How can I produce youtube videos of high quality (Please list necessary harware, software, technical skills and others)?

Skills and qualities list

There are two things that people usually neglect: Audio and Lighting.

,As others mentioned, audio is just as important as video.

You can significantly improve your audio (without even buying a new microphone) by reducing echo and background noise.

Record your videos in a room with lots of furniture (like a bed, couch,etc) and a carpet floor, as this should generally reduce echo quite a bit.

You dont need a really expensive microphone as long as it doesnt have whats called a high noise floor.

In many low end consumer cameras youll notice they always seem to have a low hissing or hum, which immediately tells the viewer that its a low quality video.

Even if the microphone doesnt make your voice sound great, if there is little no noise in the background people will like it better.

,As for Lighting, I really want to stress its importance.

Im not talking about buying a huge lighting kit, but simply making sure you illuminate yourself or subject as much as possible.

Lighting is the best way to improve video quality, and with proper lighting, even a phone camera will look great.

This is because when most people see a video they perceive as low quality, its often because there is lots of visual noise in the video.

By this I mean that if the room is not bright (it might look fine to us, but dark to a camera), the camera has to increase sensitivity to make the image look bright enough.

When this happens, you introduce a LOT of noise that looks horrible, especially so on consumer grade cameras.

Doing something as simple as putting two lamps in front of you will dramatically increase your video quality without having to buy anything.

,As a side note for lighting, make sure you dont mix light colors.

For example, dont mix incandescent lights (or any yellow bulb) with fluorescent (typically more blue).

Dont light yourself with an incandescent while sitting next to a window.

Personal qualities examples

Personal qualities are attributes of your character or personality.

Nobody is perfect, so the reality is that all of us have good ones as well as bad.

Positive qualities are such things as honestly, sincerity, compassion, trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, joyful, being a good listener, and having a good sense of humor.

The list seems to be almost endless.

Negative or bad qualities would be the opposite of these.

Personal qualities and skills

A successful marketing professional is the spoke of the wheel for a brand/product/service - meaning they must interact (and influence) most functional areas of the company including R&D, finance, HR, operations, and sales (to name a few!).

THUS, soft leadership skills like active listening, coaching, team-orientation,netc.

ARE extremely important if you want to get things done and be successful.

Introverted people can be successful marketers but must sometimes step out of their comfort zone.

,A successful marketer must walk that fine line between keeping the vision always in front of them while being aware of the importance of excellence in execution.

Great ideas are just that - ideas - unless they are backed up by brilliant programs that bring them to life.

,On the hard skills side, here are a few specifics that are crucial:,,Presentation skills.

Marketers are CONSTANTLY having to present in informal and formal venues.

They must be comfortable with large and small groups and be able to effectively lead a meeting/discussion.

,n,Writing a business/marketing plan.

This is the short and long-term roadmap that the rest of the team will use to direct current and future priorities.

Hopefully this is one of the key skills that you hopefully learned in school.

If not, there a myriad of books out there to start learning-each company has their own format but understanding the fundamentals is keys.

A great marketing plan has background on the brand/product/service including its reason for being and positioning in the marketplace, an overview and research on the target market, sales history and projections - leading into short and long-term strategies and tactics.

This is where you will outline the marketing programs that will be developed to support your brand/product/service including advertising (traditional and digital), PR, retail, events, sponsorships, promotions/tie-ins, and more.

,n,Organizational skills.

Marketers are often referred to as jugglers.

They must have great organizational skills to ensure the maze of programs and projects they have to manage at any one time do not fall through the cracks.

,nThat is a good start hopefully.

Personal skills for resume in sentence

Usually yes.

And thereu2019s a good reason for it too; those automated resume submission tools everyone loves to use these days are wasting the recruiteru2019s/HRu2019s time, and hurting your chances of being seen.

,In the old days, you could actually read every resume.

People generally only applied for jobs they thought would be a fit, so HR at least had a reasonable expectation that if someone took the time to send in a resume it was because they at least thought they were qualified for the job.

,Today thatu2019s no longer the case.

Automated services are firing off resumes based on keyword matches, flooding the inboxes of HR personnel and wasting their time with resumes from people who never would have thrown their name in if they had actually read the job description.

