What are the best pictures you saw today?

Why Google is the best search engine for students

I saw this picture today.

For those who dont know, this is an Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput who battled depression for long but unfortunately committed suicide on 14th June, 2020.

,(Image: Google),His death has sparked a national debate on mental health and depression.

One of the causative factor to Sushants depression was supposedly bullying by some Bollywood production houses.

Sushant being an introvert and coming from a humble background couldnt sustain himself in the supposedly mean world of Bollywood.

,Recently I saw this picture and I got confused, what did it mean.

u201cDont be a triple differential of distance to timeu201d.

It didnt make sense.

,I knew that single differential of distance (displacement) with time is speed(velocity).

,Double differential is acceleration.

,But what do we get if we differentiate further.

So I searched and found that rate of change of acceleration is called Jerk(A jerky ride in car happens when we change acceleration suddenly) and further differentiation gives you Snap, Crackle and Pop.

,Image: Wikipedia,So yes, Sushant being an engineering student gave an important message in most geeky and creative way.

,u201cDont be a jerku201dAlas! nobody noticed it then, but this shows he was certainly affected by so much of bullying.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google search engine

Once I was worried about filter bubbles, and searched for how to u201cavoid personalization on the Internet.

u201d,DuckDuckGo showed me results about filter bubbles and how they are damaging to people.

There were some results on how to opt out of seeing personalized ads, and there was one result on how to personalize products.

,Google showed me a story from adweek.

com, called u201cInternet Users Want A More Personalized Ad Experience.

u201d Most of the top results were advice for marketers on how to personalize their pitches, but there were two results on opting out of personalized ads.

,I think DuckDuckGo is an excellent search engine, but I mostly use Google because itu2019s much better at answering programming questions.

Plus I really like the idea that every time I search on Google, they learn a little more about me.

Why Google is the best search engine quora

Try getting the answer to this question from a search engine.

Let me know how it goes.

,,comment added 9/21/2015: The point I am trying to make is that Quora is like the Borg (Star Trek) where resistance is futile.

Quora feeds on all search engines, as well as the entire corpus of knowledge in the wetware of Quorans.

Why google is the best search engine brainly

Larry Page, one of Googleu2019s two co-founders, once said off-handedly that Google is not about building a search engine.

As he said it, u201cOh, weu2019re really making an AIu201d.

Google right now is all about building the world brain that will take care of every person, all the time and everywhere.

,In 2030, Google will have that World Brain in existence, and it will look after all of us.

And thatu2019s quite possibly both the best and worst thing that could happen to humanity.

,To explain that claim, let me tell you a story of how your day is going to unfold in 2030.

,You wake up in the morning, January 1st, 2030.

Itu2019s freezing outside, but youu2019re warm in your room.

Why? Because Nest - your AI-based air conditioner - knows exactly when you need to wake up, and warms the room youu2019re in so that you enjoy the perfect temperature for waking up.

,And who acquired Nest three years ago for $3.

2 billion USD? Google did.

,You go out to the street, and order an autonomous taxi to take you to your workplace.

Who programmed that autonomous car? Google did.

Who acquired Waze - a crowdsourcing navigation app? Thatu2019s right: Google did.

,After lunch, you take a stroll around the block, with your Google Glass 2.

0 on your eyes.

Your smart glasses know itu2019s a cold day, and they know you like hot cocoa, and they also know that thereu2019s a cocoa store just around the bend which your friends have recommended before.

So it offers to take you there - and if you agree, Google earns a few cents out of anything you buy in the store.

And who invented Google Glassu2026? Iu2019m sure you get the picture.

,I can go on and on, but the basic idea is that the entire world is going to become connected in the next twenty years.

Many items will have sensors in and on them, and will connect to the cloud.

And Google is not only going to produce many of these sensors and appliances (such as the Google Assistant, autonomous cars, Nest, etc.

) but will also assign a digital assistant to every person, that will understand the user better than that person understands himself.

,The UpsideI probably donu2019t have to explain why the Google World Brain will make our lives much more pleasant.

The perfect coordination and optimization of our day-to-day dealings will ensure that we need to invest less resources (energy, time, concentration) to achieve a high level of life quality.

I see that primarily as a good thing.

,So whatu2019s the problem?,The DownsideHereu2019s the thing: the digital world suffers from whatu2019s called u201cThe One Winner Effectu201d.

Basically it means that thereu2019s only place for one great winner in every sector.

So thereu2019s only one Facebook - the second largest social media network in English is Twitter, with only ~319 million users.

Thatu2019s nothing compared to Facebooku2019s 1.

86 billion users.

Similarly, Google controls ~65% of the online search market.

Thatu2019s a huge number when you realize that competitors like Yahoo and Bing - large and established services - control most of the rest ~35%.

So again, one big winner.

,So whatu2019s the problem, you ask? Well, a one-winner market tends to create soft monopolies, in which one company can provide the best services, and so itu2019s just too much of a hassle to leave for other services.

Google is creating such a soft monopoly.

Imagine how difficult it will be for you to wake up tomorrow morning and migrate your e-mail address to one of the competitors, transfer all of your Google Docs there, sell your Android-based (Googleu2019s OS!) smartphone and replace it with an iPhone, wake up cold in the morning because youu2019ve switched Nest for some other appliance that hasnu2019t had the time to learn your habits yet, etc.

