How did the Korean War start?

Why did the Korean War start

Korean war is in many ways a direct result of the post-Second World War reality.

At the end of the WWII, US and Soviet Union emerged as the two largest powers in the world with great ambitions [to influence a large chunk of the world], fears [of revolutions and counter-revolutions] and ideologies [autocratic communism or democratic capitalism].

, Many nations in the world were divided between the two big winning allies.

East Germany - West Germany, North Korea - South Korea and later North Vietnam - South Vietnam.

[Some even argue that Indias division also had similar tendencies, although it was not the major driving force before the partition].

,Korea that was often considered by China as its backyard was occupied by Japan in the Second World War.

After Japan lost the war, the northern part administered by the Soviet Union became communist and the southern part administered by the Americans became capitalist Division of Korea.

Like in rest of the world, both the big superpowers now worried that the other party would take over the whole of Korean peninsula.

,All the sides thought that the division was temporary - the west thought that the elections would decide the outcome of the future unified Korean government.

Soviets however didnt trust the UN-monitored elections of 1948.

The elections produced a government in the south, while in the north a communist leader declared himself as the supreme leader.

Both governments thought theirs as the legitimate government of all of Korea.

Both USSR and US formally moved out of Korea in 1948-49 giving control to these competing governments.

,,,The northern Communist government helped the revolution in China by giving refuge to the leaders escaping from China.

In the meanwhile, US supported the nationalists who were fighting the Communists.

As the anti-US communists won China in 1949, a new phase in Korea started.

By 1949, Soviets also believed they have won the nuclear parity by detonating their first nuclear bomb in September.

,Thus, 1949 became a very crucial year in Korean history for factors little to do with them.

For thousand years since Taejo of Goryeo Korea was a single nation and now it faced the reality of getting into two nations.

,The ending of civil war in China enabled a huge number of Communist guerrillas to take on their next assignment.

It also brought a huge momentum to them.

With this new optimism and backing, North Koreans moved into South Korea and quick won over their territory.

Soon that brought US, USSR and China into the war although none of these big powers declared war on each other.

,For US, this was a part of a broader war on Soviet Union/Communism and feared that with China falling to Communists, they cannot risk giving whole of east asia to the communists.

,After nearly 4 years of fighting a brutal war, the sides moved back to their 1949 arrangement in an armistice signed in 1953 that also provided for a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) as a buffer between the rivals.

what was used as the border between north korea and south korea?

About 6u20138 weeks, but not with the outcome you might expect.

Assume North Korea launches the war and so China sees no obligation to defend it.

The NK navy, airforce and air defences will be destroyed in a week or less.

The US, South Korean, and Japanese forces will destroy the majority of vast amount of artillery and missile forces in 2 weeks, although many will be secreted in tunnels and continue to fire until ground forces can occupy NK.

NK artillery and missiles will have done huge damage to civilian targets in the first week or two.

US nuclear weapons will not speed the result but will annoy South Korea, China and Japan, so theyu2019ll be used sparingly if at all, even if NK uses them.

,Then comes the hard part.

Using land forces to take the peninsula will require a month if the Korean war is any guide.

The vast numbers of North Korean troops will not give up, ambushes will slow progress and be costly, but the NK army canu2019t sustain a fight except from underground complexes.

,However the US does not have the forces in theatre to launch an immediate ground invasion.

It will take weeks to get them there.

However China already has a large force on the NK border.

,So hereu2019s my surprise.

China will invade North Korea before large US ground forces are deployed, but after most NK heavy weapons are destroyed.

There will be some sort of excuse.

They may be fulfilling a UN mandate calling for action against North Korea.

They may play both sides, saying they are coming to NKu2019s aid.

But the real reason will be to keep NK a buffer state between themselves and US allies like South Korea.

Theyu2019ll install a puppet regime, so NK will no longer be a difficult neighbour.

,So in under 2 months the current North Korean regime will be gone at the cost of huge numbers of mostly civilian casualties.

A thorn in the side of both the West and China will be eliminated, but no territory will have effectively changed hands.

Why was Korea divided at the 38th parallel

At the end of WWII, the Japanese colony of Korea was to be freed and united as a single nation.

Of course, during the transition, American and Soviet soldiers were needed to keep the peace.

The dividing line between the American and Soviet zones was the 38th parallel, which roughly divided the country in two.

However, after the two militaries withdrew, the transitional governments in North and South Korea both proved reluctant to relinquish their power in their half of the country.

Eventually, the split, which was meant to be temporary, became permanent and in 1950, Kim il-Sung invaded the south to rectify this issue.

The ensuing Korean War ended after 3 years at around the same point as the original provisional line, neither side having the ability to defeat the other.

The border remains there to this day.

Which Korea did America support in the late 1940s why

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Division of Korea

Korean historians generally conclude that there are two kinds of direct reasons for the division - external and internal.

,External cause is Soviet-American impasse over who will get the influence over Korea.

Initially Soviet and American troops moved in to Korea to disarm the Japanese troops who were still in Korea.

But once the Japanese were sent back to Japan, neither nations wanted to relinquish control of their sphere of influence on Korea for the fear that the other side will take over the whole of peninsula.

Once the division between Soviet led communism and American led democracy widened in 1946, what was supposed to be mere jurisdictional division became a permanent political division.

,Internal cause is Korean people themselves.

At the time, Korean people were extremely polarized between left (socialism/communism) and right (capitalism/democracy).

Over time left-minded people moved north, and right-minded people moved south, entrenching the ideological division that started decades before during the independence movement.

There were nationalists led by Kim Gu who tried to unite the people of Korea and entice the socialists and capitalists to set aside their differences in the interest of forming a unified government, but they were not strong enough to keep the nation together.

Many scholars agree that had the Korean people been more united in their desire to form a singular government in the years between 1945u20131948 in spite of political differences, neither the U.


or the Soviet Union would have been in position to prevent the unification, because until 1948, American and Soviet attention was on China.

,In the case of China, the contribution that CCP made in ensuring the division of Korea is by helping North Korea when it was on the verge of defeat.

But, itu2019s tricky because unlike Japan, U.


, Soviet Union - who were just messing with Korea because they could - Chinau2019s reasoning is far more dire.

CCP just took over mainland China just 2 years prior, and KMT was still alive and well in Taiwan.

The threat of being attacked by the Americans in the North East, and Taiwan in the south was very real.

,As for Japan, they are responsible for creating the situation that allowed for division of Korea in their bid for dominance of East Asia.

Koreau2019s division is just a byproduct Japanu2019s wanton conquest of a nation that was its neighbor for two millennia.

Nevertheless, Japan is just a part of the equation, and it is not the direct cause for the division.

,In my personal opinion, the division of Korea is a result of many players acting in their own self-interest - including the Koreans themselves.

Frankly, itu2019s important to remember how and why Korea was divided in the interest of learning from the past, but not to assign blame - not even to Koreans themselves.

After 65 years, we now know North Korea was a mistake - thereu2019s no way we could have known that back then - now we do know.

What is important is what will China, U.


, Japan, and Korea do about it? Itu2019s no secret that people of North Korea are suffering tremendously under a ruthless regime.

Do you continue to act in your self-interest so that you may have a slight edge in regional politics? Or work towards getting rid of a regime that is clearly an enemy of humanity.

Thatu2019s all that matters.