What are top places to go when visiting the Philippines?

10 best tourist spots in Palawan

Well, that entirely depends on you mate.

,Looking for a nice beach getaway? Try:,Panglao, BoholCoron, PalawanOr perhaps youu2019re looking for a place deeply rooted in our cultural history (though honestly I doubt it):,Intramuros, ManilaVigan City, IlocosOr maybe a nice place to shop and buy many things?,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro ManilaPower Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati CityOr maybe a place where you can just trek and admire nature?,Mt.

Pinatubo, PampangaMt.

Apo, CotabatoReally, we have so many places that youu2019ll probably need to narrow down first what youu2019re looking for in a vacation.

Historical places in Palawan

Here is my personal selection of the Most Beautiful Places in the World.

,All pictures are in LARGE format so click on them to get the full size.

,The emphasis is on maybe lesser known countries and places and for photogenic events or natural occurrences mixed with some more cultural or historical sites.

I purposely tried to avoid places which were already named here or that were already in some of my existing answers like What are the must-visit islands of the world? ,Briksdal Glacier, Norwayn,Bromo volcano, Indonesian,Rapa river delta, Lapland, Swedenn,Shinto Gates, Kyoto, Japann,Tsingy de Bemaraha Park, Madagascarn,Chott-el-Djerid, Tunisian,Caldeira of Uzon, Kamtchaka, Russian,Disko Bay, Greenlandn,Medina of Ghadames, Libyan,Natron Lake, Tanzanian,Moon Valley, Atacama desert, Chilen,Chenini, Tunisian,Petrified Forest, Arizonan,Rocas Bainbridge, Galapagos, Ecuadorn,Oualata, Mauritanian,Socotra island, Yemenn,Wrangell St Elias National park, Alaskan,Cappadocia, Turkeyn,St George Basin, Australian,Fontainhas, Santo Antao, Cape Verden,Merv, Turkmenistann,Piccaninny Gorges, Bungles Bungle, AustraliaCelestial Laguna, Potosi, Bolivian,Lake Grey, Torres del Paine, Chilen,Ubud, Bali, Indonesian,Mono Lake, Californian,Tassili nAjjer, Algerian,Shibam, YemenChitta Katta lake, Kashmir, Pakistan,n,Tomsk, Siberia, Russian,Guelta du2019 Archeu00ef, Chadn,Elephantine island, Egyptn,The Wave, Paria Canyon, Utahn,Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepaln,Celestial Mountains, Kirghizistann,Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Braziln,Honda Bay, Palawan island, Philippinesn,Baltit Fort, Karimabad, Pakistann,Simberi Island, New Ireland, Papa New Guinean,Himeji castle, Honshu island, Japann,Shilin, Yunnan, Chinan,Vitthala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, Indian,Guanajuato, Mexicon,Djemaa el-Fna square, Marrakech, Moroccon,Badlands, South Dakotan,Lauca Park, Parinacota, Chilen,Lingshed Valley, Ladakh, Kashmir, Indian,Tsaranoro, Andringitra, Madagascarn,Ounianga, Chadn,Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkeyn,Zumbahua Canyon, Ecuadorn,Tiniteqilaaq, Greenlandn,Valley of the Roses, Haut-Atlas, Moroccon,Antofagasta Cliffs, Chilen,Namib Rand reserve, Namibian,Eileen Donan, Scotlandn,Djennu00e9 Mosque, Malin,Lencois island, Maranhao, Braziln,Leptis Magna, Libyan,More Og Romsdal, Norwayn,Mount Assiniboine, Canadan,Ksar Ait Ben Haddou, Moroccon,Roussanou Monastery, Thessalia, Greecen,n,Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodian,Bandiagara, Malin,Bagan, Mandalay, Birman,Tseshu Festival, Thimphu, Bhutann,Alep, Syrian,Sur, Omann,Pantanal plains, Braziln,Ishak Pasha palace, Eastern Anatolia, Turkeyn,Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentinan,Sarakiniko, Milos, Greecen,n,Skogafoss, Icelandn,nAlso find my self-created Google Map with each sites precise location:nhttp://g.


Top 5 tourist spot in Palawan

There are so many beautiful places in the Philippines thats why some of the foreigners wanted to spend their vacation in the Philippines.

,Hold your breath because the Philippines has a lot of hidden gems that can never see in the other countries!,The best vacation month in the Philippines is every summer month it would start from March - June so here are some of the best places in the Philippines,1.

