Whats a good and affordable restaurant near the Union Square subway?

Inn at Union Square

A few of my favorites near Union Square that are more affordable:n,Petes Tavern (18th and Irving) and Old Town Bar (18th west of Park Avenue South) - both are bars with a 19th-century, old-fashioned feel.

During warmer months you can eat outside at Petes Tavern.

,71 Irving (Irving between 18th and 19th) - a small, homey coffee shop,Republic (Union Square West) - noodles.

Loud but good,The Grey Dog Coffee (University Place) - good coffee and giant sandwiches, along with beer, wine and desserts.

,Ennju (17th between Union Square West and Fifth) - a Japanese cafe ,Cafe Medina (17th between Union Square West and Fifth) - Great sandwiches, basically a deli - good for lunch takeout,Lillies (17th between Union Square West and Fifth) - A Victorian bar, they give you a free beer with your first checkin,Laut (17th between Union Square West and Fifth) - Great Malaysian foodn,Dig Inn (17th between Union Square West and Fifth) - Healthyish protien-rich food - I think this is just Energy Kitchen or Pump Energy Food rebranded,Patsys Pizza (University Place) - Thin crust pizza,Tortaria (University Place) - A Mexican place that just opened, looking forward to trying it,Va Piano (University Place) - Pizza, pasta, and a bar, they give you a card when you arrive and you swipe it at different stations to get food.

A fun place to hang out with a group,Stand (12th Street) - Burgers,Piola (12th Street) - Many varieties of thin-crust pizza,Dos Toros (4th Avenue) - California-style burritos,Num Pang (12th and University) - Takeout, great Cambodian sandwitches

Boutique hotels Union Square San Francisco

Serrano Inn, hands down.

Its a sweet boutique hotel with clever decor, caring staff, and a pretty good location 3 blocks from Union Square.

Holiday Inn is a great big Holiday Inn, in a less interesting and marginally less safe neighborhood.

What hotels are in Union Square San Francisco

Ive stayed at the Hotel Abri and really enjoyed it.

Its directly in Union Square - which I found to be surprisingly cool (there were some great cocktail bars nearby).

More photos on my travel blog: http://travelsofadam.


Best hotels in San Francisco

The St.

Regis (or also possibly the Mandarin Oriental, which Ive heard good things about but have never stayed in, so Im not sure).

In my experience the St.

Regis is considerably nicer than the Four Seasons in San Francisco and is also nicer than all of the hotels in Nob Hill and Union Square.

It has newer, cleaner, quieter rooms and a better lobby bar and restaurant.

(Some of the restaurants and bars connected to the Nob Hill hotels, such as Big 4, are fun in a nostalgic/historic way too, but thats a different experience; and the Campton Place restaurant in Union Square used to be one of the best in the city, but its slipped considerably in recent years, although the lobby bar there is still pretty urbane.

),Writing this reminds me that I need to check out the Mandarin Oriental sometime, and then update my answer : )

Hotel Union Square San Francisco reviews

No question that San Francisco on the surface is a beautiful city.

Nice parks, wonderful views.

Excellent weather, with many different climates within driving distance.

Great u201cculture.

Interesting history.

Lots to see and do.

Great place to visit.

,But not such a great place to live.

Which is a sad commentary.

,The city is generally filthy and smells of urine.

People can be seen sleeping in doorways, in subway stations or on trains.

Or in tent encampments on sidewalks and in alleyways.

The City picks up thousands of used syringes every day off the streets and in the parks.

,There are 7,000 homeless people living (and dying) on the streets.

Many have substance abuse and mental health problems.

Many more are just hobos and bums.

They have no interest in working.

,There is an entire u201cHomeless Industrial Complex here.

The homeless believe they are ENTITLED to free housing, free healthcare and need contribute nothing to the surrounding society.

And there are many organizations getting taxpayers dollars to u201chelp.

,The government simply refuses to do anything but throw more money at the problem.

$40,000 per homeless person per year.

With no measurable effect.

