Where did 10 trillion dollars go when Obama left us with a tanked economy and a stripped military?

u.s. department of veterans affairs address

Are you really just trolling here?!? That has to be one of the most ludicrous questions put on here! He did NOT leave us with a tanked economyu2026he brought us back from the Great Recession and a severe financial crisis that began in 2007.

The cumulative changes in several economic variables from the start of his tenure in January 2009 to late 2016 were: Stock markets +180%; Corporate profits +112%; Auto sales +85%; Home prices +24%; Real GDP +15%; Number of jobs +8%; and number of Americans without health insurance -39%.

,In President Obamau2019s address to the American Legionu2019s 96th convention, he outlined the five priorities the Administration is focused on to ensure fulfilling our promises to service members, veterans and their families: delivering the quality health care veterans have been promised; ensuring all veterans have every opportunity to pursue the American Dream; providing the U.


Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with the resources our veterans deserve; protecting the dignity and rights of all veterans; and eliminating the decades-old disability claims backlog.

Veterans Affairs benefits

Veterans compensation and private sector retirement are two separate and distinctly different things.

One does NOT influence the other in any way.

Example: If you are receiving a VA disability allowance of 40% and retire to receive Full SSA of $1500 a month, u2026you will receive BOTH checks each month: One from SSA for $1500 and one from VA for the regular 40% Allowance.

,Social Security is only reduced by Taxes and Medicare.

VA is only reduced if your Disability is Reclassified at a lower level.

( VA can also be raised by re-classification or adding additional disabilities to your record.

) Age and change in work status has nothing to do with your VA benefit, and SSA is based on your Quarters of work.

,Youu2019re good.

va.gov login

You can go online yourself, VA.

gov Home | Veterans Affairs, login and enter the forms for an increase in your disability rating.

There are Veteran Service Officers available that can assist in this also.

There is a link to find professional help on the VA site.

If you use a VSO, they donu2019t charge anything and are trained to do these things.

nCheck out this Facebook group: Veteran 2 Veteran Info

Veterans Health Administration

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary

It will take a thick skinned doctor able to deal with the president and Congress to run the VA.

,A trained man/woman already running a large medical bureaucracy would help.

,Shital Desai, MD Named Physician in Chief for DC & Suburban Maryland (mydoctor.


org),The new chief should be give the freedom and be judged by results every six months -twelve months.

,Our new VA chief should be really vetted this time.

If the new chief isnu2019t a veteran he/she should have veterans from every veterans group on staff.

,Someone needs to have their ear to the ground and know what to look for and how to fix the VA health system.

,This is an almost impossible task.

VA benefits login

Yes, you absolutely can! As long as you qualify for benefits that isu2026.

You have to go to a VA approved school and enroll in a VA approved course of study.

To locate a VA approved school, use this tool from the VA.

After that, contact the school officials (they will show when you pull up schools on the VA tool) and ensure that your study program is approved, because if it is not then you can expect massive delays in payments, or possibly no payments at all.

If you want to enroll in a program that is not approved, contact the VA here to request approval for it, you will need login information or will need to create an account to do so.

,For more in-depth information on this subject visit this website, it has a great outline of whatu2019s needed and what to expect.

I hope this has been helpful!