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Who is the owner of Apple 2021

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Who is true owner?,4.

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Technology is playing with our health.

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Apple company history

The story of Apple could be tracked along similar lines.

The iconic technology company is 43 year old a huge achievement given the breakneck speed of technological evolution during this period.

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded he Apple in 1976, they persuaded their mutual friend Ronald Wayne to buy 10% of the company and stand by them.

But he Ronald sold the stake a few months later for U.


$800, what would now be worth U.


$94 billion.

Yes, you read that right 10% of the market value of Apple is currently around U.


$94 billion!,In 1976, the first Apple computer was rolled out.

It retailed for a few hundred dollars, but recently one of the earlier models sold for over U.


$50,000 at an auction.

The idea of the graphical interface, what we now call GUI, stuck Steve Jobs while taking a tour of the Xerox facility at Palo Alto, California.

From then on,all computers developed by Apple would have a graphical user interface.

,In 1983, in daring move, he invited Pepsi President John Sculley to join the company Jobs famously wed Sculley Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life or do you want to change the world?u201d,In 1997, with Apple facing huge losses and Microsoft, Buoyed by rising sales of Windows, flourishing, the Apple Board brought back Steve Jobs as the CEO of the company.

He had become a much better team player by then, a very different self from his brash outspoken self of the 1980s,In 1998, Apple introduced the iMac, which was such a visual treat that it was dubbed the computer candyu2019.

The iMac was a roaring success.

In 2001, Apple came out with another disruptive product the iPod.

At the time of designing and building the product, Jobs famously told his team: I want the icons to look so good on the screen that customers would want to lick themu201d and his team did not disappoint him.

,The iPod has sold over 350 million units since its launch.

It became such a craze among the younger generation that even Halloween outfits were designed using the black silhouette and the white earphones flowing on the figure.

The release of the Mac OS X in 2001 was the next landmark event.

Steve Jobs learned the tricks to the great appeal of the new interface while he was away from Apple and working with NeXT, another company he founded.

Apples entry into digital music downloads through iTunes, following the shutdown of Napster for violating copyright laws, changed the music distribution landscape.

In the very first week iTunes sold more than one million songs at U.




In 2007, Apple dropped the word Computers from its corporate name.

The same year, Apple introduced its most successful product, the iPhone.

The iPhone was named the Invention of the Year by TIME magazine.

But early adopters and customers felt like suckers when the company cut the price by more than 60% within a few months of its launch.

When Apple released the iPad three years later, critics, who were still sore from the earlier price-drop incident, dismissed it as a giant iPhone.

The only missing point was that a very large number of customers just loved the idea of a giant iPhone and the release prompted magazine publishers to prepare digital editions of their offerings to suit the new iPad.

The tablet category was revived with this launch, but none of Apples competitors could match the astounding success of the iPad.

,When Steve Jobs went into semi-retirement for medical reasons in 2009, the companys share price tranked 10%.

So closely has the success graph of this company followed the life and times of its flashy co-founder that many thought that their destinies are tied together.

Steve Jobs passed away on 5 October 2011.

However, today the company he helmed for several years it is still going strong.

,The iPhone remains Apples most successful product till date; the iPhone is seen as an industry disruptor and has remained an industry benchmark since its launch.

The Apple Watch and the Apple TV are the other notable mentions in the list of great offerings that so many people not related to technology also love to keep track of.

,Apple has been ranked No.

1 in Fortune magazines list of Americas Most Admired Companies and No.

1 among Fortune 500 Companies for Returns to Shareholders.

Apple - Wikipedia

I sincerely doubt that Apple would charge these organizations for being integrated into Siri.

These services were most likely selected because they add value to the Siri user experience.

If anything, Apple should be paying them for providing reliable information to their customers, but that scenario is also highly unlikely.

Do we know what prompted this question? Is it based on a rumor? or is there any factual evidence to suggest it might be true?

History of Apple company PDF

Geoff Teehan and Jon Lax, founding partners of Teehan+Lax, a Toronto, ON company specialising in user experience design, setup a UX Fund in 2006.

,The fund was comprised of 10 companies that deliver great user experiences, including Apple, Google (company), Netflix (product), Research In Motion and Yahoo! (company).

An investment of $50,000 USD was made across the 10 companies with a view to selling after one year.

,,nAfter one year the UX Fund matured 39.

3%, outperforming NASDAQ (exchange), S&P 500 and NYSE*, while after four and a half years the UX Fund matured 101.


,,nThe criteria for the fund is outlined on the companys blog**:,,Every company in our fund was chosen because of the user experience they provide.

Here is specifically what we looked for:n,A demonstrated care in the design of their products and Web site,A history of innovation,They inspire loyalty in their customer base,Doing business with them is a positive experience,nThe The United Kingdom Design Council are cited as inspiration for the UX Fund, after creating a Design Index and tracking the performance of design-led companies in the UK between 1995-2004***:,,Weu2019ve tracked the share prices of the biggest hitters in corporate Britain and the evidence is unequivocal: Design-led companies have produced dramatically better share-price performance for their investors, not just for a few weeks or months but consistently over a solid decade .



their share prices have outrun key stock market indices by a full 200 per cent.


com/uxfundn* http://www.


com/blog/2007/11/06/ux-fund-matures-up-393n** http://www.


com/blog/2006/10/18/the-ux-fundn*** http://www.




pdf [PDF]