How do you get a collateral loan with bad credit?

Collateral loan

Most often the answer will be no, but it depends on how bad your credit score is, what caused the bad score, and the credit policy of the bank that you approach.

Assuming that you live in a country where there are credit reference bureaus (CRBu2019s), then invariably the bank will search your credit history as part of its loan assessment process.

If the search uncovers previous defaults, then many banks will reject your application as a matter of policy.

Some banks may tolerate adverse search results that show only minor issues, for example one or two late payments that occurred a long time ago.

Most consumer lending applications are credit-scored by banks.

Credit-scoring is essentially a points-based assessment, usually automated, under which points are awarded based on factors relevant to credit risk.

These might include your level of income, your account history, your profession, your home-ownership status etc.

Even where the bank is prepared to consider accepting minor blemishes on your credit history, these are still likely to count against you in the credit-scoring process.

Some people are surprised to learn that the issue of collateral is generally a secondary consideration for banks.

This is because collateral is not relied upon as the primary source of repayment for loans.

Consequently, if the banku2019s view is that you cannot afford to repay the loan from your normal source of income, or if it regards you as less than entirely reliable as a result of a poor credit history, then the likelihood is that your application will be rejected irrespective of any collateral that youu2019re able to provide.

,Of course, banks are not the only source of credit.

The classic example of lending against collateral is the pawn shop.

Pawn shops arenu2019t really interested in your credit history.

They do place primary reliance on your collateral as the source of repayment.

They compensate for the higher lending risk by charging higher interest rates and lending very conservative percentages of the value of the goods that you offer as collateral.

Personal loan with collateral

Contact the borrower to find out why they have not been paying you.

If you are unhappy with the answer, take the borrower to court.

You should have no problems with the documentations you have.

Do keep in mind that if the borrower has no money you can will the case but be unable to collect a dime.

Examples of collateral for a secured loan

If youre talking about for a personal loan, the most popular form of collateral is a house or other real estate.

,For a business, equipment can sometimes be taken as collateral.

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Personal loan with collateral bad credit

There are three answers,Difficult,Difficult,Difficult,Keeping bad credit reports is the first issue for a bank or any finance company not to provide loan at al.

Then you are asking a personal loan.

Now you are asking some below rate of interest.

,Okey suppose someone borrowing you for some money and you know that the person has a record of not repaying.

Now how comfortable will you feel?,Yes you have said IN PAST.

Now if your credit report is clean now and having a good score now, not showing any settlement, write off, overdue, or frequent enquiry then its noy an issue.

You will surely obtain the same.

,The third factor is your repayment abilities.

If your required amount is very much lower than your repayment capabilities then also you can have a personal loan.

,Depends upon the Bank.

Collateral loans on property

As a practice valuation of property is done every three years, but as a exception the valuation is done when Bank wants to enforce recovery in bad account where recovery is not forthcoming.

You may request the Bank not to burden with the cost of revaluation after three years,but suggest them to ask for no encumbrance certificate from their panel advocate ,the fees fo which will not be heavy as compared to revaluation after 3 years.

Collateral loans on vehicles

I work for a personal lending company; When it comes to using cars as collateral you have to be registered with your local Secretary of State to register the title as a lien holder while they pay back on the loan.

So no itu2019s not legal because your business will need a license to do title loans but you can probably get the information to register.