,Can you imagine yourself doing that? Iu2019m sure some ardent souls will, but most of humanity doesnu2019t care deeply enough, or doesnu2019t even have the options to stop using Google.

How do you stop using Google, when every autonomous car on the street has a Google Camera? How do you stop using Google, when your website depends on Google not banning it? How do you stop using Google when practically every non-iPhone smartphone relies on an Android operating system? This is a Google World.

,And Google knows it, too.

,Google Flexes its MusclesRecently, around 200 people got banned from using Google services because they cheated Google by reselling the Pixel smartphone.

Those people woke up one morning, and found out they couldnu2019t log into their Gmail, that they couldnu2019t acess their Google Docs, and if they were living in the future - they wouldu2019ve probably found out they canu2019t use Googleu2019s autonomous cars and other apps on the street.

They were essentially sentenced to a digital death.

,Now, public uproar caused Google to back down and revive those peopleu2019s accounts, but this episode shows you the power that Google are starting to amass.

And whatu2019s more, Google doesnu2019t have to ban people in such direct fashion.

Imagine, for example, that your website is being demoted by Googleu2019s search engine (which nobody knows how it works) simply because youu2019re talking against Google.

Google is allowed by law to do that.

So whou2019s going to stand up and talk smack about Google? Not me, thatu2019s for sure.

I love Google.

To sum things up, Google is not required by law to serve everyone, or even to be u2018fairu2019 in its recommendations about services.

And as it gathers more power and becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, we will need to find mechanisms to ensure that Google or Google-equivalent services are provided to everyone, to prevent people being left outside the system, and to enable people to keep being able to speak up against Google and other monopolies.

,So in conclusion, itu2019s going to be a Google world, and I love Google.

Now please share this answer, since Iu2019m not sure Google will!

Top 10 search engines

Always Google.

I think most users are like Google only.

Most of us donu2019t even think about choosing a search engine to use.

We simply u201cGoogle it.

u201d Google is the most popular search engine.

,As a business operating in the digital age, it is important for you to understand how Search Engines (specifically, Google) collect and distribute information that it finds across the world wide web.

,Before Google and After Google, so many search engines are came.

But Google has the maximum number of visitors.

,Google has the capability to calculate a siteu2019s relevance according to the number of pages and links pointing back to the original site.

The success of Google has led to it being the most-used search engine in the U.


market, managing over 3 billion pages a day.

How did Google beat other search engines

By the time Google arrived, its two founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had revolutionized the world of online search.

,It must be said that everything had to be done at the time and the leader was Yahoo! which was based on a directory of websites.

Given the size of the Web today, that might make you smile.

,But indeed, at the time, Yahoo! probably thought it could reference the entire Web.

,Google came up with its PageRank algorithm, which provided better service and more relevance to users searches.

,So Google gradually crushed the market with better technology.

,Then, Google expanded its empire little by little in a strategic way.

Google has always offered its services for free to its users.

This has made it easy to appeal to millions of people around the world.

,The problem is that no one understood at the time that this free service was just an illusion to get more users.

In reality, you pay for Googles services with your personal data.

Google monetizes your personal data.

Googles services come at a price: your privacy.

,The damage was already done and Google was already the hegemonic leader in online search with over 90% market share in most major countries around the world.

,To keep its dominant position, Google then went into the mobile by developing its own OS namely Android.

This allowed it to maintain its hegemony with the rise of the mobile.

,Finally, Google pays Apple a large amount of money every year (nearly 10 billion dollars) to make sure that the apple giant was not tempted to develop its own search engine that would undermine Googles dominant position.

,Indeed, given the large number of users of Apple products, Google cannot afford not to be the default search engine on these products.

,This explains why Googles dominance is total in the world of online web search.

10 uses of Google

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist.

Shockingly, I totally forgot that Google search exists, and Iu2019ve been using it all these years.

It took me a while to understand what Google has been doing to me.

nMost of the time, I type something in the Chrome browser, and I get what I want.

nOr I ask Google home what I want, and I get an answer.

nNo drama.

Itu2019s just simple.

,Do you see how seamless the Google search is?,Even though I use it so many times every day, I hardly realize Iu2019m using it.

Thatu2019s a sign of a great product.

nYou donu2019t look for it ever.

You assume it is there, always.

You donu2019t realize every second that you are breathing in Oxygen.

nItu2019s just there.

And it is free.

,Why am I still using Google? It just boils down to one simple thing.

,In all these years, Google never gave me a reason to switch.

nThere could be a million ways Google could have screwed it up, but it didnu2019t.

For the most part, Google kept its end of the bargain.

,No ads on the home page (home page doesnu2019t matter now, but when it mattered they didnu2019t run any ads).

,The ranking is always based on relevance (you canu2019t pay more to get a better ranking).

,They figured out a way to monetize without irritating me.

,That Is It.

Agreed, they are collecting my information and using that information to show me more ads.

nI know this.

And I also know that there is nothing like really u2018free.

u2019In all these years that Iu2019ve been using Google, I never thought of looking for alternatives.

How many products/services can proudly say that?nDuring this timeu2026,I switched from Hotmail to Gmail.

,I switched from Firefox to Chrome.

,I switched from Facebook to Google+, and back to Facebook.

,I switched from Dropbox to Google drive, and to Onedrive.

,I switched from iPhone to Android, and back to iPhone.

,But one thing that I never did in all these years is:,Search Google foru2026