,And because the government does nothing, more and more homeless arrive here every day to beg, steal, shoot drugs or in general be a drag on society.

Other cities buy their bus tickets and send them here.

,The police here are fairly useless.

What good is it to arrest someone when the DA wonu2019t prosecute.

5,000 cops.

87,000 car break-ins.

17 total arrests.

,To even survive here, you need to learn to be like a New Yorker in the 1970u2019s.

Ignore it all.

If you encounter someone passed out or dead on the sidewalk, you simply step over them and keep moving.

Being careful not to step in the human feces or puddles of urine youu2019ll encounter on the sidewalks.

,But I must admit it gets to me after a while and makes living here unpleasant.

Every month I struggle and wonder if I will be able to make the rent.

The only way to avoid spending money is to stay home.

,The Municipal Transit Agency is a corrupt mess.

No timed transfers, long waits for a bus or train followed by two or three in a row.

No cell service in any of the many transit tunnels or underground stations.

,The local businesses cannot find workers willing to work for $16 an hour.

But wonu2019t hire anyone over 40.

Age discrimination in employment is rampant.

San Francisco is a city obsessed with youth and money.

,All the u201caffordableu201d rentals are out of town.

Riding BART or CalTrain into San Francisco and then transferring to Muni to get to work is at least $10 and an hour or more each way.

How many hours does a worker need to work at $16 an hour (before taxes) just to cover the costs of getting to and from their job? Theyu2019ll find work closer to home.

,There is a real u201chave versus u201chave notu201d culture here.

San Francisco can be great for those with very high incomes.

And there are plenty of them.

,The worldu2019s best restaurants are here and these people have no problem spending $300 to $1000 on a meal.

Fabulous designer fashions from every major label in the world are all within blocks of Union Square.

$25,000 purses are common.

$1,000 for a pair of shoes.

If this feels normal to you, youu2019ll fit right in and love San Francisco.

You will have lots of company, as there are many wealthy people living here.

,Builders are working 24 hours a day to build more multi-million dollar high rise condos.

The wealthy from around the world are flocking here.

Only costs $1 million invested in the US for a foreigner to buy a Green Card for themselves and their family.

No waiting either.

So San Francisco is a great place to be a nanny or a caterer.

,Computer Science grads fresh out of college start at $130K a year.

Which sounds great, but really doesnu2019t buy much.

Not when a humburger costs $12 to $17 and does not include fries or a drink.

,The techies get free bus transportation to Silicon Valley, free food and beer at work, sometimes free dry cleaning, free child care, free bike repair, and who knows what else companies like Facebook & Google are prepared to offer to hire the best talent.

Just be under 40 though.

,There was just an article in the local papers stating the cost of renting a U-Haul or moving van has gone sky high.

There is a huge shortage of available vehicles.

Why? One way rentals OUT OF TOWN are much more prevalent than the number of people of moderate income (the ones whou2019d do a move themselves) who are coming here.

Middle class working people are leaving San Francisco in droves.

,The City is mobbed by tourists (22 Million a year come to visit).

Many are from outside the U.



cheap hotels near union square, san francisco

(Ive lived in Boston since 1990.

My first roommate out of college lives in the San Francisco area and Ive visited him a bit, staying over in various seasons.

),Yes, concerning cost of living, Boston is better.

For $140k, you can afford to live in the city and own or rent (33% max towards housing of $140k = $46-47k, or about $4k a month -- easily doable).

Even 1 bedroom lofts around Kendall Square in luxury apartments will be below $4k.

Just dont buy a condo in the financial district.

,Other considerations:,WeatherSan Francisco has better weather, especially between January-March than Boston.

Likelihood it will snow.

Ive been here 25 years, I cannot think of a winter without snow.

Likelihood it will be below 32F some days.

I cannot think of a winter where the whole winter was balmy.

This winter has been nice so far.

Edit: I take it back.

Today was brutal.

I wanted to find my ski pants for merely walking around outside.

Temperatures in the morning commute were the high teens plus wind chills .



