Is it possible to transfer money from my capital one savings account to my capital one quicksilver credit card?

Capital One savings account


,You have to either call customer service - the number is on the back of the card, you should use it - or log into your account online and link these accounts.

,Your savings account will be the payment account for the credit card, and you can make payments once this savings account has been verified, and once you have proven that you are the person authorized to conduct this transaction.

7% interest savings account

Answer is simple.

,In business, there are two costs, fixed cost and variable cost.

,IDFC bank worked on both.

,They dont have many branches (Saving on electricity rent, Maintenance) and very low staff (Saving on salaries and their expenses),They donu2019t have any reward point services (which people dont think of.

Practically brand is made as such that people dont think beyond 7%),Do you know IDFC bank loan charges? It is not mentioned on their website, I believe it may be higher otherwise it will be mentioned on their website like they mentioned 7%.

If a bank charges higher interest on loans then it would make sense to give 7% interest.

,Practically each and every bank can match IDFC bank interest rates.

Because most of them have saving + FD account.

In this when saving bank account balance reaches a threshold then it is automatically shifted to FD with instant liquidity (some call it automated sweeping),Their website and app is very simple.

Not much show offs on asthetics, with safety equally good as big banks.

This also reduce cost.

,Financial safety might be a concern since bank is new, Last two quarter are profitable for bank but lets see for two more quarters it is too difficult to tell now.

,Edit: Now they are offering less than 6% interest rates.

Now I can understand their strategy, they want more and more accounts and money so they attracted people by their interest rates.

Now they are surplus accounts and money so they reduced interest rates drastically.

So higher interest rates were their customer acquisition strategy.