What is some recommended free software for creating organizational charts?

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Edraw Org Chart SoftwareYou can try:,Built-in Card Shapes: The software has many pre-defined symbols with different styles and usage.

,Edit Vector Based Elements: All the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format and thus editable.

,Automatic Formatting Tool: You can add shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes.

,Input Data File and Create: Simply input all the staff information in an excel following a certain format, then the software will automatically create a new one for you.

,Export to Different Formats: Just a click for you to export org chart to PDF, PPT, Word and many graphic formats.

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There is no real incentive for companies to make that information public.

Why bother publicizing your internal firm politics?,Additionally, the organizational structure may be constantly in flux, or it may be little more than a formality.

In many of the larger bureaucratized organizations in which Ive worked, the reporting structure has existed primarily as a PowerPoint slide in some obscure corner of a shared folder which is consulted primarily to orient new-hires.

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,There are some normal disadvantages of using the traditional hierarchical organizational charts:,It may lead to poor communication and coordination across different functions since functional units are not always accountable to each other.

As a result, single division trends to only concern about their own duties and tasks.

,Due to the lack of autonomy, employees from the bottom may have lots of limitations to share their constructive ideas or creative proposals.

The vertical structure is likely to be rigid, which might hamper the company from accepting innovative concepts and trap a company in outdated techniques.

,Organizational charts only show formal relationships and tells nothing of the pattern of human (social) relationships that develop.

,Reference: Free organizational chart templatesThe above limitations could be improved by using matrix org charts or flat organizational charts.