Who has the strongest military other than US,China and Russia?

China strongest military

Thereu2019s a big drop-off after Russia, China and the US.

After them, India probably has the most powerful military.

India is only behind China in terms of total active duty military personnel.

There are currently 1.

4 million active-duty members of Indiau2019s armed forces.

The Indian Air Force has over 300 fourth-generation fighters, making it the fourth-largest air force in the world in terms of modern fighters.

China military weakness

Sorry but thatu2019s a totally idiotic thing to suggest.

,China has the worldu2019s third largest and most powerful military.

China is also a major nuclear power with 350 nuclear weapons and a triad delivery system (ICBMs, SLBMs, and long-range bombers).

,China has the worldu2019s largest army, over 2 million active military personnel.

,China has the worldu2019s largest navy (360 ships by number, not tonnage; USA has 297 ships).

,And China is not finished building up its military.

Last year, it spent $252 billion on the military, the second highest expenditure in the world.

,What ever gave you the silly idea that Chinau2019s military is weak?,China does not have a military to match USAu2019s because it has zero ambition to project military power around the globe in order to find endless wars such as: U.


Wars and Hostile Actions: A List.

,Chinau2019s military is for national and regional defence only.

Taiwan military strength vs China

The strength of India and Chinau2019s defence forcesThe American news website CNN has said in a report that Indias war could be heavy if war took place.

The report claimed that the situation has changed since 1962.

Now Indias strength has increased more than before.

,Indian Army Chief General MM Narwane has also said many times that now the Indian Army has the ability to respond to China with full force.

,But the question arises here, is India really so powerful that it can beat China as well?Who is more powerful in the modern era can only be ascertained by the quantity and quality of weapons it has.

So lets have a look at the figures that you will be able to decide later on which are more powerful in India and China.

,Who has how many armies:According to the Global Fire Power Report, in the year 2020, India is the fourth country in the world which has the most powerful army.

According to Global Fire Power, India currently has an estimated 3,544,000 military personalities.

Of this, 1,444,000 are active and 2,100,000 are Reserve Personal.

,If you talk about China, it is third in the list of global firepower.

China currently has a total of 2,693,000 military personalities.

Of this, 21,83,000 are active and 510,000 are reserve personal.

,Nuclear Strength:Both countries have nuclear weapons.

China became a nuclear power country in 1964.

Whereas after 10 years i.


in 1974, India also became a nuclear power country.

,This week, The Stockholm International Peace Report came out which said that India added 10 new nuclear weapons last year.

While China has a total of 320 nuclear weapons, India has 150 nuclear bombs.

,But I think that no matter how much nuclear weapons it has, it doesnt matter because it will probably never be used, if used, 10u201315 nuclear weapons are enough to destroy any country, and what will happen then, God may know.

,Airforce Strength:According to Global Firepower, China ranks third and India is fourth in aircraft power.

China has a total of 3210 aircraft, compared to 2123 with India, the most important thing is that China has twice as many combat and interceptor aircraft than India.

,India has more tanks than China:According to Global Firepower, China has 3,200 tanks as compared to more than 4,200 tanks in India.

,Other:According to recent data, China has ten times more rocket projectors than India.

At the same time, Indiau2019s DRDO is testing Prithvi-1 of 150 km range ballistic missile and Prithvi-2 of 250 km range.

,China has various ballistic missiles, ranging from short-range missiles to intercontinental ballistic missiles.

,After analyzing the above data, it is understandable that in some cases, India is at par or slightly ahead of China, but in some cases, India is still far behind China but these are numerical figures, and only According to numerical data, it is not right to decide who is more powerful, so lets take a little look at their quality, and other facts:,India has most of its weapons imported from Russia, USA, France, Israel which are of very good quality and very advanced, whereas all the weapons that China has are produced by China itself, and we all know that what is the quality standard of chinau2019s products.

,The Chinese Army Air Force has 8 airbases on the border.

But these are mostly civilian airfields.

It is said that China may have difficulty in attacking here.

The airbases of Tibet and Jingyang are quite high.

Also, due to bad weather, Chinese aircraft cannot fly with more ammunition and fuel.

Indias Mirage 2000 and Su-30 jets can fly in any season.

While Chinas Jet J-10 does not have that much power.

,War does not necessarily win only those who have more weapons.

Good strategy, valor, and fighting skills also play a vital role, and in this case, Indian soldiers are the top, the Indian Army has much more warfighting experience than the Chinese soldiers because of the small terrorist attacks every day.

And keeps on dealing with Naxalites.

,If there is a full-scale war, and it will go on for a long time, there will come a time that there will be no fighting on behalf of China, One Child Policy in China will prove to be a curse for China.

,If there is a war between the two countries, I think the United States, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and some European countries will support India directly or indirectly, while China might be called Pakistan or some other small country.

I think Russia will not favor anyone, it can act as an intermediary to stop the war.

,If you take all the things into consideration, then the situation of India is looking good compared to China, and now it may be too costly for China to fight India.

,Now we Indians also have an obligation to boycott Chinese products and cooperate in making China economically weak and making India financially stronger by using Indian products.

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