What are the problems faced by a guy who joins the IndiGo Cadet program at the age of 29?

Can an airline captain marry you

Lets be fair and frank!,There are 2 cases here,If you are Married,If you are Unmarried,If you are MarriedYou will probably have to live away from your spouse for 2 years.

If you accommodate your spouse in the city you will be trained, then you need to spend from your pocket.

I donu2019t think there is any other problem.

Age is just a number.

,If you are UnmarriedYou might be placed a first officer when you are 31u201332 years old.

The captain next to you might be much much younger to you! You should be more than humble to accept that.

You see in the cadet pilot program you will have cadets from ages 18u201325.

So you can calculate.

All these shouldnu2019t deter you from joining the program though.

,Also, your career as an airline pilot will be much shorter than others.

Most of the airlines have retiring age of 62.

So you can just work for 30 years considering you are healthy all while and hold a Class 1 Medical.

Donu2019t forget if you take a loan about 90 lacs you will need to repay it back.

Again this might take another 4u20135 years to repay.

So by 35 you will be settling down! I donu2019t say its late, but think about it!

Can a ships captain marry you USA

Yes and no.

,In most parts of the world, including the USA, many captains can marry a couple together.

,But not because they are Captain.

The position of captain does not grant them that power.

That is a myth.

,But because so many people expect that myth to be true, many captains have taken the time to get themselves ordained through some course to allow them to do so.

With some cruise ship lines its actually a requirement the Captain do so.

,Some countries (like Japan for instance) does allow a captain to be granted the authority to marry simply by their position, but this is rare and is also done because of the myth.

A case of life imitating art.

,So if youre on a cruise ship and the captain performs a marriage ceremony, he doesnt have that authority just because he is Captain, but because he has taken a course that mail order ordains him that allows him to do so.

Getting married in international waters


The captain is empowered to perform a wedding at sea.

It would most likely have to be arranged ahead of time with the cruise line.

Ship captain marriage History

The history is that there is no history if it.

,Ship captains do not have authority to marry couples .

While the belief that this is true goes back a long ways and no one really knows where and how it started.



It gained popularity with movies and TV shows which regularly depict ship captains as (wrongly) having this power.

,They dont.

Can a boat captain marry you in Florida

nFabulous! In April of 1997, we drove down to Marathon in the Florida Keys, I bought a Jams dress, Don bought a shirt, I ordered a tropical bouquet to be ready for me at a local florist.

We met his brother and his wife at their boat.

We walked down the dock to people blowing their boat horns and flying their party flags.

We got married at the end of the dock by a boat captain, had champagne and snacks for whoever was there (we had 3 special couples celebrate with us and live-aboard boat resident guests), then took everyone to a sunset dinner at a local restaurant, where they had made us a special cake.

We stayed 2 nights in the floating houses there.


the night before and the night after.

About $1K and the best memories ever.



how relaxed can you get?! Leave it to two psychologists to know how to have a low-stress wedding!

Can a notary marry you


You need to check the local state laws.

My wife and I were married by a notary in South Carolina.

I am a notary in PA and notaries do not have the power to perform marriages here.

Is marriage on a cruise ship legal

According to the Finnish law, yes.

He may also conduct the funerals at sea.

The same rights apply also to a captain of an aircraft.

Are weddings at sea legal

Princess and Cunard ships registered in Bermuda can legally perform marriages at sea by the captain.