How do I increase my communication confidence?

Communication and interpersonal skills at work

Improve Your Posture - Stand tall and wide; the more space you take up the better you will feel.

Chest out, stomach in, just like in the military.

,Be More Open - An open stance signals safety and comfort to both the other person and yourself.

Keep your hands out of your pockets, legs apart and arms open.

,Talk More - Practice makes perfect, but also practice makes comfortable!Communicate In Scary Situations - Find a place to speak in front of an audience, join a theater production, or try out some improvisation.

Get uncomfortable in big things and youu2019ll take care of the normal conversations with ease.

,Find Another Source Of Confidence - Become a Master in your hobby, improve drastically at your work or spend a lot of quality time with your family so you have another source to draw your confidence from.

The more this matters to you the better!Let Your Stomach Talk - Instead of trying to bring out the sounds from your throat, bring your voice from the pit of your stomach.

To practice this try reaching the end of the room with your voice without raising your volume.

You can also check your chest and throat while you talk.

If just your throat vibrates you are not taking your voice from deep within.

,Smile - Smiling helps us feel good, which is in direct correlation to our confidence.

Interpersonal skills PDF

Thousands of studies have shown that cognitive ability is among the best, if not the best, predictor of job performance.

Suggest you check out the findings from meta-analysis, a statistical method of cumulating results across studies, to confirm that (e.


, Schmidt and Hunter, 2008; Salgado +, etc.


,That is not to say, however, that other factors are not important too (e.


, interpersonal skills)

How to improve interpersonal skills

Technology is a collective Activity.

If you are a technical expert, you will always work with a team in your organisation & people interact alot while working in a team.

,Automatically interpersonal skills will improve.

Importance of interpersonal skills

From Goggle: The seven types of interpersonal skills that are needed to succeed in an organizational environment are:Verbal communication.

,Non-verbal communication.

,Listening skills.





u2014,My words: These skills are coming from being rational and neutral, without fear or control.

They work in all kinds of relationships.

if you are being honest, open-minded and willing to not have an agenda, you will be heard by others correctly and not be threatening.

,If you want real communication from the heart, you use interpersonal skills.

Most communication is superficial and not meaningful.

But, speaking from reality connects you to the person energetically and you feel better.

Interpersonal skills for resume

Generally-speaking, you donu2019t.

Unless youu2019ve won competitions and awards (e.


, debate competitions, etc.

) or unless you speak a 2nd language, your own interpretation of your interpersonal skills will be skimmed over by your reader.

,Otherwise, discuss the things youu2019ve done that imply interpersonal skills.

Did you close 1 million in sales as a sales dev rep? That demands interpersonal skills.

Do you manage a team? That demands interpersonal skills.

,Writing on a resume that you have great communication skills is as generic as a high school diploma.

Iu2019d stay away from including such empty bullet points in favor of the suggestions I wrote above.

Interpersonal skills examples for interview

Iu2019ve interviewed with some dream companies like Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, LinkedIn.

And have cracked all of those.

Iu2019ve worked with all these companies.

,Me in Google Mountain View.

,Image source: Instagram [It features more stuff on career-guidance],The first time I gave an interview, it was pretty bad.

I had searched the internet for interview questions related to my role, wrote down answers, revised my notes till the last moment, was anxious days ahead of the interview and had a nervous breakdown right before.

Of course, when the interview happened, I couldnu2019t leave an impression on the interviewer.

It was not a good job interview.

Such bad interviews continued for a long time until I found the secret to having a good job interview.

,Here is the secret.

,You can do a good job interview by making sure you fit the role.

A simple measure to know you fit the role is to ensure you fit the maximum bullet points of the job responsibilities and preferred qualifications of the job.

,In the end, you may get the job or not, that is not under your control.

A job offer coming to you depends on many circumstances out of your control, but if you showcase your expertise in job responsibilities and preferred qualifications, youu2019ll be a strong candidate and stand a good chance of a good interview.

,Lets take a data analyst role that I searched on Linkedin to use here as an example.

I found a data analyst position at Flipkart.

The job mentions the following job responsibilities and preferred qualifications:,We have two headings here.

The first one mentions what youu2019ll do i.


your job responsibilities.

That is the skill of working in a corporation.

It includes working in a team, gathering requirements from stakeholders, interpersonal interactions, generating influence and such skills.

The second one mentions what youu2019ll need i.


your preferred qualifications.

That is the core technical skill set.

It is the knowledge of something without which you wonu2019t be able to do your day-to-day tasks.

It is non-negotiable.

Most job descriptions depict similar two categories.

To have a good interview, you have to fit both these categories.

Letu2019s start with the second one.

,Ensure the projects in your resume reflect the core skill set under u2018What youu2019ll need.


There needs to be a project around optimizing queries in SQL,b.

There needs to be one around advanced functions of Excel, possibly macros,c.

There needs to be one on databases, schemas and dimensional modeling,d.

At least two of these tools need to be highlighted in your summary or projects - R, Python, Power BI, Tableau, Hive,2.

Ensure the stories you tell in your interview speak towards the responsibilities under u2018What youu2019ll do.

u2019 Thatu2019s how youu2019ll be able to project yourself on the same value prop that the hiring team is looking for.


When the interviewer asks you to tell about a project where you gathered user requirements for reports, you tell a story of working on data requests from various stakeholders.


When the interviewer asks you to tell about a project where you created and maintained reporting tools and applications to support strategic and tactical needs of the company, you tell a story of a project where you handled different data streams and addressed the organizationu2019s data requirements.


When the interviewer asks you to tell about a project where you designed and developed complex data queries, you tell a story of a project where you tracked key metrics through building and maintaining data pipelines and dashboards.


And so on.

,Once you ensure yourself a fit in these two categories, there are high chances of you having a not-just-good, but a great job interview.

,I post interview and career tips and tricks on my insta as well.