Port Barton - one of the amazing place in Palawan it is located near El Nido, it is a small town in San Vicente Palawan.

this place is still not crowded unlike other popular vacation spots in the Philippines, you can relax and enjoy the moment with your family and friends without pollution.

,You can also catch fresh foods and you may enjoy other activities like island hopping and snorkeling etc.


Rice Terraces - The oldest rice terraces in the world it is very popular in the Philippines this place Named a world heritage Site in 1995 this can be found in Banue.

the age of the terraces believed by many to be over 2,000 years old or more than that.

u201cIFUGAOu201d is the name of people who live there and taking care of the place they are indigenous people.


Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte - it is regarded as the countrys surfing mecca it has a signature surf site Cloud 9 many surfer visits this place as this is the best place to surf.

aside from surfing, you can also do some activities like Kayaking, paddling, snorkeling, platform diving and many more.


Seco Island - this is the crown jewel of antique some says that this is the best-kept secret of the province.

This island is considered by Yahoo Philippines as one of the top five kite-boarding spots in the Philippines,5.

Bohol - this place is known in coral reefs and unusual geological formations, notably the chocolate hills numerous mounds of brown-colored limestone, this is one of the most attractive tourist destinations with its beaches and resorts.

you can find the Panglao Island where it is famous for its diving locations it is listed as one of the top ten diving locations in the world.

You can also find the worlds smallest primates the Philippine tarsier which is indigenous in the island.

,So that is my top five best spot but if you do search the Philippines you can find a lot of beautiful spots and there are still a lot of places that not yet discover.

Tourist spot in Palawan Puerto Princesa

Thanks of A2A.

I am thankful for having visited, several times, Puerto Princesa City and the u201cneigboringu201d town of Aborlan (70 kilometers south).

However, I have never been to any u201ctouristu201d spot there, except for Baywalk in Puerto Princesa City.

,I think if you spend 3 weeks, it will still be not enough if you are an adventurous / backpacker type.

,Palawan can be divided in to 7 major areas:,Southern Palawan (main land) - towns of Aborlan, Narra, Quezon, Batarazza.

The major attraction is Tabon Cave (archeolaogical site of primitive people).

Other attractions are forests, waterfalls, brown sand beaches, rice paddies, indigenous peoples, Muslim communities.

Be careful with u201cmalariau201d in this area.

,Island of Balabac, which is already near Malaysia (Sabah).




Puerto Princesa City - major attractions are u201csubterrenean riveru201d and Honda Bay (island hopping).

I suggest you do your research, as this area has many tourist spots.


Tubbataha Reef, a UNESCO site - several hours boat ride southeast of Puerto Princesa,5.

Norhtern Palawan (main land) - this is the area where many u201ctouristu201d go.

You can spend at least 1 week here.

This includes towns of El Nido, Port Barton, San Vicente and Taytay.


Coron Island (north) - this island has direct flights / ferry from Manila,Updated! CORON PALAWAN: Budget Travel Guide & Itinerary | The Poor Traveler Itinerary Blog7.

Cuyo and Calamian islands - this area is accessible via ferry from Iloilo City, which is 6 hours bus ride from Boracay,Cuyo Island: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Activities & Moreu2014

Man made attractions in Palawan

BoracayBoracay is one of the most famous islands in the country, it is known for its white sand beaches, LaBoracay, and other leisure activities.

Itu2019s located on the northwestern part of Panay island and can be reached by plane from MNL or CEB.

,PalawanPalawan is a province known for its underground river tours, beaches, and lagoons.

It is a famous tourist spot for both local and foreign tourists.

Palawan can be reached by flight from either MNL or CEB.

,CebuCebu is known for its beaches and mountains.

Bantayan and Oslob are famous for beaches and whale sharks (Oslob), Dalaguete is famous for its Casino Peak, Badian for Kawasan Falls and many more.

Cebu can be reached by plane from MNL, DVO, CGY, PPS, etc.

,LeyteLeyte may not be as famous as the first three but they also have something to offer one of which is the Kalanggaman island near Palompon, Cuatro Islas near Inopacan and Hindang, and Lake Danao National Park near Ormoc.

Leyte can be reached by plane from MNL or CEB, you can also try fast craft from Cebuu2019s seaport to Ormoc or Palompon.

,BoholBohol is an island known for its Tarsier and the Chocolate Hills, however, Bohol has more to offer like Baclayon Church, Man-made Forest in Bilar, and Jardin Necitas in Pilar.