How do you ace the Prelims exam 2020 as per your 3 years of experience?

Identifying strengths and weaknesses quiz

Prelims according to me was the toughest out of the three stages of this examination.

My personal score is 2/3.

I have taken pre 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Based on this brief background my 2 cents on prelims preparation are as follows-,SourcesModern History- Spectrum, Bipin Chandra (History of Modern India),Art and Culture- Nitin Singhania, Fine Arts (11th Ncert),Ancient History- RS Sharma,Medieval History- Vajiram yellow booklet, Themes in Indian History (12th Ncerts),Polity- Laxmikant,Economics- Mrunal siru2019s videos, Economic Survey,Environment- Shankar IAS,Geography- 11th, 12th Ncert, PMF IAS Youtube channel ( for conceptual clarity ),Science and Technology- Current affairs booklet Vision IAS,Current Affairs- The Hindu, Vision IAS monthly magazine, Insights Daily Quiz,PYQ- Disha publications 25 years previous year question papers,How to study-REVERSE ENGINEERINGStart with the end in mind.

Go through the previous year question papers thoroughly, at least past 3 years as the pattern has been changing rapidly.

Initially it may be difficult to understand BUT this portion of the exercise is crucial.

Once a brief understanding of the requirement of UPSC is registered in the mind we can proceed to start reading the basic books and newspapers.

,READINGPrelims is becoming more unpredictable every passing year, so my suggestion would be to become u201cAtmanirbharu201d.

What that means simply is to NOT rely completely on any market material.

Own research bears the best fruit according to me.

Insights, GKtoday ,StudyIQ (for fact based questions), Mrunal Siru2019s video, Hardworking Human youtube channel are few great sources for online guidance and free material.

,REVISIONI did daily revision, the simple reason being that we are not Swami Vivekananda.

If we do not practice active recall then we will invariably forget what we read and all our efforts will be wasted.

So at night, before dozing of I simply solved 5u20136 current affairs questions provided on Insights or ForumIAS.

,The next day morning as soon as I would wake up I used to pick up a black marker and write down every thing I could recall from the previous day onto the white board ( Save paper!!! ).

This would take me around 20 minutes and do the trick wonderfully.

Whatever I could not recall I would read and learn on the spot.

,MOCK TESTSI took the Insights Online Prelims Test Series for all my three attempts.

,Tests are very important for a few reasons-,To gauge your preparation levelIdentify strengths and weaknessesDecide on the number of optimal questions to answer to get you in the safe zone.

,Test out different techniques- elimination, intuition, fact based etc.

,First things first I never focused on my marks in the tests, instead I charted a graph of my progress in different subjects.

My aim was always to increase my score in subjects that I was comfortable in ( Polity, Environment ) and minimize the negatives in others ( Geography, Economics ).

,Secondly I learnt that it is extremely important to analyse the test and find out the mistakes.

So I spent approximately 5 hours after the test going through each question and figuring out a few things-,WHY did I get a certain question wrong- was it the fact, logic or intuition?,WHAT was I thinking while answering a particular question,Can I derive questions from the options given,Is there something NEW to learn from the question,Lets check out a few questions from 2019 prelims paperQ4 This is a direct question from Spectrum + Bipin Chandra.

Basic understanding along with multiple revisions would help answer it easily.

Questions like these are low hanging fruits.

,Q7 I did not know the answer to this question but reached the correct answer through deduction.

So lets look at the options one by one -,I eliminated Shah Jahan first because he was a pioneer in the field of Architecture, so to be involved in individual portrait seemed like less of a probability.

,Second I eliminated Humayun because of his short reign and the numerous wars that he was embroiled in, which left him with little to no time to indulge in art.

,Thirdly Akbar had himself commissioned Ain-i-akbari which was in the form of illustrated manuscripts, so the question does not hold.

,Based on the above facts I concluded that Jahangir could be the answer and the risk paid off.

,Q19 Direct current affairs based question, literally free marks!,Q28 Some questions can be answered by your random knowledge aswell.

I follow a channel on Youtube called Snake Discovery and so I knew what Viviparous (Giving birth to live ones) meant.

,Q36 This question highlights the importance of map work for prelims.

If done properly it can fetch easy 2u20134 marks.

,Q70 This was the kind of question that I would leave since post-independence was not my strong point.

It would be different for everyone depending on your personal weak areas.

,Q71 Sharing this question purely to showcase the importance of self made notes.

