Why dont we have mandatory military service in the United States?

17 qualifying medical conditions

Lets be blunt.

The majority of males cant serve.

The Pentagon says 71 percent of Americau2019s 34 million 17-24 year old population would fail to qualify for enlistment.

The military doesnt accept you if you dont meet the height and weight requirements.

Its a no go if you are a felon.

ADHD medications during the last year? You are a no go.

Cant pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test, thats a no go.

There are several other medical conditions that disqualify you also.

The vast majority of males are simply not fit to enlist.

Only 1% of young people are both eligible and inclined to have conversation with the military about possible service, according to the Defense Department.

The military is a great career; however, not everyone can make it.

How to get a medical marijuanas card

Info from - Getting your Recommendation | Meadow BlogWhere to BeginnWhen beginning the process of obtaining your medical marijuana recommendation, you have three routes to choose from:n,Your primary physician: This offers a sense of comfort by allowing you to confide in someone you already trust and who knows your health history.

,A recommendation clinic: This is an option for those who do not have a primary physician and offers more privacy if you do not feel comfortable confiding in your own doctor.

,In-home doctors visit: This is the most convenient and private way to get your recommendation.

Services like Meadow MD can send a doctor to your home, many times in the same day that you request an appointment.

,Preparing for the AppointmentnOn the day of your appointment there are certain items that you will need to have with you in order to be seen by the doctor:n,A valid state I.


,A California address,Proof of your medical condition (prescriptions, medications, medical record, anecdotal evidence, etc.

),Your Appointment u2013 What to ExpectnThe doctor will speak with you one-on-one going in depth about what symptoms you are experiencing, informing you of the local cannabis laws in your county or city, and addressing any concerns that you may have.

nYou will be asked questions such as:n,How long have you been experiencing these symptoms?,What are your symptoms a result of?,What does a typical day look like with your symptoms?,How have you historically treated your symptoms,Have you used cannabis before? If so, for how long?,How do you usually medicate? Smoking, eating, etc.

?,After speaking with the doctor, youu2019re all done and will have your cannabis recommendation if the doctor feels it will be beneficial for you.

nWhat to AsknBe sure to ask about anything that is concerning you, so that all your fears are addressed before you leave the clinic, such as:n,What am I legally allowed to carry on my person?,How much medicine am I allowed to keep at my home?,How will medical cannabis be beneficial to me?,What should I be looking for in dispensaries?,Will I be on a list?nNo.

How many states have legalized medical marijuanas 2020

Marijuana 2020: the possibilities for IndiaWhile there is still a stigma surrounding marijuana and its use, the movement to legalize the substance has gained momentum worldwide.

,In the United States, 10 states have already legalized it, while 33 have approved it for medical purposes.

In 2018, Canada was the second country in the world to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Even Latin American countries like Peru, Venezuela, Chile, and Colombia have legalized it for medical purposes or have decriminalized cannabis to some extent for personal use.

,Come to Asia and the story is slightly different.

Cannabis legalization is not a priority for many governments in the region, except Thailand.

This is intensifying efforts to legalize medical marijuana, which will soon allow all Thais to grow six cannabis plants in their homes and sell their local crop to the government to turn into medical marijuana.

Countries like the Philippines and Indonesia have some of the strictest marijuana laws in the world,India is in between.

Cannabis is widely used and marketed in the country, albeit illegally.

A 2019 study by the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences reported that about 7.

2 million Indians had consumed cannabis in the past year.

According to a UNODC report, the selling price of cannabis in India was the US $ 0.

10 per gram, the lowest of any country in the world.

,If you obey the law, the herb is still illegal in the country.

The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act banned the production and sale of cannabis resin and flowers, but allowed the use of the leaves and seeds, allowing states to regulate the latter.

,However, in 2020 there are several signs that it could be a big year in the grass legalization movement in India.

this is why,Growing State Support For Weed LegalizationIn the past two years, several Indian states and public leaders have responded positively and agreed on the debate over the legalization of weeds in the country.

,In 2018, Uttrakhand became the first state in the country to allow commercial cultivation of hemp.

The state government has even licensed the Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) to grow on 1,000 acres of fiber on a trial basis.

,After the decision, the government of Madhya Pradesh also followed in that year.

Minister of Law of Madhya Pradesh P.


Sharma reported to the press that the state government had decided to legalize the cultivation of cannabis in the state for medical and industrial purposes.

However, since this announcement, progress in this area has stalled and no development is underway.

,Another positive news came last year from Manipur, the state with one of the highest quality weeds in the country.

N Biren Singh, Prime Minister of Manipur, revealed at a news conference that the government is seriously considering legalizing medical marijuana to help increase state revenues.

He even suggested that start-ups can be involved in the legalization process, provided they have strong potential to be part of this sector.

,With the acceptance of the medicinal properties of cannabis by Indian lawmakers, growing state aid is only a positive sign for the movement.

Hopefully, the discussion will gain momentum in 2020 and come to the fore again, which could lead to further positive developments in the legalization of weeds in India.

,First Cannabis Clinic In BangaloreRight now, because the herb is illegal and possession of it leads to severe penalties, you cant even imagine a store selling grass publicly in India, can you?,Well, February 2020 is the time when all that changed, the country that hosted its first medical cannabis clinic in Bangalore.

,Launched by the Odisha HempCann Solutions-based start-up, Vedi Herbals, as the clinic is called, is said to sell tablets and oils made from the cannabis plant.

The clinic will prescribe cannabis-infused tablets to improve health and wellness.

,The clinic employs a range of Ayurvedic physicians who can prescribe prescriptions for medications that address anxiety, inflammation, and sex-related problems.

Vedi Herbals specializes in tackling issues such as stress, back pain, and fever, and even chronic diseases such as anorexia.

The clinic sells a range of tablets, powders, and cannabis oil as part of its offering.

,Now that the clinic has obtained a pan-India license, success in Bangalore can pave the way for expansion across the country.

,The Great Legalization MovementFor every movement to succeed, it needs capable leaders tasked with making change, and Viki Vaurora is just that.

The founder of The Great Legalization Movement India (GLM India), runs a non-profit organization that wants to legalize the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes in India.

,The movement has long sought to change the way Indians think about weed and strives to remove the stigma surrounding the fabric.

From cannabis conferences, producing web series to even legal challenges to the NDPS law in court, the organization has taken the lead in legalizing weed in India.

,In the summer of 2019, the Supreme Court of Delhi filed a GLM petition calling for the decriminalization of cannabis under the NDPS.

With the next date slated for 2020, the case could be the trigger point to kickstart the move to legalize weed in India.

,While there is no guarantee that cannabis will ever be legalized in India, this years development certainly paints a promising picture.

If everything works out, 2020 could be a crucial year for the legalization of marijuana in the Indian context.

Pros and cons of legalizing marijuanas essay

The best way to approach the Comparative Analysis Essay is to ask yourself, What do I think about this? and then write about that! Dont try to find good topics for your essay.

Rather, start writing and make judgments as you go .



making it possible to revise your essay later based on what youre learning in your research.

,Heres my input.

You need to write about pros and cons of the following topics:n1.

Legalization of Marijuana in the United Statesn2.

National Health Care Proposal in the USn3.

Nuclear power plants in India (pros and cons)n4.

Chinas one child policy vs Indias two child policy?n5.

The role of women as housewives, working women, etc.


The impact of technology on education? Pros and cons?n7.

What are some short-term solutions to solve our long-term problems like global warming, pollution, etc?.