,I ran an ad recently looking for a Facebook marketer; the ad was very specific, because we were looking for someone with a very specific skill set.

We used phrases like u201cdark postsu201d and u201cprecise interest targetingu201d.

We specified we were only seeking applicants who had consumer products industry experience, and had previously worked with Facebook marketing budgets over $1 million.

We were clear that we were looking for a full time hire who would work from our office, and not an agency or remote worker.

We even called out that it was strictly a marketing position and not a u201csocial media manageru201d.

,And what did we get? Hundreds of auto submissions from services that picked up on keywords and submitted resumes of people who were completely unqualified for the job, never read the job description, and possibly didnu2019t even realize their resume was sent to us.

,The majority of the submissions were people looking for social media manager jobs.

The second most common submission was from agencies (or rather, individuals who wanted to bill themselves as an agency).

The third most common was from people with Google and Bing experience, with zero mention of experience with Facebook ads on their resume.

,My favorite was a person who had managed $100 per day in marketing spend for a non profit organizationu2019s u201cmulti-channel strategyu201d including Facebook, Google, and Bing.

So what, $33 per platform? We spend $70,000 per week on Facebook ads.

Did you even read the job post?,Literally hundreds of junk submissions came in.

Only four actually met the criteria we were looking for.

And I donu2019t mean four that we liked - I mean four that actually met the minimum qualifications cited in the post.

,But Iu2019ll tell you the submissions that stood out whether the individual was ultimately the right fit or not; it was when the resume was sent to HR as an attachment by a person from their actual email account with a brief intro, not a job siteu2019s submission tool.

,There is a 100% chance the email will be opened.

That means there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

,If your email body is generic, like u201cattached is my resume for blah blah blahu201d.

Thatu2019s less interesting.

,If you throw your entire resume into the email body, thatu2019s also less interesting.

A long email is less likely to be read all the way through to completion.

,What stood out were the applicants who included a very brief intro paragraph that indicated they had actually read the job description, had the relevant experience that qualified them for it, and were familiar with the company and products.

The resume was attached.

,u201cI saw you guys were looking for someone to manage your Facebook campaigns.

I used to be with [XYZ], we were spending about [$X] per week and getting a 3-5x ROI.

Iu2019m looking to make a move and would love to have a high-level conversation about what your goals are.

My resume is attached.

u201dShort, sweet, and to the point.

Guess who was at the front of the line for interviewsu2026,You have six seconds; this is your elevator pitch.

,Do you want those six seconds to be spent glancing at your resume among a stack of others and making a snap judgment based solely on that? Or do you want them spent reading a few sentences that sum up why they should read your whole resume and then talk to you?,Think about it.

,Donu2019t do the same thing everyone else does.

If you only invest six seconds pitching yourself, you canu2019t expect to get more than six seconds in return.

Resume skills examples for students

Big companies are looking for guys who has good knowledge of their core fields for example for CS student they expect excellent Data Structure, OS and Programming knowledge (at least 1 language).

Anyhow they are going to teach their domain skills.

,They are searching for a candidate who has good grasping power, innovative skills (everyone has this skill, you just need to give it a proper direction), well explanation skill (communication skill).

I have recently cracked interview of well-known MNC companies which is not listed above.

From my experience I would suggest to follow below schedule.

,Note: u201cA Program a day Keeps competitors awayu201d.

Solve at least 3 programs a day from competitive programming sites.

,Week 1: Revised your Data Structure,Database and OS subjectsu2019 topics [whatever you studied in BTech],Week 2: Pick any procedural (C is more preferable) language and tries to get expertise on important features like Pointers, Structure, Strings, array.

,Week 3: Repeat same for any one OOP language.

,Week 4u20139: Understand [donu2019t cram] and Solve GeeksforGeeks problems [It is a Bhagavad Geeta for CS students] + solve Puzzles [it improves your problem solving skill],Weeks 10u201311: Revise your B.

Tech core subjectu2019s syllabus.

(Like Linux, Computer Architecture etc.

),Week 11u201313: Starts exploring the interviews questions of well-known MNC companies + Puzzles.

,Week 14u201315: Read and try to articulate HR questions- answers for yourselves, Find your weakness and tries to strengthen it.

[Analyze your resume everyday],Week 16: Revise everything what you have read.

,All The Best,Thanks