What is a good guide for calculating U.S. tax and duty rates?

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Customs has groups of import specialists who can help you get startednin importing.

Import specialists are organized according to commodity specialistnteams, which are assigned specific types of goods and are available tonrespond to any question you may have about U.


importing rules and regulations.

Import specialists provide information about proper classification ofngoods for the purpose of charging duties, as well as information regardingnspecific agency permits, licenses, or certifications.

,Customs duties are, generally ad valorem (a percentage rate is appliednto the dutiable value of the imported goods).

Some articles, however,nare dutiable at a specific rate of duty (so much per pound, gallon, andnso on), or a combination (ad valorem and specific).

,The dutiable value of merchandise is determined by Customs.

It is basicallynthe transaction value, the price the buyer actually pays the seller.

Estimate how much taxes will be taken out of My paycheck

More than you probably want taken out.

,Other than that, your question canu2019t be answered u2014 at least not without a lot more information.

What country are you in? If the US: what state? Does anyone else require tax to be withheld, like a city? Have you filed a W-4? What did you say on it? How about your state? Does it follow your W-4, or does it require its own form? How much is your paycheck? How frequently are you paid (weekly , biweekly, etc.

)?,If you want a rough estimate without the benefit of facts, figure somewhere between 15u201340%, possibly even more, possibly even less.

If you want a better estimate, you need to provide at least the information above.

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Actually - its both, because while most US states tax per gallon on your booze, youre also avoiding sales tax (VAT for you folks across the pond)!,So, to maximize the amount saved, youre trying to maximize (Gallon Tax Rate * Gallons Purchased + Price * Sales Tax).

,As a concrete example, in New York City, the per-gallon tax is $6.

44 (its actually slightly less for most scotch because its measured by the proof gallon) and the sales tax is 8.


Unfortunately, as a US citizen, youre only allowed about $800 and 1 liter duty free - so your maximum possible savings here are just $72.

67 ($71 from the sales tax exemption, $1.

67 from the alcohol tax).

,This analysis also suggests that for any typical 750ml whiskey whose price is greater than $15, youre saving more money from the sales taxes than from the per-gallon tax.

,Even if the per-gallon limit didnt exist, and we assume you buy as much as you could carry (lets say 5 liters), youre only saving $8.

50 in per-gallon alcohol taxes.

,So the clear winner here - buy the good stuff.

The sales tax is where the savings are.

,Also, its worth noting here - youre saving, usually, just 10% off the retail price of these liqours.

A far better strategy for scotch buying while travelling abroad would be to a) buy the unique travel retail expressions sold by large distillers like Johnny Walkers Spice Road, or b) buy your liqour in the country youre travelling to, which, especially if the country is a developing one, can produce much better savings (I found JW Green in Ethiopia for 30% of the US retail).