Where is the Google headquarters located?

Where is Google based

Google are very much based internationally.

,They have their huge Googleplex at Mountain View in Silicon Valley, but they also have huge premises in London, Dublin & Barcelona in the EU.

,I donu2019t know about the rest of the world, but they surely have a presence in many other cities.

What is Google

Update on June 2011: The result of months of hard work is out: Google+.

Welcome to a new world.

,Google Me will not be necessarly a new social network but a way to leverage the real social network that Google users already have and integrate in what Google already offer.

, GoogleMe will:n,not use the word Friend for the people in the social graph.

The user would be able to define how specific partitions of his/her contacts are called.

These partitions will be generically called groups or circles.

There will be some predefined groups (ex: family, colleagues, etc).

They are similar to the Facebook lists but different in how easy, clear and immediate interacting with them is.

,have deep care about privacy to gain user trust.

The user will not get surprises interacting with his contacts.

,enable the user to have more than one identity.

Sharing and conversations scope will be limited to the specific group of people linked to the specific identity.

Interaction with a group will be not be available to the other groups.

Content may be public in a group of people but not for others.

,make sure that the user clearly understands the audience of the content that he/she is sharing and the persistence of the message.

,let the user will be able to do some actions anonymously.

Ex rating products.

,facilitate the interaction with contacts with strong ties vs weak ties vs temporary ties.

Ex on Google chat the user can select to be visible only to my strong ties and invisible for all the rest.

,be integrated with all the Google products (gmail, Google docs, Picasa, Google checkout, Google products, Google voice and SEARCH etc).

The user will be able to share a Google spreadsheet with the group Work colleagues for example.

Shared content will be indexed and accessible during a Google search (if relevant).

It will be able to deliver the message in the way preffered by the receiver of the message (ex: on the steam, by email, or by text message through Google voice.

,be able to learn about people relationships and influence on each other regarding specific subjects and prioritize stream/feed according to that.

Ex: My colleague Patty travel a lot and is the best person to get information about place to visit or where to book the cheapest flights.

When I am searching for a place to visit, she may be automatically inquired and the system will make sure that I receive suggestions by Patty on that subject.

Google Me will provided tools for business to act on those influences (like an Adwords on steroids).