Was able to arrive at the answer as had previously gathered all possible facts on international banks.

,In the end I would just like to add, please be brutally honest with your self as that is extremely necessary for improvement at all stages of this examination.

,So this is the broad strategy that I followed.

If there is any query please leave it in the comments, I would be happy to help.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses brainly

Hi Saundarya Jain.

Sorry for late answer.

,I will say, u201cGet into Uncomfortable situation or out of comfort zoneu201d Do something which you have never done before.

,Like speaking in front of a 100 people, giving an extempore, dancing etc etc.

,Just let this situation pass and then analyse,,What you did? Where you went wrong? Which things you were able to do easily?,Your brain is not condition for new things and it naturally exposes your strength and weakness.

,Try it and you will see the results.

What are your weaknesses examples

My friend used me as a reference for a software engineering job, and this question came up during the call.

,My answer was u201cheu2019s bad at linear algebra, but heu2019s been taking online courses and learning the material on his own.

u201d,He got the job.

,Iu2019m sure they didnu2019t care if he knew linear algebra.

What is your strength best answer

I have asked this question so many times when interviewing candidates of all education levels and skill sets.

The secret is this, we (HR professionals, and possibly even hiring managers) dont really care what you think your greatest u201cpersonalu201d strength is u2014- UNLESS it has to do with the position you are applying for.

I know I might get some push back for saying that, like this question is asked to give us some kind of magical inside into the candidates psyche.

But its not really, and how could it.

Most answers are what, 1 to 2 minutes at most.

How is a candidate to answer everything they are great at in just 1 to 2 minutes.

,The best way to answer this question - in my humble opinion - is to match the strength you have with the strength need for the position you are applying for.

Example, if the person needed to fill the position needs to be a guru in say Social Media, or a certain programming language, your greatest strength should be just that, Social Media or the programming language.

Things like, Iu2019m a people person, or my greatest strength is my ability to communicate doesnt help you because its canned and over used.

,To get the job, be the jobu2026.

and only the job.

Strengths and or weakness, be the job, youu2019ll find if makes it so much easier to talk about yourself.

If you can talk about u201cyouu201d as the job and not u201cyouu201d as a person, the answers to even the toughest questions become easy because its lazar focused on the job and you as the job.

Your personality will shine through even if you are not talking about u201cyouu201d in the full personal sense, and are talking about u201cyouu201d as the job.

This makes it easy for the person interviewing you to see you as the right one foru201cjobu201d and wont cloud their judgment.

,Hope this helpsu2026

Identifying strengths and weaknesses worksheet

The answers so far focus on the external materials youll need - presentations, contracts, security information, etc.

All very important (though I would argue strongly against a standard slide deck.

More on this below.



),Here are a few internal materials that youll need to develop B2B customers.

These are designed to help you determine where you are in the sales cycle and take an objective appraisal on your close probabilities.

,The Where Am I in the Process worksheetPrint out this simple table for reference then fill in a worksheet for each prospect and lead to understand exactly where your are in the sales process with teach.

If you donu2019t know the answers to all of the areas of the table, this alone could be the reason why you donu2019t yet have the sale.

Only after you know the key aspects of the process will you be able to address each.

n,(This is based on the Phases of the Purchasing Process described in Major Account Sales Strategies by Neil Rackham - http://www.


com/Major-Account-Sales-Strategy-Rackham/dp/0070511144),Competitor GridThrough the product development and sales process, youve identified strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

Document this on a one-page sheet so that you and sales team know what youre up against.

For the enterprise sale, this is NOT a how to handle such-and-such objection.

Its a one-pager that your sales reps can refer to as they plan their sales strategies with each client.

,Sales Question TreeEvery call is unique, however the Question Tree forces your sales person to begin each sales conversation with identifying the clients situation and developing a clear needs analysis.

After making call after call over several months, its all to easy for salespeople to begin running right to the end of the sales conversation without setting up the prospect property.

The Question Tree documents a clear path that each unique prospect must take before reaching the payoff conversation and product walk-through.

,Additionally, the Question Tree standardizes the sales process.

Read this article at HBR.

com by Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales at Hubspot - The Science of Building Scalable Sales Teams (http://blogs.



html ),And finally.



why do I say no to a slide deck?n,Presumably, your product is solving a very hard problem for your customers.

A slide deck shows your prospects that all you do is puke on them with the same vomit you use with every other client even though you claim to be a solutions provider.

