Why is my phone saying insufficient storage when I have installed an SD card which still has space available?

My phone says insufficient storage but I have space

Maybe because you arent using the SD card? Also if you have low internal storage it sets a hard limit no matter how big your SD card is.

Insufficient storage space

The Android storage space is partitioned into different areas.

For example, I have an old 4 GB Android tablet, but only about 400MB exists in the partition where software is installed.

,In my case, I am running Android 4.

0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and some applications will let you move them to the SD card (which is really just built in, permanent storage) but a surprising number will not.

As a result, I can only install a limited number of applications despite seeming to having a lot of free flash memory.

,Without knowing more about how your particular Android device is configured, it is hard to say what, exactly, is going on.

However, it is important to understand that storage space is broken into isolated partitions, and it is not always possible to use free space in one partition to fix a problem of too little space in another partition.

Insufficient storage meaning

I know itu2019s unlikely, but letu2019s assume for a second that youu2019re serious.

Insufficient storage is u2026 less than enough.

You canu2019t just u2018wedgeu2019 files in, where there is no space available in which to store them.

,What you need is the InfinitySD which literally has no storage limitations.


You can just keep sending files there.


No problem.

Fire away.

,Oh you want to retrieve them? Ooops!

My phone says insufficient storage but I have space Android

insufficient storage cause by a large number of apps are installed, too many app cache files are accumulated, or too many audio, video, and image files are accumulated.

,You can go to Settings > Storage, check if you have storage space left.

,There are some tips to fix the problem u201cinsufficient storageu201d,Move your music, and video files to an external memory card or computer.

,Clean up storage space.

,Downloading apps that take up a lot of space can cause your storage to run out.

It is recommended that you uninstall apps you do not frequently use to free up space;,When an insufficient storage notification prompt is displayed, touching the notification will take you to the storage cleanup screen .

Select pictures, videos, and app data you would like to remove;,When a Storage limit reached notification box appears, touching the OK button will take you to the storage cleanup screen .

Select pictures, videos, and app data you would like to remove;,Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps that are used frequently over time will generate a lot of cached data such as pictures and videos.

You can go to Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data(factory reset) to clear data and cache.

,Apps such as Waze and Chrome may take up a large amount of storage space.

This is due to app design.

You can do the following:,a.

To temporarily resolve this issue, go to Settings > Storage > Other apps, find the app that is taking up a large amount of storage space, such as Waze, and touch CLEAR DATA, as shown in the following figures.


Update your phone to the latest version

Storage problem solution

Researchers have proposed to use DNA to store information.

Although it can potentially store more information in a given volume, it has lots of challenges; Currently, data is read and written at a frequency of several hundreds of MHz (almost 1 bit for every 2u20135 ns) (ignoring the time spent in seeking information, which takes a ms or so).

Although it is touted to be coming soon, in my opinion, it will take a long time if it has to overtake the existing hard disk drive based storage or even the flash memory based SSDs.

Not enough storage space Samsung

Cause j7 has very less ram 1.

5 GB which isnt sufficient for multitasking today!