How can managers ensure that the staff continues to provide quality service to customers?

how can managers ensure that the staff continues to provide quality service to customers?

Managers can ensure that staff provide quality service to customers by developing and conscientiously following a profound MEVPIV where the values include the determination to provide quality service to customers.

what are the 3 key elements to good customer service?

Here are some:,,Invest in relationships,Show your personality whenever possible,Donu2019t drown customers in platitudes,Warn about trouble spots or price hikes in advance,If you want your customers to feel better afterwards, start with the bad news.

,Keep your cool in all situations,Use buffers before bad news,Recommend your competitor

Excellent service

Love this question!,Basically, think about the customer service you most appreciate.

I bet you prefer assistance that goes above and beyond by dealing with your acute issue AND offering future follow-up/advice/next steps rather than simply dealing with your immediate need.

,Good = Reactive,Great = Proactive,The article below is about virtual assistants (proactice versus reactive), but it applies to every employee not just virtual ones.

Good customer service comments examples

Five years ago, I went shopping for a mid-size tractor to use as a retirement hobby and do some much need landscaping for a bad water runoff problem I had here at the house as well as a failing septic field.

,I shopped the fancy, sparkling clean showroom at the Kubota dealership and talked with a really nice young salesman.

Looking back at the entrance to the service shop, I saw forbidding signage: u201cSTOP.

Employees only.

No customers allowed in service area.

u201dFair enough.

,I shopped the super-fancy showroom at John Deere and came away with the impression that they didnu2019t much care one way or the other whether I bought a tractor or not.

The sales guy seemed angry and overworked.


No John Deere for me, thank you.

,Last in my shopping, I went to a kind of ramshackle looking McCormick tractor dealer.

There was no showroom.

The main entrance led right into the service shop where I saw tractor parts and tools strewn all over the place, huge tractors that were disassembled completely into two halves.

Dirty shop workers hard at it, fixing away like Santau2019s farmeru2019s elves.

,u201cAhh,u201d sez me.

This is where I buy my tractor.

,The dealer gave me a shockingly good price and I was happy and proud to be a new owner of a shiny red, brand new McCormick tractor.

,About a week after taking delivery on my tractor, I checked the hydraulic fluid level.

It should have been full but it was about a quart low.

,So, I called the dealer to ask questions and see if it might be best to find out why the fluid was low.

The dealer was swamped and told me heu2019d get back to me as soon as possible.

,A few days later, I checked the hydraulic fluid again and it was perfect.

,Feeling a little confused, I called the dealer to tell him that I must have been mistaken about my reading the fluid level.

,Dealer on the phone: u201cAw Bart, Iu2019m sorry.

I shouldu2019a called you but weu2019ve been so busy.

Kevin and I swung by your place real early Saturday morning, checked all the seals and topped off your hydraulic fluid.

Youu2019re good to go.

I shouldu2019a called you, Iu2019m sorry.

Let us know if you have any more problems.

u201dItu2019s been that way ever since.

Whatever the problem, the customer service was in their court and I never had to worry about a thing.

,Gotta love it!,[ Update: It was suggested in a number of the comments that I post the name of the tractor dealer that gives the awesome service, which I did.

Unfortunately, it was later reported as SPAM, and Quora deleted this answer.

After making an appeal to Quora Moderation, theyu2019ve reinstated the answer, which I appreciate, but no mention of the tractor dealer can be made.

Thank you all.