,Why use a slide deck when you have a product? Have the customer join you for a presentation about the product.

A slide deck is only a precursor to the product itself.

,Online videos (under a minute in length) and white papers suggested by others do an excellent job of showcasing how keenly aware you are of the industrys problems.

The videos can highlight the major functionality in your product to generate interest in a full demo.

,Anyone that says send me your PowerPoint deck and Ill circulate to our team isnt a prospect.

Its a polite way for the prospect to tell you theyre not interested.

What is the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Have you ever heard the saying,u201dKnowledge is poweru201d? When you know yourself you become a powerhouse for your every act for your future.

You cannot be moved by anyone else- unless YOU want to be moved.

When interfacing with others you are no longer concerned with how you appear to them.

You are grounded.

As such,you can see into others with a rare clarity.

You are on your way to a better life journey.

As a bonus for all of your self work efforts you have learned to forgive yourself.

Who hasnt performed a deep and honest introspection without feeling the need to forgive yourself? Thus,you then can learn to forgive all others because when you know and understand yourself you you also know and have empathy for all humankind.

When you have achieved this then you have the world by the short hairs.

In summation,if you know yourself you also know how to forgive.

The simple practice of daily forgiveness provides for you a personal power to grow even larger internally.

You will enjoy a heightened awareness and perception,free of being judgemental, condescendsion toward others and/ or harboring ill will.

You may also find that your expectations of others simply dry up and blow away .

You are now free to enjoy and pursue your life enencumbered.

Remember: Judgement IS the relationship killer!,CHEERS!

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and their role on your personal development

What are the best ways to improve your personality?Maintain Hygiene:Maintaining personal hygiene helps in warding off infections and diseases, which is ultimately good for your mental and physical health that build your self-esteem and confidence up to some extent.

,To maintain personal hygiene, you should-,Dress up nicely and sensibly,Comb your hair neatly,Take a proper bath daily,Keep your nails trimmed,Maintain oral hygiene, like brushing teeth,,Learn Social Skills:Embrace your social skills, because just only good looks would not take you higher in the ladder of success.

Watch on your body language while interacting with others.

The more you hone your social skills, the better you feel about yourself.

To enhance your social skills, you should-,Be a good listener,Express yourself (wherever required),Always do what you say,Identify and replace negative thoughts about yourself,Be soft-spoken,,Know your strengths:Identify the positives in you.

Every person has some weaknesses and strengths.

You should focus on your strengths to embrace yourself.

While on the other hand, you should also work on your weaknesses to transform it into your strengths.

Ways to turn your weakness into a strength are-,Accept your flaws and never deny that your weakness exists,Take guidance from someone whom you trust, who will direct you in the right direction.

,Be a strong-minded person.

It will help you in the long run in life.

,,Have confidence in you:Confidence comes automatically if you believe in yourself.

You can achieve anything in life if you believe in yourself.

You gather courage and mental strength if you are confident.

,Here are some quotes of famous persons that will help you to boost your confidence:,u201cEach time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.

u201d- Theodore Rooseveltu201cYou are the only person on earth who can use your ability.

u201d u2013 Zig Ziglaru201cWith the realization of oneu2019s own potential and self-confidence in oneu2019s ability, one can build a better world.

u201d u2013 Dalai LamaFollowing are the best ways with which you can boost your self-confidence u2013,Spend 10 minutes daily on meditation- It will help you to calm and recharge your mind.

,Do 30 minutes of exercise daily- It will increase the blood circulation in your body and brains, thus making you feel happier about yourself.

,Devote every day in studies and learning- It will help you to be ready for life challenges.

Gaining Knowledge will remarkably improve your confidence.

,,Uphold a smile on your face:Sometimes, the world can be won simply by a smile.

So, Improve Your Personality by putting on your best smile.

A smiling face adds attraction to your look that becomes more appealing and welcoming.

It also helps in getting things done.

A smiling face adds an irresistible charm to your personality, whereas faces with anger are always disregarded and avoided by others.

Thus, a smile that costs you nothing plays a paramount role in your personality development.

,Thus, you can develop and Improve Your Personality by keeping the above vitally essential tips in your mind and implementing them in your life.

Prepare yourself for a battle that is your battle with yourself!,

How to identify your strengths and weaknesses for a job interview

My Strength is ME and thoughts.

,My weakness is Kind hearted and forgiveness.