What are some examples of cryptocurrencies that actually have intrinsic value, i.e. its blockchain has a business model involving providing services and goods, and possession of the currency giving access to those goods and services?

Examples of businesses that provide goods and services

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Examples of service business in the Philippines

Thanks for the A2A!I am definitely Southeast Asian, because I am Indonesian.

,Disclaimer: It is very hard to answer this question objectively.

Because of that, my answer below is purely my subjective opinion.

In addition to that, I also make a lot of generalisations.

So, please bear with me.



,The Philippines is one of the most (if not the most) Westernised country in Asia.

Hong Kong used to be the most Westernised region in Asia.

But right now, I have to say the Philippines is more Westernised.

It can be seen in: religion (Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion in the country), language (English is one of the official languages), and culture (its culture displays a significant numbers of Spanish and American influences).

,Like Indonesia, the Philippines is also an island country.

The consequence is it has many beautiful beaches.

I do not know if this is related.

But, beach is identical with beautiful girls.

And apparently, beauty pageant is also big in the Philippines.

,Because of its location, the Philippines is prone to earthquakes and typhoons.

I can relate to this, since Taiwan (where I live now) is also prone to those natural disasters.

,When it is about the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, the Philippines comes to my mind immediately.

,Filipinos are good singers.


,Based on my own observation (and honestly, I am quite surprised about this); there are very few Filipinos (and also Filipino-Americans) in startup scene or technology company in the Bay Area (unlike Indians, they are everywhere).

Maybe it is not fair to compare the Philippines to India due to the difference of their size.

However, a much smaller country (Singapore) has a larger presence in the scene.

For example, I will not be surprised if there is no Filipino in Quoras office, but there are several Singaporeans in it.

It seems to me that many Filipinos are in the health service industry.

Is it a cultural thing?,I do not know if this one is good or bad thing.

In Taiwan, they have this term, VIP (Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines).

The majority of domestic helpers in Taiwan are from these countries.

Domestic helpers from the Philippines are preferred by young family with kids.

It is because they hope the helpers can introduce English to the kids as early as possible.

,Sadly, the Philippines is a poor country and it suffers from widespread corruption (like Indonesia, sigh).

There is a reason why Asian Development Bank (ADB) has its headquarters in Manila.

During the development of the ADB, the Philippines was a rich country.

Because of their infamous former President, Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippines is in its current state.

,Last but not least, I think Tagalog has an uncanny resemblance to Javanese language.

Service business examples in Accounting

Yes, there are multiple.

But as always when it comes to payments - it depends on what you are selling, in which countries are your customers, what are the expected volumes and single order amounts etc.

Payment providers are like car manufacturers, there are many and they offer vehicles for various niches, there is no one that can satisfy all market needs.

,So if you have a large volume and are doing some relatively low-risk business, GlobalCollect would be an option.

Service business ideas

Here i am going to write two service Based Business idea which you can start easily: -,Request & Book Hotel: - it will be a app concept- when some one book hotel by this app, then after booking the notification is goes to the other hotels in that area, then other hotel will send offer to person.

Let assume a Person A Book hotel in Hotel B (hotel is 2star) then Hotel C(4star) give a offer to book same size and same facility in our hotel, means the Person A book room in a 2 star hotel then it is upgraded to 3 star hotel room with same price,,Bus Food Delivery: - As many people travel on bus and not like the food from the small hotel in front Bus stops, So you can deliver a Good Restaurant and Budget Food Deliver to the people when bus stops.

The user trust the restaurant by seeing the reviews,,For Premium Idea and More Detail Contact,Thanks for reading,,Shivam

Most profitable service business

Food! At any scale.

,You could be selling pakoras or jalebis at the end of your street.

Or you could open a juices or milkshakes parlor near schools or colleges.

Or you could start a restaurant in a posh location.

Or you could deliver homemade meals through Tin Men.

In any case, you dont need a lot of experience and unless you are super premium, you are not going to be effected by Macroeconomic conditions.

The only thing that matters in the food business is consistency.

Thats all.