Between UCD and Trinity College Dublin, which university should I choose? How do they compare by subject, student life and international opportunities?

Which is better computer science or computer engineering Reddit

Similar to my previous comparison I will try to make a conclusion on which university is better.

Aman Rays answer to Which is a better option, NUIG or UCC for a masteru2019s in data science, and why?Before starting I would like to add that both universities are very reputed in Ireland.

In case you have admitted to either of the university you can go ahead in selecting that (if Finance is not a burden).

Also, I will try to answer from the Computer Science students perspective but this may stand true for other courses too.

So here is my take:,City: Both universities are situated in Dublin where a high number of tech industries are present.

The following screenshot is taken from IDA Companies in Ireland | IDA Ireland can help you understand the number of IT companies present in a different part of Ireland.

We can easily notice a high concentration in the Dublin area.

I would rate both universities equal in these criteria.

nWinner: BothCourse Work: When I was selecting university back in 2017 I found the course of University College Dublin more interesting and updated compare to Trinity.

And that holds to this day true.

MSc in Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) this is one of the most popular courses all over Ireland.

nWinner: UCDRanking (Subject Wise): Looking at the subject-wise ranking we can see that for the Computer Science subject, TCD ranks better compare to UCD.

Though lately, I have seen various articles saying that UCD has overtaken TCD especially because of strong engineering focus.

nWinner: TCDGraduate Employability Ranking: I found this parameter quite helpful when I was trying to make the decision.

Here is short definition about the parameter.

,While many of the worldu2019s top universities produce high-achieving graduates every year, employers frequently express concerns that academic institutions arenu2019t doing enough to prepare their students for the world of work.

,Soft skills in particular are mentioned repeatedly, while there is a notable u2018skills gapu2019 in some industries, notably engineering and technology.

,Given the fierce competition for graduate roles around the world, students should be seriously considering how their university can prepare them adequately for full-time employment, by connecting them with global employers and ensuring they develop the necessary skills and knowledge.

,For example, one in two recent British graduates is not in graduate work - suggesting a university degree from one of the worldu2019s most reputable universities is no longer enough by itself to guarantee career success.

,If youu2019re concerned about your future career prospects and wondering which universities are best-placed to help you succeed, our ranking below is a great place to start.

,This can help you understand which university has a better connection with the industry.

Also, students have a better chance of getting employed.

We can see that UCD ranks higher then TCD and I strongly agree with this.

For instance in UCD MSc students have the option of doing an internship instead of completing the dissertation which I feel helps more in case you are looking to get employed after the course.

,Winner: UCDUniversity Campus and Social life around : Location wise trinity is at heart of the city and UCD falls in the outskirts of Dublin.

Here is an interesting take from Reddit (Is UCD better than Trinity?) that I would like to share :,both colleges have their merits in different departments.

,I think in terms of Science theyre pretty equal.

,If you want to talk about social life, location etc, personally I think Trinity is better (full disclosure thats where I go).

Trinity is in the heart of the city, its so easy to get to from anywhere, theres also countless options when it comes to going for lunch, meeting friends, going for drinks, going out etc.


,Because its slightly smaller, or more to the point, more dense, its slightly easier to get to know people on campus compared to UCD which is quite big.

,All that said, If sports are your thing, UCD is almost definitely the better option.

,In terms of the quality of the degree Id argue both are equal particularly in Science.

,Take this as you will, like I said Im probably biased to Trinity but I spent a long time choosing between the two for my CAO.

,ConclusionsIf you have an option go for UCD (for Computer Science).

I applied to both the colleges back in 2017.

I did not get admit from UCD hence I chose TCD.

,Additional points that I would like to add here:,In case you are inclined more towards research and want to pursue a Ph.


in the future then Trinity would be a better choice.

,Also, Keep in mind that university does not matter much as placements do not work as in India where Companies come and recruit many students.

Here everyone has to apply themselves for the various open positions and depending upon your credentials you will get back the response.

,Graduate Employability Rankings 2020P.

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Is computer engineering harder than computer science

It depends entirely on the individual and how their mind works.

CS is all mathematics, abstraction, and theory.

CE has practical implementation at its core.

So, if you find mathematical abstraction difficult without a tie to real-worl applications, CS will be harder for you.

Ive observed CE PhD students struggle with computational complexity theory and formal language theory that CS PhD students comprehend with less difficulty.

On the flip side, CE requires martialing a blend of practical and theoretical ideas and handling more small details.

If you have difficulty keeping a plethora of small details at the forefront of your memory, CE will be harder.

Computer science vs computer engineering jobs

The job prospects are roughly equal if you keep in mind that a Computer Engineering graduate can typically get hired for a software development job.

The number of software development jobs far outweigh the number of serious computer engineering jobs, so many computer engineering graduates will take jobs as software developers.

,I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and 25 years experience as a software developer and I am not unusual in that regard.