.



yes you can even get your coveted Subway footlong all the way out here! Lots of water activities like parasailing, jet ski, banana boats & the flyfish.

Despite the close proximity of establishments the water is crystal clear.

Its very rare to find both high level of tourists and top quality beach.


Coron has slightly more breathtaking snorkeling & swimming island hopping destinations than El Nido.

The inner island is more picturesque but its a quiet destination there is not the same crowd as El Nido.

That can be a good thing or bad thing depending on your tolerance of alcohol.

Donu2019t miss out on Mount Tapyas and when you think youu2019ve gotten to the end donu2019t go back like the other people - keep going the best is yet to come.


Siquijor may just be the most underrated island in the Philippines.

The cliff jumping is a rush and a memorable life experience.

They have everything from spelunking to vine jumping like Tarzan.

If these dont give you a rush I dont know what will.

This is one of the few places where you could splurge on a 5 star hotel for less than $100/night.

Apo Island also has the famous sea turtles in the wild which you can swim right next to.


Bohol gets more publicity now that theyve newly built the Bohol-Panglao International Airport.

Bohol is famous for its chocolate hills, tarsier monkeys & river cruise.

Panglaos beaches are pristine and youll find a lot of starfish and other exotic creatures in shallow waters.

The only downside is that some of the beaches have rocky coral formations just a couple feet from the surface.

IMO, too shallow to comfortably swim or snorkel and sea urchins rule these waters.


Tawi-Tawi Island has an amazing interior beauty.

Starting your day hiking Bud Bongao and reaching the top will leave you feeling like true royalty.

Immerse yourself in nature and contemplate life.

Turn off all your gadgets (not that they will work anyway).

Learn & embrace the Islam culture as Simunul Island was the origin of Islam in the Philippines.

Shop at the local markets for food and souvenirs in Bongao port to support the Badjao.


Guimaras Island is the mango capital of the Philippines.

Many plantations are sprawled out across a rural bliss backdrop and they produce the sweetest mangoes along with other mango related products.

The island has many rocky coves which are suitable for spearfishing with the locals.


Dapitan City has a beach cove which is great for a range of water & beach activities such as jet ski, canoeing, scuba diving, beach volleyball, swimming & tennis.

Great to adventure with a group of friends or family.

I have to say the jet ski experience was exhilarating.

Not all jet skiu2019s are the same do your research on the models offered for rent.

Puerto Princesa hotels

Best Western Hotel .

Staffs were nice and the breakfast was delicious compared to other hotels.

Oh and they have a nice view if you wanna relax your eyes.

Beach Resort near Puerto Princesa Airport

As someone who has been to the Philippines, here are my recommendations:,- Do not spend much time in Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan.

Ironically for such a huge island, Puerto does not have a proper beach anywhere near the city limits.

For the good beaches, you have to head up north of down south.

Refer here: http://mithunonthe.

net/2011/11/10/philippines-2011-flying-to-puerto-princesa-palawan-city-attractions-photos/,- Take a tour to the now famous Underground River in Sambang.

You can go there on your own, but the place is far and you need a permit to enter the cave.

Its far more convenient to just book a tour as everything is taken care of.

For more info: http://mithunonthe.

net/2011/11/17/philippines-2011-sabang-subterranean-river-tour-palawan-photos/,- El Nido is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth! But to get there, you have two options: book a private van and go along with 5-6 others - or - catch the morning bus.

The last rides to El Nido from Puerto Princesa are in the noon, so if you miss it, wait for the next day.

Its a 5 hour ride (nearly 7 hours by bus because of all the stops along the way).

Bus is obviously cheaper, but the van is obviously quicker and air-conditioned.

Read about my journey here: http://mithunonthe.

net/2011/11/23/philippines-2011-puerto-princesa-to-el-nido-by-bus-palawan/,- Island hopping tours in El Nido come in A, B, C and D combinations.

You need to do at least two tours to see what all El Nido has to offer.

But whichever tour you do, trust me, El Nido will mesmerize you with its pristine beauty! Tour A report: http://mithunonthe.

net/2011/11/29/philippines-2011-el-nido-island-tour-small-big-lagoons-miniloc-simisu-las-cabanas-sunset-photos/,- Coron islands further up from El Nido are also famous and great for scuba diving.

So if you wish to really explore this region, you have to spend at least 5-6 days up north.

,Although there is an airport in El Nido, its just a private landing strip and is mostly used for charter flights and really expensive resorts to bring in their guests, so all regular carriers land at Puerto Princesa.

Best Beach Resort in Puerto Princesa

According to my personal experience, Dos Palmos Island Resort in the Palawan Islands of the Phillipines would be the best resort.

,The whole Island is a Resort and is located in the the tropical waters of Honda Bay, northeast from Puerto Princesa City of the Philippine province of Palawan.

,This 20-hectare private island getaway is an island paradise, set amidst pristine natural surroundings, white sandy beaches and clear turquoise blue waters.

The island itself is blessed with a rich marine ecosystem with hectares of mangrove forest on the south, hectares of sea grass beds throughout and kilometers of beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island.

Its is a home to more than 300 species of reef fishes, corals, mollusks and crustaceans, at least 95 species of migratory and non-migratory birds and a nesting site and feeding ground for three species of sea turtles.

,,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,,Sources: Google Images,

Best beach in Puerto Princesa

The most popular attraction near Puerto Princesa is the Underground River.

Its a bit over an hour drive away, near the town of Sabang.

It can get really busy and you could be waiting hours to do the tour, but its definitely worth a visit!,You can also go island hopping around Honda Bay.

Compared to other island hopping spots around Palawan, I dont think this one is worth going to unless you have extra time The beaches are nice but crowded, and we did better snorkeling at other beaches in Palawan.

,The city of Puerto Princesa itself doesnt have any major sights so I wouldnt recommend spending too much time here.

Puerto Princesa Beach

Actually you cant go wrong spending the whole time in Palawan and surrounding islands.

Tour the Puerto Princesa underground river.

Learn to scuba dive and see some of the sunken Japanese wrecks off Coron Island.

Go see a cockfight in Puerto Princesa.

Relax on the beach.

Take a few boat tours.