Why dont I feel guilty for kissing another guy?

I feel guilty for kissing another guy

Either because you donu2019t really care for your guyu2019s feelings, or because youu2019re secretly craving something more or a freedom that you canu2019t/donu2019t have in your relationship.

I kissed someone else when I was drunk

Actually, itu2019s classed as pure stupidity, getting drunk and then blaming this on the fact you were drunk.

Is kissing someone else cheating Reddit

Its not for the fainted heart to be honest.

,There are moments where you doubt everything and all those demons on your shoulders are playing with your mind.

Is your spouse cheating on your, is you spouse going out with someone else.

,After some time you just learn to ignore them and you come to trust the person that you have next to you so much and vice Versa.

,You start to comunicate better with your other half, because lets be honest, thats the only thing you have.

,A little argument, a little doubt, etc left unaddressed can transform into an iceberg and sink the whole ship.

,The days when youll meet again are going to be so damn good.

All that time youve waited for your spouse and now you just have them in front of you.

Hug them, kiss them, something else as well.

;),You learn a lot about yourself and about your spouse.

,Its not allways fun and games but youll over come your obstacles.

,Never end a call with an argument, never.

Resolve everything.

Ask as many questions as you like, there are no forbidden questions in long distance, you have something on your mind say it.

Itll make you relationship stronger because you can comunicate well.

,If you manage to stay together all the time than he is the one for you.

,When it comes to dates, you have skype or FaceTime.

,You can call and chat during the day.

,Send selfies and little videos to maintain that spark lit.

,It makes my day when my girls sends me that.

,Do dates over the Internet.

Sit down and have a romantic dinner, watch a movie together, etc.

You are 30 but that doesnt mean you cant have fun.

,When the times are hard, go to Long Distance Relationships on Reddit and you can find a lot of stories of people in the same situations as you.

Some end bad some go on for years.

,Hope this helps.

,If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Can a relationship survive a drunken kiss

Can a relationship get back to normal after someone cheats?Is a very very interesting question, and I think the answer is very complex.

Most people here answered no but also end up in longwinded stories about their own lack of trust.

One woman described how she herself is an attractive high-end business woman and her man cheated with u201can ugly alcoholic nolifer with acneu201d which I also found quite interesting, and shows that she has yet to understand why the cheating happened in the first place.

,First we have to find out what is normal and what is cheatingThese means different things to different people, but Ill say what I think they are.

,Cheating is the act of straying from the ground rules founded in the beginning of the relationship.

If none are agrees upon it is usually line with kissing and having sex with others.

Within the realm of cheating there exists u201chaving affairsu201d which in itself is an entirely different beast.

,Did your partner one drunken night kiss someone else? Or did your partner keep a secret relationship/sexual partner for years and months, while taking you for a fool?,Both of these acts are cheating, but only one of them is an affair.

Then there is the word normal.

Normal is a funny word choice, because it does not mean a good, functioning relationship.

It means a comfortable, long-winded pattern youre both used to.

While one may have had an affair, the other party may have had no suspicion and carried on life as normal.

Maybe the normal before the cheating was very similar to the one while the cheating happened.

Maybe normal is just a pedestalized idea of the honeymoon phase.

Thats what makes this question especially complicated.

In the case of cheating without an affair I think it is fair to say yes.

But even with such minor indiscretion it takes sacrifice and compromise from both parties.

Trust has been shaken and maybe completely shattered, one lost trust to a partner, the other may have lost trust in oneself and ones own ability to exhibit self-control.

The cheater must be willing to give up control to their partner, and maybe refrain from certain activities or places that risk in cheating.

Aside from that, the cheater has to make a plan what they will do in the future in a similar situation to avoid the same happening again, and understand why it happened in the first place, and be willing to communicate this in depth with their partner in order to SLOWLY build and regain not only their own, but their partneru2019s trust.

Eventually the relationship can turn back to a normal, maybe even a better normal with more transparency, better communication and more self awareness.

,An affair is not much different but takes a lot more work.

And couples counseling.

Im going to say something controversial here but an affair is often (not always) the result of both parties mismanaging their relationship and not solely the cheateru2019s fault.

Ive been cheated on a few times in my life and looking back I understand why.

I used to be like the high-end business woman looking down on the u201ctrashy womenu201d I was cheated on with, and I can see why my partner chose to go that way now.

