How do I reply to an IBM job confirmation email from HR?

How to reply confirmation email for job

Hey man, i will tell you its a very complicated thing to do.

You are on the right path for asking such a question.

,It is highly required to be very specific and humble yet need to explaim your emotion to that person that you are going to accept the offer.

,There are many ways to do the same:,You can say, u201ci accept.

u201d,You can reply u201cyes i am interestedu201d,In my case, what i did was, u201cyesu201d,Bcoz IBM knows how people are gonna get confused about this whole thing, they simply gave the clue in their question itself.

,Q: congratulations, you are selected to be a part of the IBM family, please confirm your candidature by replying with u201ci confirmu201d.

,Ans: i confirm or i accept or yes i confirm.

,Any above approach will do the job for you.