What are some examples of practicing good company culture that a small business can do?

Small business culture examples

Looking at our own culture here at 7Geese (team of 13), one of the first visible aspects I noticed when joining that speaks to our company culture and good practices of culture is our weekly lunch and learn.

,Every Wednesday one or two team members present on a topic of interest for the rest of the team during an organization paid lunch hour where we order food from a local restaurant.

But, these lunches are not just simple team building exercises.

If you were to sit in on one you would see that they are focused on topics relating back to our business and industry, benefiting the knowledge growth of the entire team.

,These lunches promote the value we uphold of being a learning organization and striving for ongoing development.

,We share a few laughs with some of the presentations, so having fun and being positive is another value that gets promoted.


Best company culture examples

Culture is different in different countries.

Please define which part of the world you are in, that should help you get a useful answer.

Positive culture examples

Since when has Vader is a positive cultural icon?,Heu2019s a popular cultural icon, sure.

But being popular is not the same as being positive.

,Vader has always been a villain and he was perceived as such.

Yes heu2019s mysterious and charismatic.

And yes, he eventually completed his redemption arc, but he gets to be u201credeemedu201d because heu2019s a villain.

Good guys donu2019t need redemption.

,A lot of people like Vader because heu2019s a (somewhat) complex character with a (not very well written) back story.

But at the end of the day, the guy is a villain.

He killed children, in case you forget about that.

You canu2019t walk back from that.

The only reason his redemption worked is because he died right after.

Had he lived, he would not escape the punishment of his evil deeds.

Killing the emperor at the end doesnu2019t make up for all he did.

,Iu2019ve never heard anyone being compared to Vader at all, let alone as a compliment.

Workplace culture examples

Im specifically arguing for a universal, abstract, definition of good work culture, rather than good work culture for me.

,Id suggest a good work culture is one where:,1.

The culture is optimized to enable and support the goals of the business,This means that, for example, if the business has a goal of being able to constrain costs, for example, the culture constrains cost; if the businesss goal is to have a highly-regimented, highly-predictable, work output, the culture enables that; etc.

We can have a different conversation about whether or not we should really be amoral about the goals of the business (are all goals OK?), but thats not relevant to this conversation,2.

The culture is consistent with how people within the company describe the culture; an impedance mismatch there suggests hypocrisy or PR, rather than accurate description of what employees are dealing with.

How to describe company culture

My answer describes a factual work culture in one of Directorates in my office.

,If you are a smart and resourceful employee, youu2019ll get many works and it does not close a possibility that you will given work which is not yours but you canu2019t refuse it.

When your boss is unhappy with the performance of another employee who canu2019t get his job done, your boss will ask you to take over his job.

,My co-workers here hate works that have something to do with data processing.

They are going to scowl if they have to work with data and will make various reasons to reject the works.

But they love to talk a lot in any meeting, commenting otheru2019s work like they are the true expert.

,People in my Directorate love business trips, they always say u201c now itu2019s the time to go for business trip or why we havenu2019t had any business trip ? u201d but they hate making reports after their business trip.

During business trip, they are always in hurry to get the work done so they can have more time to have fun or shop.

,Nearly all people there hate working with applications.

They always say u201c itu2019s no longer my job to work with this or this is not appropriate work for me u201d However they never have any problem when they have to use application like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, You Tube or Netflix.

Once I saw them talking seriously about how to register an account on certain social media.

,They always come right on time.

But then some of them will head to pantry, make a glass of coffee and discuss about anything which actually does not have anything to do with work.

They can do it for hours.

,Official clock out time is 17.

00 pm, but thirty minutes ahead of it, they already stop working.

,They like laughing and making jokes during work time.

Even when one of them is having a hard time trying to solve his job, they donu2019t care.

They will make a joke, laugh hard and they donu2019t care if they are annoying that person who is working seriously.

,Sometimes, they can take four hours just to type four pages of paper work.

,Some of them will pretend to look busy when it is about time for office hour to end.

,Boss gives them work at ten ou2019clock in the morning, they will do it at fourteen ou2019clock afternoon.

,Some of them never want to work seriously, she will just spend all her time surfing the web for the whole day and the funny fact is, the boss canu2019t handle her.

,Some of them complain they never get a chance of promotion but when they are given works to actualize themselves, they always refuse them or when they have no other choices but to take the works, they performed poorly.

,Some of them complain that they never get any work but when they are given some works, they always reject and perform poorly if they have to do the works.

,They are good at criticizing but they are bad at doing work.

,Some of them will openly say u201c How much I get if I do this work u201d,I canu2019t mention the Directorateu2019s name.