I focused on work, neglected his emotional needs, and dismissed his presence from his perspective.

Finally someone noticed him and made him feel like he was worth something, and it was confusing to him because he did not lose his love for me keeping him in a state of limbo, and reinforcing his affair.

,I am not justifying his decision to cheat.

I am merely seeing it from his perspective and understanding it.

We were financially tied together for many reasons, and lived together which further complicated things.

If kids are involved, it can be even easier to choose the cowardly way, an affair, because splitting up is a lot to deal with emotionally and mentally, while cheating is the easy way.

I must admit I actually to a certain degree, while never having cheated myself or felt the need to, empathise with people who do feel that need.

,And if you ever want a functioning relationship with a partner who cheated, you need to reach that point.

There is no excuse for cheating.

It is not justifiable or anyway morally correct, but people make mistakes, and people are at certain times weak or cowardly.

,After such an endeavor you dont want to return to normal.

You want to reinvent the relationship for the better.

Trust should never be naively given in the beginning of a relationship.

It should always be slowly built, and it is always fair to be suspicious and ask questions in the beginning of a romance.

After all, youre just getting to know each other.

An affair means that the one having an affair felt the need to hide parts on themselves to you that they thought you wouldnt love nor care about it is an action out of fear.

That further shows that you can love someone ever so much, but you can still distrust them with all of your heart.

Trust takes work and vulnurability from both sides.

But people can always change, thankfully.

You are not the same today as you were 10 years ago, neither physically nor mentally.

Long distance relationship kissed someone else

Very rarely.

Ive been in a long distance relationship.

This is how it started and ended for me.

Same thing happened to two other couples I know:,1.

Two people like each other a lot.

Decide to give long distance relationship a try.


Everyone is happy, you feel like it was a good decision.


The first excitement ends after a while in every relationship, long distance or short.

Thats not a bad thing when theres no distance -- the relationship just goes to a different direction and sometimes even to a better direction.

But when its a long distance relationship, problems start to begin at this point because theres no other direction your relationship can go to.

Your whole communication is up to electricity and your phone battery.


Things start to get boring.

Youve already talked about your past and every other get to know each other conversations.

The things you can do on the phone and online are very limited.

You try other things; playing games online, sharing things with each other, conversations, sending cute pictures.

Me and my ex even watched movies together through video chat.


You start to think, What am I doing?? and question your decision.

You continuously get reminded of the cons of a long distance relationship.

If I get sick, he cant make a soup for me like my friends boyfriend does.

If I need a shoulder to cry on, he wont be able to be there for this.

We cant go to a restaurant and talk about people we BOTH see at the same time.

We cant hang out with a group of friends.


You start to get paranoid and jealous.

You fear now that the first excitement passed, he/she might meet someone who lives closer, like them, and go after them.

You feel like you cant satisfy your partners sexual needs from far away and you fear you might get cheated on or get dumped because of this.


Everyone has physical needs.

Im not even talking about sex, though its a big problem too.

The physical needs Im talking about, everyone likes to walk hand in hand with their partner, give them a hug, spoon with them, kiss them.

These things are some of the important things that feed the bound between a couple.

And after that first excitement, the nonexistence of these things are a lot harder to deal with.


Things start to get awkward because both of you start to act different over all those worries and negative thoughts.

At this point, couples either split up or move to somewhere closer and start a normal, short-distance relationship.

Then this is what happens:,When you split up with a long-distance lover, you always have a What if things were different? thought in your head.

Personally, it never disappeared in my head.

I broke up with my ex two years ago, to this day, sometimes I still ask myself Was he the love of my life?, Would he act different under normal circumstances? Would things go this way if we lived closer? If we were physically together, maybe we would be married with kids by now and live happily ever after.

Moving on from an ex whom you were in a long distance relationship with is surprisingly much harder than moving on from a normal boyfriend.

,If you dont break up and start a short-distance relationship, well.



this time things might not go in the way like the image you created in your head.

Unless you were physically together in the beginning of the relationship, you might get surprised by the things you see.

You cant see what a person talks like to a waiter when youre in a long distance relationship.

You cant see your partner in too many scenarios like how he gives an advice to a friend, if he ignores the call from his mother, if he checks out a girls butt when youre there, if he laughs at racist jokes, if hes been lying to you.

When the long distance becomes a short distance, relationship at least 50% changes and you cant know if youll like the new things you see about your partner.