,You can expect some humidity in the summer i.


, some July and August days, especially when its in the 80s and 90s will feel like a sauna.

Its not as humid as San Antonio or Houston.

A friend of mine joked that at least in Boston in the summer, if you put cookies on a sheet, they get dry.

If you did that in San Antonio, they get soggy.

San Francisco apparently has a little humidity with the fog, but this is negligible.

,There are arguably 3 seasons in San Francisco; there are 4 in Boston.

,Advantage: San Francisco unless you like snow and all four seasons.

,Walkability and Public TransportationSo people in Boston complain about the T (the MBTA or Mass Bay Transit Authority), especially how its not as on time as theyd like, or in winter months how it breaks down or whatever.

If you live in the cities of Boston or Cambridge, they are very walkable.

At least we have public transportation; Ive heard its negligible in San Fran.

,Activities, especially for younger professionalsBoston is definitely aware of the college students.

In the summer months, most students go away, the traffic is much better, there arent as many people in Boston proper.

That being said, the city tries to have activities that are either free or relatively cheap.

Most of the outdoor events will be in the summertime, but there are plenty of free to inexpensive activities such as the Landmarks Orchestra, Independence Day Boston Pops Concert and Fireworks, Movies on the Esplanade Hatchshell and at the Boston Harbor Hotel, various types of music at the Boston Harbor Hotel, Shakespeare on the Common, etc.

,Boston is a fabulous city for younger professionals.

,Education SystemAs you may know, Massachusetts in the union has the best education system.

There are funny articles like If Massachusetts Were A Country, Its Students Would Rank 9th In The World ,Boston is the modern-day Athens, with two world class institutions in Cambridge (Harvard, MIT) and numerous colleges, including 5 colleges in the top 50 of the country (adding Tufts, Boston University, Boston College).

Continuing education and/or graduate level studies are pretty common here too.

,Advantage: Boston,General FriendlinessOkay, so California definitely beats Massachusetts in terms of strangers.

It has been said anecdotally that if you could liken people of a state to an animal, Californians would be Golden Retrievers (always happy to see you!) and Massachusetts people would be a lobster (tough hard exterior! but soft on the inside once you can break through the shell).

,This is true in stores as well.

While shopping, Ive had a lot more people in California come up, say hi, introduce themselves, ask me if I need any help, and see if I am finding what I need, and tell me theyre available to me if I need help.

In Massachusetts, this is the exception -- very rare.

,Making eye-contact with people and smiling: in California, thats human behavior.

In Massachusetts, thats a rarity -- are you a salesperson?! Are you a scammer?!,Advantage: San Francisco,DiversityI think Metro San Francisco has more diversity than Metro Boston, but around the universities and within 10 miles of the city (within the 128/95 belt) theres quite a bit of diversity.

New England tends to be the least diverse within the Union -- especially when you get out to the suburbs.

Within the city proper or at least around the colleges, theres a lot of diversity.

,Advantage: San Francisco,Professional Sports and Sports TeamsThis is completely lopsided in the last 15 years.

We Bostonians are spoiled.

9 professional championships?! Yikes.

San Francisco only has 4: 3 with the Giants and the 2015 Golden State Warriors NBA title.

Bostonians have the Pats in the calendar years of 2002, 04, 05, 15; the Red Sox (2004, 07, 13); the Celtics (2008) and the Bruins (2011).

,I think I would say that sports are like religion of many people -- people religiously watch their teams and the games, people know of statistics and so on.

Some people nearly worship Bill Belichick (In Bill We Trust) and Tom Brady (Superman).

,Sports are also safe topics for conversation.

,Advantage: Boston,Health, Healthcare and Being in ShapeWhile Californians are generally in better shape (San Franciscos adult obesity rates beat Bostons) and have lots of great avenues such as hiking mountains and going camping, if you live in the city of Boston, since its very walkable, you can get decent exercise in the city.

Healthcare-wise, Boston has a number of the top hospitals in the nation.